15 Obnoxious Celebrities Banned From Owning Supercars

Supercars aren’t just loved by celebrities because of their speed or power. They’re also seen as fantastic status symbols. Indeed, many a star who can’t even drive likes to own a supercar or two just because of how awesome they may look. It’s a sign of how well they’ve made it and appear rather fancy. Car companies enjoy selling these models off as it’s great promotion to see some famous star show off their great cars on social media. Which is why these companies are not happy when a star does something that makes them look bad.

Too many stars make mistakes of altering these cars and thus violating some critical rules of the company. Others get into some legal hassles which give the companies some bad publicity. Still, others just don’t really drive these cars at all which makes selling them off a waste of time and money. While some companies can be okay, others have outright banned certain celebs from owning the best of their offerings. Here are 15 notable celebrities who have been banned from owning supercars to show even their wealth can’t earn them a dream car.

15 Jesse James, Multiple


This more a mutual decision but it counts. The famous mechanic and car host is known for a love of muscle cars more than fancy supercars. The fact that he’s known for retrofitting his cars is something companies frown on. Not helping is that in 2011, James took a Ford GT out for a spin with his son. Somehow, James spun out on fancy tires and crashed the car. That’s terrible publicity that a company will want to avoid. It’s a good thing James prefers muscle cars as no supercar owner is going to risk a ride with him.

14 Jennifer Lopez Fiat


Fiat-Chrysler is getting into the supercar game again with some nice efforts. Just don’t expect Jennifer Lopez to be on the list to get one. In 2011, the company worked with the singer/actress for an ad for the Fiat 500. To call it a disaster is putting it kindly. Word soon spread that Lopez had used a body double for the driving part and the car broke down while filming. It no doubt contributed to the 500 becoming one of the worst selling Fiats of all time. J’Lo may have a lot of fancy cars in her garage but it’s unlikely she’ll ever include a Fiat supercar among the mix anytime soon.

13 50 Cent, Rolls Royce


The wild rapper is known for his often tough attitude and “street image.” Yet he has a huge love for fancy cars including a Rolls Royce. But Curtis Jackson broke a cardinal rule of the company after buying himself a $600,000 Phantom in 2018. After showing the car off on social media, 50 Cent became tired of it. Rather than return it to the company as Rolls-Royce requires, Cent instead had the car painted solid black, a major violation of company rules. It’s thus likely any attempt by Cent to buy a fancy Rolls in the future is going to be ignored as they don’t like their efforts messed with.

12 Charlie Sheen, Fiat


Once, Charlie Sheen was a major star in Hollywood who had seemed to have cleaned up his “bad boy” act. Fiat-Chrysler actually did a deal with him for promotional work that seemed to do well. But then came Sheen’s legendary meltdown in 2009 that hurt his image. In 2015, a seemingly redeemed Sheen did an ad to promote the 124 Roadster. But then Sheen admitted to having spent years hiding a serious medical condition tied into his wild past. The ad was buried and Fiat seemed to cut ties with Sheen so it’s unlikely he’ll be on their supercar list.

11 Simon Cowell, Bugatti


When Bugatti sells a car, they intend for it to last a long time. That’s especially true for celebrities who use it in the limelight. The famously sharp-tongued British judge brought a Veyron in 2008 and the paparazzi had a grand time following him around in it. Yet just six years later, Cowell suddenly sold the car without bothering to warn Bugatti before they read about it in the newspaper. It also turned out the car had just 1300 miles on it. Selling off a car that was barely used is a good way to ensure Bugatti doesn’t want to sell you another one.

10 Tom Cruise, Bugatti


You would think Bugatti would jump to work with Tom Cruise. The long-standing Hollywood megastar is well known for his love of high-powered cars and insists on driving them in his movies. In 2006, Cruise was one of the first to get his hands on the brand new Veyron and drove it to the premiere of Mission Impossible III. But what should have been a great promotional moment was ruined when Cruise struggled to get the car’s door open, making it look bad. Bugatti has never forgotten that embarrassment so while Cruise may use their cars on film, the company is down on selling him new models today.

9 Nicolas Cage, Multiple


At one point, Cage owning a supercar would make sense. The actor is well known for major action movies and loved spending his fortune on scores of great cars. Sadly, Cage has hit some rough financial troubles that forced him to sell off a lot of his collection. There’s also his rather troubling personality and affinity for taking on roles in flop movies. That’s made him a bit of a risk to the point several companies like Ferrari and Bugatti won’t want to sell to him. Maybe Cage can bounce back but for now, he’s too much of a risk for supercar companies.

