Celebrities Of Walmart: What These 15 Celebs Would Look Like As These Famed Shoppers

Who isn’t jealous of celebrities? They seem to have it all; money, people vying for their attention, people begging to date them, and all the freedom to basically do what they want. So, it’s nice to see some celebrities a little down on their luck or looking less than fabulous.

As bad as that sounds, it gives people who are dying to be apart of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood a little something to make themselves feel better. However, seeing the likes of Beyoncé, Rihanna, Kanye West, and countless others looking like they could be your neighbor is amazing.

Someone decided to take it upon themselves and edit a few photos, showing the world what some celebrities would look like if they were just regular people. You know, people who don’t have a glam squad, people who don't workout everyday, people who don’t have to worry about an image... These depictions truly look like people we'd see in our local Walmart or Tops grocery store.

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15 Kanye West & Kim Kardashian West

via ohmymag.com

Kanye and Kim are a couple of classy AF people in the world of celebrities and there is no way that in real life they would EVER be caught dead looking like this. Their egos just wouldn’t allow it. That being said, this picture is beyond hilarious. They look like a happy, chunky couple and we all know that the couple that eats together, stays together. Also, on the bright side, Kim still has a little bit of bling on her wrist, a nice-looking ring, and some pearls. Not everyone can afford pearls, so they are still living bigger than some of the rest. The one believable thing about this picture is that Kanye and Kim are together. No matter what in every lifetime these two will probably find one another.

14 Rihanna

via NewsLineQ

If you ever wondered what Rihanna would look like as a regular, chick this is apparently it. She legit looks like a mother of five who is also balancing a career as a local lawyer. I imagine that her husband has a city job like a sanitation worker or mail person (don't ask why. Just go with it). This glamour shot is a classic look, it's as if she and her man came into some money and he wanted to show her how much he loves her. So you could say RiRi is pulling it off perfectly. She’s got a little thickness to her which is just how we like Rihanna and the haircut is perfect for her face shape. If this doesn’t scream Walmart Rihanna, then what possibly could?

13 Jennifer Lopez

via Just Something

Jennifer Lopez looks like everyone’s favorite aunt. She is sporting that haircut that many women get at some point in their lives and just never change it. She has probably had it for the last 20 years and, of course, she is wearing her favorite turtleneck sweater for those cold Bronx winters. The look on her face is one of someone that is about to win the jackpot at bingo, or slam down a Domino. It’s weird to see her so barefaced, seeing as Lopez is always so glammed up. But in the real world, she has no time to get glammed up everyday. Besides who is she trying to impress, she’s got a husband who is too lazy to go anywhere except the beat up lazy boy when he gets home from work.

12 Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

via Just Something

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt look country AF. In fact, we have to assume that their names are not even Angelina and Brad — that’s just too damn fancy for these two. We can only assume their names would be something like Tammy, Cletus, Becky, or Billy. This looks like the photo you'd take right after getting married and not caring about that whole 'white dress' thing or even a tie. All of a sudden, Jolie’s lips don’t look luscious and plump, they look crusty and over-filled. Her hair is all over the place and she looks unsure about her life. Pitt looks like he is two years away from completely going bald and that every decision he has ever had to make has lead to this crappy life. In this version, their relationship doesn’t last either.

11 Busy Phillips

via extracz

Busy Phillips looks like a grown-up, more well-rounded version of her character Kim Kelly from Freaks and Geeks. She looks like she has grown out of that bad girl phase and finally got over Daniel Desario. She pushed passed the craziness of high school and is now a mom of two kids who are probably brats. Her husband looks happy as a pickle, but she looks like she is dying inside; kind of like she missed out on some real opportunities in life. She probably didn’t go to college and is so bored with the day in and day out of parenthood. Her idea of fun is walking around a department store (or Walmart) and window shopping to tame her boredom. It’s not the worst past time activity.

10 The Kardashians

via imgur.com

This truly looks like what Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, and Kris would look like if they weren’t rich and famous. Kim still looks like the fanciest one and Khloe didn’t go on a health kick. I assume that Kourtney is still a health freak but not as intensely because she would likely be on a budget. And Kris, well this photo is giving her more credit than they should, she wouldn't look this good she would actually age naturally. One thing that would stay the same from their rich life is Kourtney would still most likely be with Scott Disick, he will never be too high class for her. She would still be the breadwinner and they aren’t just co-parents they would most likely be married because Scott would be crazy to not lock that down.

9 Beyoncé & Jay-Z

via YouTube

Beyoncé looks like a straight-up basic chick in this photo and we are almost reveling in the idea that at some point in life she could look this basic. Her bangs are flat AF and the rest of her hair has basically no life to it. Her smile seems less bright — as if she is just dreading life. Jay Z looks like he is a chemist; he's so studious and reflective... and his line up is crooked. To be honest, something tells me that no matter how poor or basic Beyoncé is in life, she will never really look like this. Something about her exudes shininess and confidence. Way too much confidence to be held back by something as big as struggling financially. Jay Z better make sure he can keep up.

