20 Pimp My Ride Secrets MTV Wishes They Could Bury

MTV's Pimp My Ride was a cultural phenomenon that shook many of us out of our otherwise-ho-hum TV watching. From the premiere of the show, with Xzibit's first "yo dawg", many of us now-late-millennial...

15 Wrestlers We Totally Forgot Passed Away

For one reason or another, we forgot some of these wrestlers passed away. At times, WWE refuses to discuss a wrestler's passing – a lot of that has to do with the cause of death. For those that took t...

The Simpsons: 15 Things FOX Wants Buried

With 30 seasons and more than 662 episodes, we’ve truly seen it all on the show since its early days back in the late ‘80s. It would turn into a juggernaut during the ‘90s, taking over television and ...

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