13 of Hollywood’s Most Hands-On Moms

While it's safe to say that many moms in Hollywood have their hands full with media appearances, endless meetings and the daily struggle of trying to live a normal life while being a celebrity, there'...

15 Signs Your Mom Is Your Best Friend

Forget being "Daddy's Girl," when it comes to mothers and daughters, the relationship is that much more unique. You can spend countless days and nights listening to one another bitch, cry, and obsess ...

13 Most Common Pregnancy Cravings

One of the perks to getting pregnant is undeniably the freedom to eat essentially whatever you want. Ice cream? Cake? Endless amounts of pickles? You are eating for two, after all. Every women differs...

20 Kids Who Out-Dumbed Themselves

Being a parent of a kid at any age is challenging, especially when they refuse to think for themselves and end up getting into the weirdest situations or asking the dumbest questions ever imagined.

20 Inspiring Kids Room Designs

Kids usually want a place to call their own, where they can have privacy – or be accompanied by their sometimes loved, sometimes hated siblings – where they can plan adventures, and where they can play pretend.

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