8 Miley Cyrus

via 12thblog.com

Miley Cyrus looks like trailer trash at its finest. The hair, the makeup, the outfit everything just screams cheap. She looks like she has no real expectations for life and whatever comes her way must be an opportunity of a lifetime. The funny thing is, we can totally picture Miley look like this in real life. She has never shied away from the country girl in her and one has to assume that if she didn’t go on to be Hannah Montana and then some, this would be her life. To top it off, her dad would still be one-time famous country singer Billy Ray Cyrus but by then he would be so deep into country living that he would encourage this behaviour. There is still a possibility that this could be one of her grade school pictures.

7 Britney Spears

via Ritely

First of all, why does Britney Spears photo have to look like a mugshot? Can we let this girl live already? Whoever made this is suggesting that famous or not, Spears would somehow have managed to find herself behind bars one way or another. This picture really did a number on the famous popstar. Her upper lip looks like it has some kind of shaded fungus growing on it, her hair is trash and it looks dry as hell. Overall, she looks deranged, a little like Aileen Wuornos — just with a chunkier face. There is one thing for sure, she looks basic and absolutely ridiculous. Life has certainly not been good to this version of Britney Spears. Maybe in this life, she was lucky enough to dodge Kevin Federline.

6 Tom Cruise

via killsometime.com

Tom Cruise looks gross in this picture. He isn’t the greatest looking guy in Hollywood (or the tallest) but this picture really shines a light on that. I'm not sure if Cruise would allow himself to get this overweight in real life, but we could sure see a guy like this hanging around Walmart. Better yet, we could see him fitting in more at a Bass Pro Shop just wandering around looking for new things to add to his fishing gear. The fact that there is a sweat ring around his neck when he looks like he hasn’t even done anything to exert himself is gross. Instead of being action movie star Tom Cruise he is a regular Joe schmo who probably has a job something along the lines of construction.

5 Nicki Minaj

via Pinterest

Can anyone imagine this version of Nicki Minaj trying to stuff her big butt into one of those stage outfits she currently flaunts around in? She honestly looks like a '90s version of Missy Elliott (the best kind of Missy Elliot if I do say so myself). At least the “artist” behind this photo allowed Minaj to keep her fur, pink lipstick, and false lashes. But I must admit, she looks good with a little meat on her bones, not just in her butt, and she’s giving us life with this lace top. Maybe not so famous Nicki Minaj will also be the life of the party? She looks like the type of woman who loves her some church and is just flat out happy to be alive.

4 Keira Knightley

via purplclover.com

Keira Knightley and a parrot. what more does anyone need? This photo is giving me life — especially her “there’s no place like home” t-shirt with all the different animals on it. That parrot looks uncomfortable and Knightley looks like she is loving every minute of this photo op. She is 100% the type of chick who wants to get home as soon as possible to post a photo like this on her social media page (she doesn't know how to do it on her phone). By the pose that she’s giving us, she was a big deal as a teenager and she still feels like she is as she gets up in her age. Is it too much to assume that she probably asked a friend to blow a fan in her face, so her hair could blow in the “wind” to add a little something to her picture? Because why else would her hair be blowing around?

3 Gwyneth Paltrow

via tuxboard.com

So, Gwyneth Paltrow looks exactly like her mom in this picture and I can’t even take it. Blythe Danner rocks a similar haircut and it’s safe to say that she is a good representation of what Paltrow will look like when she gets to her golden years. She looks like one of those sassy grandmas. You know, the kind that could hang with the chicks of Golden Girls. She still looks glamorous AF and something tells us that she does not shop at Walmart for food or clothes. Maybe if she wants a pack of skittles but even then, she would probably choose to buy her candy from Whole Foods. Let’s be real no matter what situation Paltrow is in in her life, she will always be A-OK.

2 Jennifer Aniston

via Rooster Magazine

This depiction of Jennifer Aniston is the one where all those men that she can’t keep has finally taken a toll on her. She looks run down but still bright-eyed... Skeptical but a glint of optimism is still there. Even with a little bit of weight, she still looks good, just a little haggard from how hard her love life has treated her. I honestly wish she could get her hair situation together, though, because you’re better than that baby girl. Her plain black shirt looks straight out of the George line at Walmart and she doesn’t give a damn. At least her eyebrows are still together and looking right, she may not have Brad Pitt or Justin Theroux but at least she maintained her brows. That’s all that matters anyway, right?

1 Hilary Duff

via MakeUp

This must be a version of Hilary Duff when she gets well into her age. Maybe around her 50's? I can’t see her any other way than how she is now, but this photo has truly opened my eyes to what she could become. At least her skin still looks great. Duff looks like she has a desk job that she is content with and loves to scrapbook. Her hairstyle looks like a typical mom who has no time to take care of herself and rarely gets to spend any time with her love starved husband. Could this picture be what’s to come for Duff’s real life? Even her wardrobe has taken a downturn, shoulder pads? She wasn’t even born in that generation. Dear Lord, we are scared for you, Duff.

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