Catholic Priest Demands More Exorcists In Ireland

One Catholic priest in Ireland is demanding that more exorcists be performed because of increased demonic activity.

According to Newsweek, Father Pat Collins has put out a call for immediate backup in his country, where the demand for exorcisms are flourishing.

“It’s only in recent years that the demand for exorcisms has risen exponentially. Anyone who doesn’t see the need for more exorcists is “out of touch with reality.” He said in a letter to Irish bishops, where he called for them to train more priests to perform exorcisms.


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Collins cited the International Association of Exorcists belief that demonic activity has been on the rise over the past few years. He has been speaking out for years about exorcisms or as he called it “the activities of the evil one.” It is because of his work he is considered one of Ireland’s prominent exorcists. Plus, his advocacy work to get the church more involved in hunting demons is earning him high praise in his country.

Each Catholic diocese is required to have a trained exorcist who can determine whether a person is possessed or suffering from mental illness. However, Collins believes there should be more. It is because the profession has changed over the years and evil has become so different that he is fighting for the Irish bishops to listen to his call.

Although doing an exorcism seems so last century, it is still popular in prominently Catholic countries like Italy and Ireland. A 2016 documentary called Deliver Us opened people’s eyes to just how frequent exorcisms are performed. However, thanks to modern technology, a priest no longer has to be in the same room as the person possessed. Like with almost everything else in today’s world, even an exorcism can be performed via cell phone.

Father Pat Collins is fighting for more priests to be trained to perform an exorcism in Ireland. However, with the number of young adults leaving the Catholic Church, he may be hard-pressed to find new recruits. That is if the Irish bishops agree with his recommendation.

What are your thoughts on Collins and his fight against hunting demons?


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