19 Cringeworthy Pics Of Celebs Caught On Camera

Some celebs would probably be better off if they didn’t step outside. Of course, this would be hard to manage, but with the paparazzi nearly stalking them at every turn, being in public is quite the problem. As great as most celebs look most of the time, there are those moments when they are not at their best…not even close. That’s just when those creepy cameramen pop out from the bushes and bombard them. Needless to say, it’s a nuisance, but necessary for these photos in order to keep their day jobs.

Here are 19 cringeworthy pics of celebs caught on camera. Not to say that the rest of us look like a million bucks at every moment, but stars are held to a higher standard. They can either brush it off like it’s no big deal, get mad, or get even. How they’d get even isn’t quite clear, but it is certainly worth a shot.

19 Ben’s Been Better

Via: thecut.com

Ben Affleck surely looks sad. Would he rather be someplace else? You betcha. He’s as bored as can be as he sits beside his ex, probably wondering when the event will be over.

He may not have anywhere else to be, but by the looks of his expression, he’d prefer watching paint dry.

18 The Dynamic Duo

Via: digitaltrends.com

Who knew Paris and Kathy were such good friends? We all know that Paris totes her pup along wherever she goes, but her other sidekick isn’t as small.

These two are dressed up for something silly, but perhaps it’s all part of a comedy act Kathy’s cooking up. Wonder if Paris is in on the joke?

17 The “Blanket” Dangling Disaster

Via: rebelcircus.com

Who could forget when Michael Jackson dangled his baby over the balcony? Fans were in shock as he held that poor child multiple stories high, just so the folks down below could get a glimpse.

This was certainly not the King of Pop’s finest moment, but at least “Blanket” didn’t fall. Let’s hope no other parent attempts this stunt with their own little one, as much as they may admire the singer.

16 Michael Douglas Doesn’t Mess Around

Via: radaronline.com

Who knew Michael Douglas had a mean streak? Surely someone caused him to snap. With his wife alongside, the actor seemed to have struggled with a photographer or someone else who caused a commotion.

Unless this was part of a movie scene, it seems like the actor is in need of some anger management therapy.

15 Britney Goes Bald

Via: babbletop.com

Britney looks like she’s having the time of her life as she rids herself of her hair. But inside, we all know she was struggling with something serious. Hair can grow back, but it takes a long time to heal from within.

Luckily it seems like the singer is doing better these days, although pics like this will always be a reminder of darker times.

14 Cameron Looks Confused

Via: stylebistro.com

Cameron Diaz is considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the biz, but this pic isn’t what that was based on. While she still has her overall aura going on, her expression is not one she’d use for a headshot.

Even the most genetically blessed celebs can look lousy. Makes the “normal” people feel a little more human when they think they look subpar.

13 Lady Gaga…Gasp!

Via: huffpost.com

Remember when Lady Gaga wore the “meat dress” to an awards ceremony? Well, there was more meat to be worn, so here’s the singer in a pair of meat booties and a leather leotard.

The fishnets add a nice touch, but the whole concept was, by far, her most cringe-worthy. Imagine the stench after one set.

12 Paris Down For The Count

Via: lolwot.com

As her sister looks on without offering any assistance, Paris stumbles on the sidewalk and needs help getting up. Luckily her bodyguard or whoever that fella is was there to hoist her off the concrete, but Paris should probably get some more practice in her high heels.

The next time, she could break an ankle.

11 A Mommy Makeover

Via: boredbug.com

Katie Holmes sure knows how to turn heads on the red carpet, but when she’s not all dolled up for a big event, she looks like any average mom you’d see at the grocery store. She’s still pretty, but no one would think she’s a big-time A-lister.

Goes to show you how a team of stylists can really work magic.

10 Jess Hits The “Juice”

Via: mixping.com

Jessica Simpson is looking sloppy. She’s all dolled up, yet she’s dirty, thanks to falling to the ground. She may be a little off since she looks like she’s been filling up her cup, but still, most people don’t wind up the way she is.

Perhaps she hadn’t eaten or wasn’t feeling well. If that’s the case, maybe she should have stayed home.

9 Poor Tori

Via: radaronline.com

Tori Spelling can’t seem to catch a break. She’s always being snapped by the paparazzi, and the pics are rarely flattering. Here she looks a tad sloshed, and she may have been busy smooching since it looks like her lipstick is smudged.

Let’s hope she was having fun because when she sees this pic, she probably won’t be laughing.

8 Lohan’s New Look

Via: celebmafia.com

Lindsay always changes up her style, but this shocking look is one she may want to call a “one and done.” Her eyeshadow is overdone, her hair is dramatically different, and her lips are apparently living their best life. Is this a patriotic look she’s going for?

It’s hard to tell what her intentions were, and it seems like she’s not too sure either.

7 Is Perry The Same Person?

Via: 10formation.blogspot.com

Katy can be super casual or dressed to kill. It all depends on her mood…and her makeup. She goes from plain to princess in the blink of an eye, but it must have taken a lot of time for her to do such a dramatic do-over.

While the plainer Katy is cute, her red carpet look is amazing.

6 Goldie Caught Off-Guard

Via gotceleb.com

Goldie is one of the greats, and she usually looks pretty good. Unfortunately, this pic isn’t her most flattering. It’s mainly the expression that’s throwing us off, and leave it to the paparazzi to snap her when she’s making a weird face.

There were probably lots of other pics where she looked pretty, but of course, this is the one that makes headlines.

5 What’s Zendaya Doing?

Via: abcnews.go.com

Zendaya seems like a fun-loving gal, so here she is probably just playing around. But since we weren’t there, it is hard to say what on earth she’s doing.

She looks pretty strange, but the crowd seems to be going along with it. Out of context, Zendaya looks plain zany.

4 Naomi’s Drug Store Run

Via: okmagazine.com

Naomi Watts is a wonderful actress and normally looks beautiful. But who gets done up to go to the pharmacy? We sure don’t, so why should she? Here’s why…because the paparazzi are patiently waiting for her to come outside and look like the “average Jane.”

Too bad she didn’t pick up some cheap sunglasses in the checkout line. Then she could leave the store and go unnoticed.

3 Katy’s Kickin’ It

Via: funnyjunk.com

Katy is playing around in the mud, getting down and dirty, and having a good time. She’s all smiles and seems to be enjoying life. But the thing is, this pic was taken, and people are sure to pick it apart.

When she’s not on stage or in a music video, apparently this is how Katy rolls. Good for her, but let’s hope there’s a hot shower at the end of it.

2 From Average To A-List

Via: tellyouall.com

Kate is always fun to watch, but when she’s not made up for a movie or red carpet event, she’s just like everyone else, basic. Basic is beautiful too, but it is interesting to see how different one person could look depending upon the situation.

Kinda makes the rest of us want to get the A-list treatment, at least once.

1 Is Lindsay Joining Baywatch?

Via: pinterest.com

Look out beach-goers…it appears that Lindsay is looking for a role as a lifeguard on Baywatch! Not really, but this red suit surely seems similar to the ones they wore on the show.

It’s unclear if the actress could actually save someone in a life or death situation, so if you’re drowning, don’t expect her to come to your rescue.

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