15 Things 'Gilmore Girls' Taught Us

What girl in the early 2000's didn’t like the Gilmore Girls, or harbour a secret interest in wanting to be the coffee and Pop-Tart-obsessed, Rory or Lorelai? These were two strong women role models: a...

15 Funniest Memes Featuring Melania Trump

The Internet exploded last week after a young freelance journalist realized that the Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump's wife, Melania, plagarized Michelle Obama's speech from the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

15 Lies All Millennials Grew Up With

Millennials, those born between '78 and '95, are bright and inquisitive. Yes, we are known for being self-centered, lazy narcissists who are nothing but burdens to society. We're over-educated, social...

15 Hilarious Pokémon GO Screenshots

If you haven't been living under a rock for the past few weeks, then you've probably heard: augmented reality game Pokémon Go is slowly but surely taking over the world. These wacky monsters were a st...

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