20 Celebrity Ladies Who Were Too Diva For Hollywood

It’s a diva downpour! These 20 female celebs have no problem letting the world know that they’re self-proclaimed princesses. As fame has gotten the better of them, their egos have inflated to the size of submarines. Whatever they want, they go after, and those who cater to their every whim make their diva ways grow even stronger.

Sure, these stars are talented, but it doesn’t mean they have to handle things the way they do. From impossible demands to arrogant attitudes, diva behavior is never known as “nice.”

The level of “diva-dom” isn’t quite the same for every gal listed, but somewhere along the line, they did something to tick people off. They may feel entitled, but just because they’re entertainers doesn’t mean the world revolves around them.

Do you think these stars are divas or just doing their thing? Who knows? Perhaps the diva title is what they’ve been striving for all along.

20 Mariah Carey – Over-The-Top To The Max

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Mariah makes some incredible music, but her attitude could use an adjustment. Some fans adore her egotistical energy, but others find her behavior beyond repair. All in all, Mariah won’t trade in her diva status for anything. She is proud to be a self-made princess, and more power to her.

19 Madonna – Forever The Material Girl

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The “Material Girl” has been on the radar for decades, and her diva-like ways have only increased over the years. She is more than happy to hold herself on a pedestal, and she won’t step down no matter what. There is only one Madonna, so she can set her own standards.

18 Naomi Campbell – Make Room For The Model

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Naomi is one of the most famous models in the world, and even though a new group has stepped in and taken over the fashion scene, she’s still holding on to her fame and fortune. Age hasn’t hurt Naomi’s looks one bit, and she’ll well-aware of her awesomeness. Being a diva is in her DNA.

17 Beyoncé – They Don’t Call Her “Queen” For Nothing

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The beautiful Beyoncé is already an icon, and her talent is top-notch. When she puts on a show, the audiences are in awe of her abilities to make every move seem effortless, and her inner glow is beyond gorgeous. If anyone was born to be a diva, it’s the “Queen Bey” herself.

16 Christina Aguilera – Commands All The Attention

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Christina is an amazing talent, and she has been in the biz since she was small. With a voice that’s more powerful than an explosion, this pop singer is a sensation. She’s famous for being a diva, but people put up with it since she’s the star of the show.

15 Ariana Grande – The Petite Princess

Via: metro.co.uk

Ariana is already a big-time chart-topper, and her fame is only rising with every note she belts out. Her youth hasn’t stopped her from taking charge, so her diva-ish ways have already emerged. While she may have some folks annoyed by her attitude, there’s no stopping this singer from showing off.

14 Kim Kardashian West – The Royal Reality Star

Via: Vogue.com

Kim has been seeking the spotlight for some time now. Now that she’s one of the most famous females in the world, she has the means to do anything she wants. With a family that’s on top and a brand that’s all her own, Kim is in control of her life in ways others could only dream of.

13 Anna Wintour – What She Says Goes

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Anna is a businesswoman who means business 24/7. As a fashion world staple and publishing powerhouse, this woman is a worldwide sensation. Her sensibilities and smarts have helped her achieve so many things, and this gal is never backing down. Call her a diva, but she’s proud to hold the honor.

12 Jennifer Lopez – She Doesn’t Live On “The Block” Anymore

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J. Lo seems down-to-earth to some, but she just can’t fool us with her “Jenny from the block” game anymore. As one of the most famous and well-off women in the biz, this triple-threat talent is a diva even if she declares herself otherwise. Even her fiance A-Rod would agree.

11 Gwyneth Paltrow – The ‘Goop’ Goddess

Via: usmagazine.com

Gwyneth is a golden goddess, and the actress is an A-lister through and through. When it comes to her “holier than thou” attitude, she claims it’s not what people think. That said, the actress’ behavior has landed her in hot water. From her over-the-top expensive ‘Goop’ recommendations to “conscious uncoupling,” we hereby declare her a diva.

10 Oprah Winfrey – She Rules The World

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Oprah is a woman who went from humble beginnings to the bright lights of Hollywood. Her fame and fortune are like a fairy-tale, and there’s barely a soul in the world who doesn’t know who she is. While Oprah has been quite generous with her money, she’s also an in-charge diva who knows what she deserves.

9 Barbra Streisand – The World Is Her Stage

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People say Barbra’s voice is “like butter,” and just like the dairy product, the woman’s rich. Her vocal abilities are amazing, and she uses her talent to persuade others to follow orders. When she’s on stage or on the road, this diva insists on having things the way she likes them. If people don’t give in, she’ll surely be grumpy.

8 Cher – A Living Legend

Via: nationalenquirer.com

Cher has been in the public eye for a long time, and like many other famous folks in her position, she has the means to call the shots. There’s no one else like Cher in the world, so she leverages this uniqueness to cater to her own wants and needs. If she acted like everyone else, Cher wouldn’t be so special.

7 Lady Gaga – Her Way Or The Highway

Via: vanityfair.com

Lady Gaga is already a legend, with a voice that moves mountains and acting chops that are creative and exciting. She’s an award winner and an inspiration, and her fame has allowed her to be in charge of her career. As a celeb of her caliber, being a diva is almost expected.

6 Tyra Banks – Top Model Makes The Rules

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Tyra is a model who has made a difference in the industry. She’s beyond beautiful and has a personality that has allowed her to branch out into hosting and other Hollywood gigs. She is daring and bold, so she’s not afraid to tell it like it is and call all the shots. She digs being a diva, and true fans appreciate her for it.

5 Angelina Jolie – A-List All The Way

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Angelina is a gorgeous woman with a long list of movie credits under her belt. As a mom and humanitarian, the actress has gone the extra mile to make a difference in the world. Although she is giving, she is also well-aware of her A-list privileges. She uses them to her advantage to let her inner-diva shine through.

4 Caitlyn Jenner – Her Time Has Come

Via: gala.de

We first met Caitlyn as “Bruce,” but those days are a distant memory. Now that Caitlyn can shine like the woman she’s always been, certain diva qualities are front and center. She’s proud of the person she’s become and has no issue sharing her strong-suits with anyone within earshot. Good for her that she’s so confident, but some people think she ought to tone it down a tad.

3 Rihanna – She’ll Never Settle For Second Best

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Rihanna is a cool and confident woman with plenty of talent to go ‘round. She’s attractive, outspoken, and unafraid to speak her mind. Fans adore her to the max, so they don’t care if she’s a little too egotistical at times. After all, when someone is super famous, it can be hard to blend in and be bland.

2 Wendy Williams – Newly Single, Now It’s Her Turn

Via: NYdailynews.com

Talk show queen Wendy is a woman of her word. She “says it like she means it,” and her fans can’t get enough of her gossipy nature. While on the show, she says whatever crosses her mind with no concern about who she may be offending. And now that Wendy is back on the market, she’s not letting anyone spoil her mood. She’s working it her way and doing it well.

1 Paris Hilton – The Socialite Seeks Attention

Via: Vogue.com

Paris is a super-rich socialite who has been famous ever since we’ve known her. She’s been a millionaire all her life and continues to bring in the big bucks on her own. With looks that could kill and a body to die for, this babe seems to have it all. She may be considered a diva, but what other choice does she have?

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