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15 Former Child Stars We Almost Didn't Recognize

Hollywood has a lot of stories of its own, beyond those that you see on the big and little screens. There are stories of stars rising up after hard childhoods. There are tales of marriages and bad bre...

20 Hollywood Has-Beens Who Are Now MIA

Hollywood is no stranger to waving off some of its most prominent stars. No matter how popular they might have been once upon time or how much money they might have made for the illustrious city of st...

20 Most Dramatic Scenes From 'Vanderpump Rules'

Vanderpump Rules is one of those shows that we just have to tell all our friends about. The cast is hilarious, the drama is unlike any other, and it’s a show on Bravo, so really, how can one go wrong?

Taylor Swift's Top 15 Celebrity Feuds

Do you guys remember when Taylor Swift first entered the music scene? She was so young and innocent, with her curly blonde hair and little cherub face. Little girls (and their parents) idolized her an...

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