These Celeb's Kids Are Slaying The 2018 Prom Season (15 Photos)

Prom season is among us and a bunch of famous people’s kids are dressing to impress. After all, they have to step out from their famous parent's shadows and show the world that they too can make a splash.

Prom is a special time for many teenagers. They are either getting ready to graduate or having their last hurrah with their friends before they all go their separate ways. Or, for some, they are attending the prom as juniors and this is just a rehearsal for the main event. Either way, they are slaying the game.

A beat face, snazzy suit, and immaculate dresses for one day, it kind of makes us wish we too had rich parents. Ones that could literally roll out the red carpet for an event like this. Some may say it’s only prom, but for a teenager, it’s a four-year wait to come out of their shell... to prove that they can make a suit or a dress look spectacular just like mommy and daddy.

What is most surprising about this prom season is that these super private celebrities are so willing to share their kid’s special moment with the world. They are tweeting, sharing, and liking pictures all over the Internet. Maybe this is the one achievement that they feel is okay to share with strangers. And why not? Normal parents also go crazy over prom season. They take numerous pictures and share them all over their social media pages. We seem to forget that to celebrity's kids, their parents aren’t famous people, they are just their parents. Going wild over prom season is a right especially when their kid is slaying the game as much as these celebrity's kids are.

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15 Ariana Biermann (Kim Zolciak's Daughter)

Out of Ariana and Brielle Biermann, Ariana is the quieter one. Don’t get me wrong, like every teenager, she too loves being on social media but she seems to value her privacy a tad bit more than mommy and sister.

So when she allowed Kim Zolciak-Biermann to post a picture of her in this gorgeous number, fans were pleased. Ariana is so understated and this dress was so beautiful, it was like the perfect pairing. Not every girl can pull off a dress with big, beautiful roses as it's designed. It is honestly as if this dress was made for her. Her parents must have been so proud. There is no question that Kim has made some beautiful kids, and I would have to say that it’s all Ariana’s grace and beauty that makes this dress shine. Even her freaking makeup is on point. It actually looks like she is barely wearing any makeup (which is rare for a girl her age). 

I am even going to go out on a limb to say that she probably isn’t wearing a lot of makeup. Like I said, she is understated and seeing her come alive with the dress, hair, and barely their makeup puts a smile on our faces.

14 Makayla Epps (Mike Epps' Daughter)

via Pinterest

Yellow is this young lady's color. Actor Mike Epps’ daughter is gorgeous and her choice to wear yellow to her prom was a brilliant one. Not only is the color brightening her smile, it’s illuminating her melanin and making us all jealous that not everyone could pull off a dress such as this one.

Many people shy away from bright colors or bold patterns but Makayla went for the gold. She knew her dress was so fire that she didn’t need a bunch of flashy accessories or fancy waves or curls to jazz it up. She went with a simple knot bun an adorable clutch, and a cute bracelet.

Her dad looks so proud to see his little girl off to prom. However, I can’t help but wonder who her date was and if her father struck fear in him as he went to do the typical prom pose with his daughter. Epps may play funny, goofy characters in movies, but something tells us he isn’t one to play with — especially when it comes to his children. Makayla’s low plunging neckline probably has her father regretting that he ever let her out of the house to begin with. If he could take it all back she probably would have been homeschooled.

13 Brentt Leakes (Nene & Gregg Leakes Son)

Nene Leakes is a reality TV star. She is one of those people who has made a name for themselves beyond her reality TV start. However, she acknowledged that it wasn’t about her that day. It was about her youngest son Brentt Leakes going off to his senior prom.

Brentt looked dapper AF. His loafers were Gucci made of suede and his suit wasn’t the typical black suit. It was a beautiful deep, chocolate brown color.

He posed with his mom against what looks to be a Bentley. Nene is known for doing things big, so I have no doubt in my mind that she went all out for her last child’s prom night. She truly looks impressed with how well her son is rocking that jacket and those loafers, and I am as well. Not everyone can have the attitude to match the style. Brentt is trying to set trends this year honey. He must get it from his mama who loves to dip her hands in the fashion game. Let’s not forget his dad, he also knows how to step out on the town dress to impress. We hope Brentt had the time of his life dancing the night away.