8 Preston Henn, Ferrari


Given his fame as a race car driver and entrepreneur, Preston Henn would seem a perfect candidate for Ferrari. He collected several over the years and thus thought he could easily get an Aperta. However, after making a $1 million down payment, Henn was jarred when Ferrari returned the check. It seemed they had issues with some infamous personal antics Henn had gotten himself into. Henn claimed Ferrari had damaged his reputation with the refusal and launched a lawsuit against them. It was never settled before Henn’s passing in 2017 to make him a high-profile refusal by the company.

7 David Lee, Ferrari


He’s tried. Oh, how he has tried. In Ferrari circles, the multi-millionaire entrepreneur’s attempts to get a Ferrari are legendary. He does have a few bought from second-hand sources for his nearly $50 million collection. Yet somehow, Lee just can’t land a real Ferrari from the company. He’s attended the Ferrari driving school, visited their factories in Italy and other nations and constantly put in for a new model. For some reason, Ferrari just doesn’t sell to him, perhaps thinking Lee doesn’t fit their image. The man still tries and his campaign has helped him stand out.

6 Tyga, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce and Lamborghini


Yes, no less than three different companies have banned the rapper from owning a supercar. In 2016, Tyga leased both a Ghost and a 458 Black Spider for his personal use. However, reports soon came that he failed to keep up with his payments. Both cars were repossessed but Tyga still owes both companies ($45,000 for Ferrari and $80,000 for Rolls-Royce). Likewise, he welshed on payments for a Lamb Aventador which got it repossessed. He may boast about loving these cars but Tyga has issues with paying for them.

5 Flo Rida, Bugatti


A sure way to tick off a car company is to make headlines being pulled over while in one of their cars. The rapper was heading home from a party in his wild gold-plated Veryon in 2011 when he was pulled over by the police. He failed a field sobriety test and was arrested. Being charged with a DUI while driving a $1.7 million car was not the publicity Bugatti wanted for their brand. It didn’t help that many mocked just how cheap the gold coloring on the car looked. The rapper may still have some sweet rides but is no longer on Bugatti’s top seller list.

4 Ed Sheeran, Multiple


One might think the popular music star would be much in demand by car companies. Not only is he a nice guy but has a love for cars. However, the fact Sheeran didn’t get his driver’s license until 2015 makes companies wary over giving him a fancy car to drive. Not helping is that Sheeran enjoys thinks like a Mini-Cooper and was ticketed for speeding in an Aston Martin DB9. Sheeran has openly stated that “sports cars scare me” which is something companies will listen to. The only thing worse than selling a supercar to someone who can’t drive is someone who doesn’t do it well.

3 Deadmau5, Ferrari


Ferrari may allow owners to do modifications on a car but they have limits. Deadmau5 (aka Joel Zimmerman) broke every one of them. The DJ got a great 458 Italia Purrari that he had colored a light blue. That was okay but then Deadmau5 went the extra mile by having it wrapped in vinyl with custom badges and associated floor mats and vanity plates to boot. Ferrari sent a “cease and desist” letter to the DJ to force him to remove the vinyl and badges but it’s pretty likely they won’t be giving Zimmerman a new ride soon.

2 Floyd Mayweather Jr., Bugatti and Ferrari


The boxing champion is well known for his amazingly lavish lifestyle. Mayweather’s car collection is legendary so one would think companies love to sell him supercars. However, Bugatti and Ferrari also appreciate owners who keep their cars for a while and drive them a lot. Mayweather is infamous for often just letting these rides sit in a garage rather than actually drive in. He also sells off scores of such cars for more than he paid Bugatti and Ferrari for. He may get them from secondary sources but neither company wants to sell supercars to a man famous for just rolling them over.

1 Chris Harris, Ferrari


One would think a host of Top Gear would know better than to tick off a huge car maker. Chris Harris didn’t follow that. In 2011, Harris wrote a blog piece for Jalopnik that accused Ferrari of optimizing test cars to get better magazine reviews. It’s actually a common practice in the automotive world but Ferrari didn’t take well to being called out on it. They instantly took Harris off the list of journalists allowed to test their cars to the point where he couldn’t even use one for Gear. It doesn’t look like this ban will be lifted anytime soon.

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