20 Celebrity Paparazzi Photos That Will Make You Cringe

Celebs have a situation to contend with. On one hand, they need to remain relevant and in the public eye in order to be successful. On the other hand, this comes with lots of (usually unwanted) attention from the paparazzi. These camera-toting folks will go to nearly any length to capture a pic of a star, especially when they’re not at their best. Who wants to see a famous person looking perfect when they are actually just like the rest of us in some regard?

Here are 20 must-see celebrity paparazzi photos that could make anyone cringe. They are completely awkward and uncomfortable, yet super hard to turn away from…kinda like a car wreck. Surely these big time stars wish they had stayed home that day or at least wore a disguise. But thanks to those pesky photographers who seem to pop out from nowhere, these unflattering images are everywhere. Better luck next time.

20 Ben And Baby Are Bombarded

Via: realtalkrealdebate.wordpress.com

Ben Affleck is trying to be a decent dad. Sure, he’s been in trouble before, but this scenario is so not his fault. Poor baby. That little one is surrounded by a bunch of boneheads who’ll do anything to get a good pic.

They obviously have no concern about the welfare of that child. Ben better find a better route if he wants to avoid this mess.

19 Alec Has Anger Issues

Via: pinterest.com

Alec Baldwin is known for his hot temper, especially when it comes to confrontations with the paparazzi. Here’s a perfect example of Alec’s attitude as he gets physical with a photographer on the street.

This guy looks like he’s in pain, but Alec won’t let him loose. Mess with Alec and this is what happens.

18 It’s Britney…

Via: usmagazine.com

When Britney Spears had her very public meltdown, it was chaos all around. Who could forget this eye-opening incident when she went off the deep end, shaving off her hair and jamming an umbrella into a car?

Certainly not one of her finer moments, but it’s good to see she has changed for the better…not that it could have gotten much worse.

17 Kanye Loses His Cool

Via: glamourmagazine.co.uk

Kanye West is showing this fella who’s boss. He’s not being very friendly, but he doesn’t look particularly bothered either. While the other guy is trying to get loose, Kanye is keeping his cool and doesn’t even seem phased by the whole situation.

Let’s hope no one got hurt during this rumble.

16 Just Let Go Of Justin

Via: ladbible.com

Justin Bieber is acting like a little boy. He’s throwing a tantrum and the other guy is trying to hold him back.

Seems like “The Biebs” is annoyed (to say the least) at the paparazzi, who are probably trying to rile him up to get a shot just like this. Good thing there’s a bodyguard to help keep the peace.

15 Scott’s Steamed

Via: okmagazine.com

Scott Disick is known for being up, down, and all around. He’s been “Mr. Nice Guy” and a near lunatic, and his “baby mama” Kourtney has witnessed it all.

This pic reflects his less-than laid-back side, as he shouts at the paparazzi who are trying to snap him as he snaps back.

14 North’s Not Having It

Via: okmagazine.com

Even the little ones can have a poor paparazzi moment. North West is not very happy as her mom tries to get her through the crowd. But North knows nothing different, as she has been in the public eye before she was even born.

She better get used to this nonsense, because it’s not going away any time soon.

13 Christina’s Rough Night

Via: news-people.com

Christina Aguilera looks like she had quite a night, perhaps one too many cocktails made its way down her throat. That glazed look in her eye screams, “Wasted!” but she’s trying to stay composed and make it through the crowd.

Too bad the paparazzi is around to capture this moment, one that Christina surely regrets.

12 Lindsay’s Loaded

Via: the rooster.com

This is not a photo of a young woman sleeping. Sure, it looks that way, but we all know that it’s called “passing out.” Lindsay Lohan looks loaded, and she’s trying to sleep off the scotch and soda or whatever she overdid it on.

This is one of Lindsay’s least flattering moments, but she surely had some excuse for why she was so sloppy.

11 Snooki’s With Security

Via: usmagazine.com

So much for a fun day at the beach. Snooki is covered in sand and her breath probably wreaked of whiskey. These fellas in uniform determined that the Jersey Shore shorty was too much to deal with, so they cuffed her and carried her away.

It made for good TV but did little for her reputation.

10 Kristen Caught Canoodling

Via: shemazing.net

Kristen Stewart was famously dating her co-star at the time this pic was snapped, but the guy in the pic wasn’t her main man. She was caught with another man, doing things she should not have been.

There’s no denying what was going on here, so she had to face the music and (wo)man up. Neither relationship lasted, but this moment will stick in our memories.

9 More Lindsay, Less Put Together

Via: foxnews.com

Lindsay is the gift that keeps on giving. Here she has the look of someone who woke up on the wrong side of the bed…someone else’s bed perhaps.

She appears to be disoriented and confused, but the bright light of the camera flashing in her face was a jarring reality check. Even her mug shots look better.

8 A Royal Ruckus

Via: therichest.com

What would the Queen say? This pic shows a much more playful side of the royal couple, something we don’t get to see very often, if at all. Looks like the pair had quite the evening, perhaps a few drinks and not enough food to soak them up.

Even royals need to let loose every now and then. The thing is, they’re supposed to keep it on the down low. Being snapped like this is surely not suitable for such famous figures.

7 Paris Parties

Via: fashionweekdaily.com

Paris Hilton sure knows how to party; too bad she forgot her pants. She’s smiling for the paparazzi, letting them know that she could care less about what they do or when.

She’s having a good time, looks great, and would rather play their game than get her bloomers in a bunch.

6 Lamar Snapped On The Street

Via: abcnews.go.com

Lamar Odom is walking through the streets, suitcase in hand. Was he thrown out of Khloe’s place or is this a new “man bag” trend we need to take note of? It’s not like Lamar can walk around unnoticed; he’s over six feet tall.

But notice how those paparazzi folks are keeping their distance. They don’t want to mess with a big and strong athlete. Even Alec Baldwin would cower.

5 Gigi Can’t Get Through

Via: pagesix.com

Gigi Hadid knows her way down the catwalk, but making it through this busy street is quite the challenge. With all that paparazzi in her way, it would be a miracle if she could cross the street in under an hour.

As a supermodel, she’s used to the attention, but even for her, this is a bit outlandish.

4 Tori Is Totaled

Via: radaronline.com

Tori Spelling never gets a break. No matter what she does, there’s always someone around to snap her pic and make things worse than they already are. This chick has enough problems - from her cheating hubby to her issues with her mom.

Leave this woman alone already. Although, this pic surely has a steamy story behind it…

3 Wendy’s Walk Of Shame

Via: hotlifestylenews.com

“How you doin’?” In this case, not so well. What’s up with Wendy Williams? She looks a bit worse for the wear, but who can blame her? She recently confessed that she was living in a sober house, she split from her husband, and she had some health scares.

Perhaps she should stay home and rest rather than parading through the streets where the paparazzi can hunt her down.

2 Robert Is Seeing Double

Via: lolwot.com

Robert Pattinson is one of today’s hottest A-list actors, but here, he looks like a guy to avoid on the subway. He seems blitzed, so let’s hope he was out with a trustworthy friend to have his back.

While this pic is by all means not a good one, it does prove that zombies do, in fact, exist.

1 Russell In A Tussle

Via: glamourmagazine.co.uk

Russell Brand is not in a good mood. And this photographer just found out the hard way. Don’t mess with this guy, because as we can see, he’ll push a punk to the ground.

Thanks to his height, shoving this shorty was a cinch. Get out of his way or he’ll get you out of it himself.

Sources - TMZ & Just Jared

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