12 Ming Lee Simmons (Kimora Lee & Russell Simmons' Daughter)

via Wetpaint

Ming Lee Simmons looks like a real grown up as she prepares to jet off to prom. I would expect her to look amazing seeing as her parents have both had their hands in the fashion world since she was a baby.

This silky, champagne color dress is simple and beautiful. The ponytail keeps everything so fresh and of course, she is selling face like we’ve never seen. I have no doubt that her model mother was able to give her a few pointers growing up about how to make love to the camera. ButIe also assume that Ming has no bad angles. The slit in her dress is just the perfect amount of skin for a girl her age.

Ming shared a few other photos of her big day — including one with her younger brother who looks like he adores his sister. She also shared a picture with her mom and dad Kimora Lee and Russell Simmons who looked like they couldn’t believe their daughter was going to prom and graduating.

Kimora will have to wait several more years for another moment like this because her other kids are still in elementary school. Hopefully, by that time she will have recovered.

11 Atiana De La Hoya (Shanna Moakler & Oscar De La Hoya's Daughter)

Shanna Moakler and Oscar De La Hoya have created a gorgeous daughter and she celebrated her senior prom this year. Moakler shared the moment on her Instagram page and it was adorable.

Atiana posed with a young man with lights in the background. She kept a coy smile on her face as she posed for the camera. As for her outfit, she kept the night simple with a little black dress and showed off the crisp white and baby yellow corsage that her date provided for her. Moakler expressed how excited she was for her daughter, but she also expressed how unbelievable the entire scenario is.

I also find it unbelievable because it wasn’t too long ago that she was a small child on her mom and ex-step-dad, Travis Barker’s, reality TV show on MTV, Meet The Barkers.

Atiana has been pursuing a career in modeling, so I'm aren’t sure if she will go off to College once she graduates. For the time being, she can just enjoy dancing the night away at her prom. It’s kind of a once in a lifetime thing which we would say is a big deal. It isn't her first prom, she has also gone to a few junior proms but it’s definitely her first senior prom.

10 Odessa Adlon (Pamela Adlon’s daughter)

via Twitter

Pamela Adlon’s daughter looked all business as she posed for her prom pictures with her boyfriend Jaden Smith. If you remember, Smith attended his prom about three years ago with Amandla Stenberg wearing what many people described as a dress.

This year he was more subtle and wore a suit as he let his girlfriend shine in a beautiful black dress. The floor length gown has a shimmer to it and looks to be a two-piece (a crop top with a floor length bottom). Everything about this picture is life. The beautiful backdrop with the lights and flowers add just the right amount of shine to Odessa’s dress.

The fact that Jaden is low-key loving his girlfriend as she shines in the center of the photograph is amazing. Dear god, what I would give to go back to my prom and slay like the kids are doing today! They both look like they are ready to turn up. Can you blame them? It’s prom night school is done better yet, high school is done forever. Prom is the last party for everyone to let loose and live their best life and how can Odessa not in a bomb outfit like this?

9 Lily Mo Sheen (Kate Beckinsale & Martin Sheen’s Daughter)

Lily Mo Sheen looked every bit the stunning daughter as she posed for prom pictures. Her mom Kate Beckinsale shared her daughters special moment on her Instagram page as she gushed about how grown up her daughter is getting.

Lily is the spitting image of her actress mother.

The red dress she choose brightens up her face and subtle features. She looks adorably nervous but we are sure once she hit the dance floor all the nerves went away. Beckinsale normally doesn’t share a lot when it comes to her daughter. So, we should count ourselves lucky that we got to share in a special moment such as prom.

Is it just me or does Lily remind you guys of someone who exudes royalty? She gives amazing face in this picture and while she seems shy there is an air of confidence that is surrounding her. She must get this from her mama. The classic, beach looking waves in her hair and the understated jewelry really just top off this look. What can we say? I am officially jealous of a high schooler and her ability to look so darn good in a picture where she is barely smiling. And here I am struggling to figure out if we even have a good side. 

