20 Celebrities Reimagined As MCU Heroes

Right now, the MCU is the biggest franchise in cinema. They have a proven track record for box office hits and have attracted scores of huge stars to the property. As Phase 4 is set to begin, expectations are high with fans hoping to see more characters brought on screen. That means fans are going wild with artwork “casting” some major stars as certain characters.

There are also fans who love to “recast” certain actors in MCU roles. Some are choices that fans would actually have liked to come true while others are just fun to see. It’s quite intriguing to imagine just how many castings could have worked just as well (if not better) than what fans got while others seem more offbeat. From some favorite characters to “could be” castings, here are 20 celebrities reimagined as MCU heroes and one wonders how many of these might still come true.

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20 Gal Gadot As Black Widow


It’s forgotten that, as with any citizen of Israel, Gal Gadot had to spend two years in the army. She’s branched out since as a model then actress and achieved stardom as Wonder Woman in the DCCU. This piece by BossLogic has Gadot as the Black Widow and it’s a pretty good mix of the character with the interesting touch of red in her costume. Gadot’s features lend themselves well to Natasha’s tough demeanor and would make this a very intriguing recasting of Gadot as an even tougher heroine.

19 Johnny Depp As Doctor Strange


Doctor Strange has always been an odd guy. A brilliant surgeon with an ego that makes Tony Stark look humble, Strange has had to adjust himself to be a master wizard. Benedict Cumberbatch did a great job as him in the movies yet this image shows how Johnny Depp might have been interesting in the part. Depp might have had to tone down his usual eccentrics to fit the role, but this shows that he could have pulled off the role of Strange with a wilder flair.

18 Jennifer Lawrence As Lady Thor


Buzz is building on how, in the next Thor movie, Jane Foster will take up the hammer herself. This ties into the comics when Jane wielded the power for a while. Natalie Portman does seem pretty open to taking up the role again. This image, however, shows Jennifer Lawrence as a female Thor and she looks very impressive. Lawrence has comic book experience already from X-Men and it's fun to imagine her wielding the hammer.

17 Luke Evans As Namor


Now that Fox is part of the MCU, there are scores more characters who can be used. They include Namor, one of the original Marvel characters from 1939. The tough sea king has an attitude that makes Aquaman look like a wimp. This image has Luke Evans in the part as he’s played both hero (The Hobbit) and villain (Fast and Furious). Given how Namor has bounced between both over his life, Evans would be a very smart choice to bring the King of Atlantis to the big screen.

16 Katee Sackhoff As Captain Marvel


Brie Larson did do a good job as Carol Danvers but also got a lot of flak for some of her infamous comments. Others just claimed Larson wasn’t believable as a military pilot. Casting Katee Sackhoff (a fan favorite for the role) would have changed that. Her turn as Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica proved she could handle herself well and has backed it up with various sci-fi turns. This is just one of numerous drawings showing how Sackhoff could have flown high as Carol.

15 Vin Diesel As Black Bolt


Inhumans has been the biggest misfire of the MCU. It was intended as a movie but plans changed to make it a flop TV show. If any MCU part should be rebooted, it’s this. This image shows how Vin Diesel would be very good as leader Black Bolt. The king of the Inhumans, his voice is so powerful that a simple whisper can level a building. That means the producers wouldn’t need to worry about Diesel’s voice and he can be impressive as the powerful king. He’s good as Groot but Diesel can rule as Bolt.

14 Hailee Steinfeld As Ghost Spider


In 2014’s “Spider-Verse” event, various Spider-champions of various realities converge. Among them is a Gwen Stacey who was bitten by that spider to become “Spider-Gwen” (later renamed Ghost Spider). She popped up in the hit Into the Spider-Verse movie and fans are hopeful that she'll come into the MCU somehow. Hailee Steinfeld was great voicing the role in the movie so it's only logical she could do the same in live action. She could capture the athleticism of the part and look terrific in that suit too.

13 John Boyega As Blade


One of the big announcements of Phase 4 was that not only will the MCU reboot Blade but the role would be played by two-time Oscar winner Mahershala Ali. That’s a big task given how loved Wesley Snipes is in the part himself. Before that announcement, BossLogic shared his idea of John Boyega as Blade. The Star Wars star has gotten rave reviews for some other movies and might have been able to handle the role well. While Ali will no doubt be great, Boyega could have made a good vampire hunter himself.

12 Anna Kendrick As Squirrel Girl


This has been a huge fan choice for some time. Squirrel Girl might seem a silly character but is secretly a powerhouse who has taken down major villains on her own. She’d bring a goofy style that could liven up the MCU and bring more humor to things. To many fans, there is no better choice than Anna Kendrick. She could manage to make this silly character work with her charm and spunk, turning Squirrel Girl into an MCU favorite.

