15 Celebrities Reimagined As Adorable Cartoon Characters

Stars are seen on news and talk shows, as they get interviewed on red carpets. They post images to social media, as well as get tagged by fans and reporters. They come out with new songs, movies, television shows, books and products, making even more headlines. They grace the covers of magazines and also get recreated and reimagined by artists who get inspired to see them and show them off in a whole new way…

Yes, it is normal for people to, at times, want to draw, paint, sketch or color a picture of a celebrity. Sometimes, these works of art are super realistic. Sometimes, they are done on the computer, with added elements and features. And sometimes, these pieces of art actually show stars as cartoons. Whether they become caricatures, simply get animated or are transformed into specific characters who are already known around the world, these unique images allow fans to enjoy celebs on a different level.

15 Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga


In 2018, A Star Is Born was released, and this flick starred Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Many were blown away by their chemistry, as they acted and sang together within this story and in the real world (in order to promote it), which resulted in this artwork of them by Xi Ding.

14 Game Of Thrones


Some more Game Of Thrones characters are up next, as this work shows off reimaginations like Cheburashka Daenerys and Piglet Jon Snow. Yes, an artist who is called prokky93 has given the world GOT stars as Russian cartoons, and let’s just say that Sam makes a good bear.

13 Idris Elba


Another cartoon showing off another Disney character is up next… What if Idris Elba played Prince Eric? He is known for roles in works such as The Wire, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, Prometheus, Thor and Star Trek Beyond, but judging by this art, he could definitely be in The Little Mermaid, too.

12 Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp is one of the most famous actors out there, and he has been in some huge movies, playing memorable characters such as The Mad Hatter, Captain Jack Sparrow and Edward Scissorhands. An artist who is known as aternox on the site DeviantArt animated this guy, as seen here.

11 Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson & Selena Quintanilla-Perez


Three of the most popular singers got turned into cartoons by Cartoonlover96. This artist said that Whitney Houston was The Voice, Michael Jackson was The King of Pop, and Selena Quintanilla-Perez was The Queen of Tejano, and all three of these legends are honored within this piece of art.

10 Hodor


There are also celebs that are known best as certain television characters, such as Hodor; this supporting character from Game Of Thrones got a Pixar-style makeover by an artist who goes by arex_cho. This works, since this series and those films can both leave fans crying!

9 Pinkman & The Brain


Two popular cartoon characters are mice named Pinky and the Brain, and two popular TV characters are from Breaking Bad and named Jesse Pinkman and Walter White. And these two worlds collided when artist scottlwl drew these cartoons as these drama stars, complete with their outfits and facial hair even!

8 DJ Khaled

via youtube

DJ Khaled is a DJ, record executive, record producer, media personality and songwriter, and RyanBassil gave him a South Park makeover; this adult animated series has a style that is quite recognizable, and it is working well for DJ Khaled.

7 The Office Cast


An entire show can get animated, as well, and that is what Marisa Livingston did; she took the well-known stars of The Office, and she turned them into cartoons! The way Pam is leaning in towards Jim, the way Andy is standing, the way Dwight is holding a duck... It is all perfect.

6 Demi Lovato


Disney fans know what Meg looks like from Hercules, but what if Demi Lovato had starred in that role? From Pedro Fequiere comes a character called Demegara, whose hit song would be Hercul’ for the Summer (“Can’t you tell or are you clueless, hun? / Don’t be scared because your Zeus’s son”).

5 Abraham Ford


Abraham Ford, may he rest in peace, was a big and burly character from the hit zombie show The Walking Dead. He didn’t take anyone’s nonsense, he still had a sense of humor, he was often seen in this exact outfit, and he was turned into a cartoon character by husky50.

4 The Big Bang Theory Cast


Another TV cast was reimagined, and this time, the artist went above and beyond. First of all, The Big Bang Theory’s characters were turned into cartoons, and then, they were also turned into superheroes as well. Yes, this is The Big Bang League by gwendy85.

3 Dr. House


House, a medical drama TV show, was on from 2004 to 2012, starring Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House. In this piece of art, which is one of the last on this list, House is seen in a whole new way, as created by torokun.

2 Stranger Things Cast


Last but certainly not least, there is this picture of the kids from Stranger Things. With all the action in this Netflix series, it is easy to imagine it as a comic book, as this style seems to mimic that. This image is from a video from Octopie, with animation that was created by a studio called Humouring the Fates.

1 Lily Collins


Lily Collins has a fair and sweet look, so artist Elena Morgun is showing her off here as Snow White. Collins actually played this character in Mirror Mirror, a movie from the year 2012, and her skin tone, hair color and lips suit this portrayal quite well!

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