8 Zola (Eddie Murphy’s Daughter)

via Pinterest

Eddie Murphy has so many kids (most of them girls) that he will probably be celebrating a prom at least every two years (he has nine children). This time around, it was his daughter Zola’s turn at bat. She celebrated her prom this past March with a beautiful ankle length, soft pink dress. The dress was paired with shoes of the same color and a matching purse.

Zola, unlike her model sisters, is rarely seen in public (this could be because she was focusing on high school). Her debut into the world through this prom photo is courtesy of her proud mother Nicole Murphy. The genes in this family are amazing all of the kids are beautiful and their mother looks like she could be their sister. I'm sure she helped Zola slay this look along with the help of her other daughters. And I have to say this dress looks like it was made for her body. The way it sits perfectly on every curve is a gift that many women wish they could have with just one dress in their lifetime. Her full fringe gives her face a beautiful shape. I also love the fact that she didn’t overpower her dress with any bold jewelry because she has such a beautiful neckline.

7 Reginae Carter (Lil’ Wayne’s Daughter)

Reginae Carter looked so darn cute in her prom pictures. Lil’ Wayne and Toya Wright’s daughter is no stranger to the public eye. She and her mother had a reality TV show before, she is very active on social media, and she was even in a music group at one point.

Now she is on Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta, so we surely get to see her in every awesome outfit she has.

She has always left her house slaying the streets with a bomb outfit. So, of course, prom would be no different. Her dress was so cute and not something that would normally be seen at a prom. She took her grown AF boyfriend, YFN Lucci, as her date (though she caught a lot of flack for doing that but she couldn’t care less).

The pictures truly show off how happy she was and what a great time she had that night. She even wore a crown (does that mean she won prom queen?). She looks so elegant and beautiful, I can’t even imagine how many pictures Toya took that night and how much money her parents spent to make sure she had the best time ever. After all, the crap she gets on social media, she deserves to go out and have one night of drama free fun.

6 Amelia Hamlin (Lisa Rinna & Harry Hamlin’s Daughter)

Amelia Hamlin is the youngest daughter of Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin. Her sister Delilah had her prom moment last year, but this year Amelia got to shine in a dress that not many would have chosen for their senior prom.

The dress looks a bit formal on the top but more prom-like on the bottom. Dare I refer to it as the best of both worlds? She was certainly the best and most appropriately dressed out of all her friends in the photo that her mom posted on her social media page. However, the sharing of this photo was not without drama (which we all know Rinna is the queen of).

She caught a lot of flack for allowing her daughter to wear such a revealing gown. Many of her followers said the dress was downright inapt for a 17-year-old to wear anywhere. In true Rinna fashion, she didn’t care and she supported her daughter's choice and allowed the trolls to keep it moving. 

Amelia is absolutely beaming in this picture so how can so many people want to ruin such an important day in a teenagers life? Besides we have seen worse prom dresses this is tame compared to what some of her generation is wearing on a daily basis.

5 Phoenix Chi Brown (Mel B’s Daughter)

Phoenix Chi is Spice Girls Mel B’s daughter. Her father is Jimmy Gulzar but one would not know that by looking at her. She is the spitting image of her mother. She went off to prom in a dress that we are sure not many people would be bold enough to wear. Her silver two-piece outfit has a nice, long, exaggerated slit up the side of her leg. The top has a cuff collar and there is an elegant fringe covering the top. It has sequins all over it adding that shine that every girl wants on prom day. In a not so typical crop top fashion, the sleeves are long and flare out just slightly.

Mel’s daughter is really showing her love for fashion in this outfit. Her hair is slightly teased and has bold highlights we are loving everything about this outfit and all the accessories paired with it. In addition, her hair, while it is bold, goes great with the dress.