11 Emily Blunt As The Invisible Woman


The casting of the Fantastic Four is going to be a major deal for the MCU. Susan Storm has been played by Jessica Alba and Kara Mara, neither of which captured the character right. Since John Krasinski is a major choice for Reed Richards, it’s only natural that his real-life wife, Emily Blunt, is the pick for Susan. She had a chance at being Black Widow but turned it down.

10 Jason Momoa As Drax


One of the most surprisingly effective castings in the MCU was Drax. Despite his lack of major acting experience, pro wrestler Dave Bautista did a fantastic job in the part, balancing the character’s toughness with good humor. Yet this image shows how Jason Momoa might have been quite good in the role himself. He would look the part of the bruiser and handle the humor well. Of course, Momoa has found success as Aquaman but might have been just as great in this role too.

9 Nikolaj Coster-Waldau As Adam Warlock


The credits of GotG Vol 2 indicate a mysterious being in a cocoon. This is Adam Warlock, a long-standing cosmic character. He was to be introduced in Infinity War but couldn’t be fit in. While Zac Efron is rumored for the part, many fans would rather see Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in the role. The Game Of Thrones star has the right look and good features to make the part work out.

8 Jensen Ackles As Hawkeye


This is another quite famous “could have been” casting for the MCU. Jensen Ackles was offered the role of Hawkeye and could have done very well. He might have been more energetic, better capturing the sarcastic and joking Hawkeye of the comic and not as dour as Jeremy Renner. Maybe having a younger actor would have removed Hawkeye’s family but with the twist of him staying on the team longer. Ackles had to bow out due to scheduling conflicts with his show, Supernatural but this art shows he would have been a perfect archer.

7 Keanu Reeves As Moon Knight


Right now, Keanu Reeves is enjoying a major resurgence in popularity. From John Wick to a return to Bill and Ted, Reeves is hotter than he’s been in years and there's even buzz about him joining the MCU. There’s a lot of roles he could play but this BossLogic art imagines him as Moon Knight. The vigilante is well known for his troubled multiple personalities and shadowy demeanor which could work for Reeves and let him add super-hero to his list of roles.

6 Ben Affleck As Iron Man


There are a lot of similarities between Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark. They’re both rich, both geniuses, and both tend to be a bit controlling over their teammates. Thus, it makes total sense how Ben Affleck would have made a fine Iron Man. He could capture that arrogance of Tony and managed to work the suit pretty well. He could have been a bit silly with the mustache but would have still pulled off a convincing Tony.

5 George Clooney As Nick Fury


Ever since his first appearance as a WWII soldier, Nick Fury was portrayed as white. It was the Ultimates comic (taking place in another universe) that had Fury openly modeled as Samuel L. Jackson. There had been talk of a Fury movie in 2000 and George Clooney was a serious contender for the part. It never came out, yet this image shows all one had to do was slap an eye patch on him and Clooney would have fit the super-spy very well, making for a Fury closer to the original source.

4 John Krasinski As Mr. Fantastic


Expectations are high right now for the Fantastic Four to finally be placed into the MCU. Numerous names are mentioned for Reed Richards as you need an actor who can sell both the super-genius of the character and his stretching powers. John Krasinski is coming up majorly for fans. The former The Office star has broken from Jack Ryan to directing and starring in the hit The Quiet Place. It would be terrific to finally have Mr. Fantastic live up to his name.

3 Henry Cavill As Captain America


This was part of BossLogic’s popular “swapping” of DCCU and MCU actors. In this case, it’s a clear swap as Henry Cavill trades in Superman for Captain America. It actually works pretty well as Cavill looks impressive in that suit and while his dark hair is an issue, he still captures the All-American looks needed for Cap (ironic given Cavill is British). Many note Cavill was better suited as a cleaner-cut Superman than in the DCCU and thus might have worked out as Cap.

2 Angie Harmon As She-Hulk


Fans are hoping to see She-Hulk on screen as the character has been loved not just for her good looks but her humor as well. Paula Patton has been suggested but many have contended for years Angie Harmon would be great in the role. The feisty actress has shown good athleticism in Rizzoli & Isles and played a lawyer on Law & Order. She’s the right age Mark Ruffalo's cousin and has the humor to nail the part. With some green makeup and CGI, Harmon could make this work out right.

1 Ezra Miller As Spider-Man


BossLogic has loved to do artwork that swaps MCU and DCCU characters around. In this case, he had a two-fer with Ezra Miller as Spider-Man and Tom Holland as the Flash. It’s a good mix as Miller’s Flash had the same nervous edge as Peter and wanting to do good even as he handled his nutty powers. Indeed, while Holland captures Peter well, Miller might have been interesting in the role himself and the image shows he’d have looked just as good in the costume.

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