20 Celebrities Reimagined As Disney Characters

For many people, growing up with Disney is the name of the game, and we got to watch magical stories unfold before our very eyes! The people that pursued acting as a job did so with the hopes of one day emulating what they saw on the big screen as a child, and few of them were able to land coveted roles in Disney films. Once the House of Mouse has their hands on a performer, they make sure to elevate them to another plane with hit films, and stars are always grateful for their time with Disney.

Other stars may not have the chance to play lovable Disney characters, but that hasn't stopped artists from wondering what these performers would look like in classic Disney roles. With this in mind, we want to shine a light on 20 performers being reimagined as Disney characters!

20 Scarlett Johansson as Elsa

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Compared to some of the other characters on this list, Elsa is relatively new to the game, but this hasn't stopped her from forging a unique legacy already. Many people have dream performers in mind for Elsa, and this artist decided to take the loved Scarlett Johansson and make her the ruler of Arendelle. Talk about being a perfect fit!

19 Jessica Alba as Kida

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Even though Kida isn't a well-known character to many, people that enjoyed her film know all too well that there is a lot to love here. Disney has kicked around the idea of doing a modern version of this film, and if this is to pass, then we have to imagine that Jessica Alba will be in consideration for the role. After all, just look at how well she fits the character!

18 Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony as Jasmine and Aladdin

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For this entry, we just had to double down and pair a beautiful Jasmine with a handsome Aladdin. This former power couple took Hollywood by storm when they first got together, so it would make sense that artists would want to pair them up. Jasmine and Aladdin hit the big screen this year, and these two could have been great together in the film.

17  Lucy Liu as Mulan

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Mulan is a beloved character that is currently gearing up to appear on the big screen once again. Any woman wanting to play the character would need to be strong and ready for anything that comes, and if her past films are any indication, Lucy Liu was the perfect choice for this artist rendering! Adding Mushu was a nice touch here.

16 Mila Kunis as Esmeralda

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Oh, Mila Kunis. Is there anything that she can't do? We have seen her in a variety of roles since she first broke out on television, and she has done some work with Disney before. Seeing her here as Esmeralda has us thinking that Disney may want to pursue this project sooner rather than later.

15 Amanda Seyfried as Rapunzel

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The story of Rapunzel is one that has been passed down for ages, and it came as a surprise to no one that Disney took this story and made box office magic with it a few years back. There are no plans for a live-action version of the film, but Amanda Seyfried would have to be in the running for the role!

14 Melissa Benoist as Anna

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Melissa Benoist has been many things, including Supergirl, but seeing her here as Anna has us believing that she is destined to be in a Disney feature one day. Anna may not be as popular as Elsa is, but the people that love Anna would enjoy someone as talented as Benoist to play her eventually.

13 Amber Heard as Alice

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Disney has dipped their toes into this well twice over the last decade, and the first installment featuring Alice wound up being a monumental success. Though Amber Heard is off in the DCEU playing Mera, we wouldn't mind seeing her enter Wonderland to have a grand adventure with a cast of characters.

12 Camila Cabello as Jasmine

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Camila Cabella may be a singer that is topping the charts, but this would not stop her from taking on the role of a lifetime if it were to come around. Jasmine is a classic character that people have loved since the 90s, and Cabello would be a perfect fit to sing Jasmine's most beloved songs.

11 Rachel McAdams as Cinderella

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Few characters in Disney history are as loved as Cinderella, and the fact that she has castles in Disney parks is a testament to this. With one live-action film under their belt already, it isn't likely that Disney would do this again so soon. However, we have to give it up here, because Rachel McAdams looks stunning as the beloved character.

10 Lilly Collins as Snow White

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Snow White was the character that got everything started for Disney, and once her film debuted back in the 30s, the film industry was never the same again. Should Disney choose to bring her to life, they would need to find someone with the looks and the talent. Turns out, Lilly Collins has both in spades.

9 Ariana Grande as Vanellope von Schweetz

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Ariana Grande is one of the most famous singers in the world today, but we have seen her act before. Grande has everything needed to be the perfect Vanellope, and Disney would have to consider her for the role. Should they pair her with the right Ralph, Disney's stock would skyrocket in no time.

8 Megan Fox as Megara

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Hercules went from zero to hero in his animated film from the 90s, but he had his eyes on the beautiful Megara throughout the film. She had beauty, poise, and sass, and Megan Fox playing this character is almost too obvious. Seriously, who would be a better fit for the character?

7 Emma Stone as Merida

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As we learned in her film, Merida is a character that wants to do things her own way and not have her entire life dictated by other people or ancient customs. This strong character is known for her long, flowing locks, and the artist did a phenomenal job imagining Emma Stone in the role here.

6 Sophie Turner as Ariel

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Sophie Turner just ended her run on Game of Thrones, and even though her character wasn't from the Iron Islands, we could see her going under the sea to play Ariel at some point. Ariel will stop at nothing to get what she wants, just like Turner's character Sansa did back in Westeros.

5 Blake Lively as Sleeping Beauty

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Sleeping Beauty is as gorgeous as her name implies, and she spent most of her time in the woods loving the wildlife and looking for something bigger. Lively's best-known role is from Gossip Girl, but we think she could go from the Upper East Side to the woods with ease.

4 Shay Mitchell as Pocahontas

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Making this movie happen would be quite a chore for Disney, but they know that the story of the character is loved enough to do big business. They would have a number of performers in consideration for the role, and we have to believe that Shay Mitchell would be near the top of the list!

3 Emilia Clarke as Belle

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Emma Watson turned out to be a great fit as the character Belle in recent years, but there were a number of other women that could have risen to the occasion as well. Emilia Clarke may have been a bit preoccupied with Game of Thrones, but she would have rocked this role.

2 Selena Gomez as Moana

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Moana is a newer character, but people quickly fell in love with her after seeing her film a few years back. She is a character that had a thirst for adventure, and her journey across the sea was inspiring. Selena Gomez could play the character and sing the songs as well as anyone around.

1 Rihanna as Tiana

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Down in New Orleans, Tiana was making her dreams come true by digging a little deeper, and her story took her on a wild ride throughout the bayou. Rihanna is as talented as any person in the world, and people have wanted to see her as the character ever since the film debuted.

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