Her overall attitude is one that I have to admit isn’t common for a prom night, but I;m feeling it and if I'm feeling it, I can’t imagine how impressed she was with herself. Actually I can’t imagine how excited her mother and father were to see her off that night.

4 Chloe Lukasiak (Christi Zook Lukasiak and Mark Lukasiak's Daughter)

Chloe Lukasiak appeared on Dance Moms and had to endure years of her mother yelling and screaming at the other moms. So it’s nice to see her all grown up and coming into her own. She decided to make a statement for her prom by wearing a non-traditional gown.

The dancer, author, and actor wore a bright orange and pink halter gown made by designer Brandon Maxwell. The back and sides are cut out revealing a little bit of skin. She chooses the typical prom pose (or maybe her mother did) before heading off to enjoy the night. The gown flowed beautifully behind her as she posed for more pictures that she and her mother shared on their social media pages.

I'm anxious to see what the 17-year-old moves onto next in her life. She has already accomplished so much in a short time besides what Abby Lee Miller believed.

Prom is just a drop in the bucket for her. Regardless, she slayed the look and moreover, she had the guts to wear something so bold and exciting to her prom where everything is documented. Not many people can say that their prom dress was orange and pink.

3 Dia (Niecy Nash’s Daughter)

Niecy Nash daughter Dia (like Makayla Epps) stunned in a beautiful yellow gown. Except Dia’s was a true gown. It flowed outwards and covered the floor like no one’s business. The halter dress looked beautiful against Dia’s skin and, of course like her mom, she is giving face in every picture.

Nash shared several pictures of her daughter posing in front of their home with the beautiful fresh flowers as the perfect backdrop. Nash and her daughter are so close they regularly post videos on social media of one another and we could totally see her following in her mom’s footsteps. She already has the looks so now she just needs the work. The two of them posing together is making me tear up a bit. Nash looks so excited and so proud, as any parent would be, watching their child go off to complete another milestone in life.

Nash has three kids: two girls and one boy. Dia is her youngest daughter, so she is no stranger to the prom game. Her son is up next which I am are sure will be a completely different experience (boys normally are), but still, one that will be just as special.

2 Aiyanna Epps (Omar Epps' Daughter)

Omar Epps doesn’t even look old enough to have a daughter that is off to prom this year, but surprise! His daughter Aiyanna Epps was beaming in this picture as her dad places a beautiful necklace around her neck.

This is one of those pictures that will later show up in a photo collage at her wedding. Or she will have framed in her own home.

He looks so proud and even a little scared to let his baby girl go out into the world knowing that prom night has a reputation behind it. Aiyanna’s dress is a beautiful, black off the shoulder gown with a sweetheart neckline. This picture was posted by his wife, who I am sure looked on in happiness as her husband helped their daughter prepare for her big night. This was the only photo they shared, and I respect that. I just wish I was able to see the entire dress. How long was it? Did the ruching go all the way down the dress? What did her shoes look like? So many questions. One thing is for sure, her dress, hair and makeup all flowed beautifully together and the off the shoulder look was a classy choice.

1 Yara Shahidi (Afshin Shahidi's Daughter)

Yara Shahidi is absolute life goals. She is successful, an activist, a strong young woman, smart and she has impeccable style. Yet again, she goes for the win when it comes to prom.

The actress showed up to her prom with bomb AF two-tone green dress.

The Black-ish actress shared this picture on her Instagram and captioned it “What a beautiful day it has been.” Her Emanuel Ungaro midi dress was a breath of fresh air in a sea of gowns, corsages, and tradition. She even had a famous friend accompany her as her date, none other than Rowan Blanchard of Girl Meets World fame. The two were so excited to document their experience at prom and spend it with one another.

Blanchard wore a dress by Kate and Laura Mulleavy that had a beautiful Rodarte pattern that was red, white, and yellow. Her dress too was a bold statement. Young Hollywood sure knows how to dress. The duo turned heads at Shahidi’s prom which is basically the goal of prom. To make everyone sit up and look at what you just presented yourself with. By going short with two-tones of green, Shahidi will forever be talked about. She definitely made a statement.

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