6 Celebs Who Can’t Stand Jeremy Clarkson (And 14 Who Love Him)

Jeremy Clarkson has made a career out of his abrasive personality. Whether he was fronting the BBC motoring show Top Gear or the Amazon series The Grand Tour, Clarkson and his on-screen co-stars James May and Richard Hammond love to court controversy.

While some celebrities respond well to this kind of laddish behavior, others have made no secret of their dislike of Clarkson. He was even fired from the BBC because of allegations that he had physically assaulted a producer, and that followed claims that he had made homophobic, racist and sexist remarks on the show.

Clarkson may be television Marmite (you either love him or hate him) but he still has plenty of celebrity pals – as well as more than a few famous enemies.

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20 Can’t Stand Jeremy Clarkson - James May

Via grandtournation.com

Bizarrely, one of the celebrities who has been particularly open and honest about his dislike of Jeremy Clarkson is his co-star James May. May has said in many interviews that it is the fact that the trio don’t get on which makes their shows more entertaining, but that he would never dream of spending time with Clarkson off the set.

19 Can’t Stand Jeremy Clarkson - Will.i.am

Via youtube.com

Musician and producer will.i.am was a guest on Top Gear back in 2012, and it was clear throughout the interview that he was not amused by Clarkson’s laddish banter. Although he has never gone as far as to say that he can’t stand the presenter, it’s unlikely that the former Black Eyed Pea singer is going to be hanging with Clarkson any time soon.

18 Can’t Stand Jeremy Clarkson - Piers Morgan

Via digitalspy.com

Former newspaper editor turned Donald supporter Piers Morgan is another TV presenter who inspires hatred among his fellow Brits, so surely he and Clarkson should be best mates? However, Clarkson allegedly punched Morgan at the British Press Awards in 2004 and have been feuding on and off ever since.

17 Can’t Stand Jeremy Clarkson - Will Young

Via mubi.com

UK Pop Idol winner Will Young spoke up about his dislike of Jeremy Clarkson when the presenter was accused of making homophobic remarks in a 2019 episode of The Grand Tour when he referred to the Jeep Wrangler as a “car that was popular with the gay community”. Young, who is gay, reported the show to Ofcom, the UK’s television regulatory body.

16 Can’t Stand Jeremy Clarkson - Elon Musk

Via teslarati.com

Some of the car reviews on Top Gear could be pretty scathing, and Clarkson was particularly harsh when he was reviewing the Tesla Roadster. Elon Musk and his Tesla firm ended up taking the makers of the show to court, claiming that the review had libeled both the vehicle and the company itself.

15 Can’t Stand Jeremy Clarkson - Chris Evans

Via independent.co.uk

Chris Evans was one of the presenters who took over Top Gear when Clarkson was sacked, although he only lasted one series. Evans and Clarkson ended up in a row after the sacked host said that the BBC had offered to give him his job back – an offer he rejected – just before Evans was given the gig.

14 Loves Jeremy Clarkson - Matt LeBlanc

Via motor1.com

Some of the new Top Gear presenters actually had a great relationship with Clarkson, including former Friends star Matt LeBlanc. When the actor appeared as a guest on the show, he had impressed Clarkson and the rest of the Top Gear team and was a natural choice when the BBC was looking for new presenters.

13 Loves Jeremy Clarkson - Gordon Ramsay

Via ew.com

Despite being blessed with an equally abrasive personality, Gordon Ramsay has managed to stay good pals with Jeremy Clarkson over the years. While the chef has appeared on Top Gear, Clarkson also made a guest appearance on Ramsay’s own YouTube channel, and they proved to have quite the on-screen rapport.

12 Loves Jeremy Clarkson - Michael Gambon

Via bustle.com

Thespian Sir Michael Gambon was a guest on the very first series of Top Gear and took part in the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car challenge. In fact, Top Gear fans will know that that they even named a corner of their track after him, and Gambon has said that the show was not the same without Clarkson at the helm.

11 Loves Jeremy Clarkson - Jay Leno

Via screenertv.com

It was hardly surprising that motoring aficionado Jay Leno would get on with fellow petrolhead Clarkson when he appeared on Top Gear back in 2009. Leno now presents his own motoring show in the US, showing off some of the most impressive cars in his collection as well as those driven by his celebrity guests.

10 Loves Jeremy Clarkson - Hugh Jackman

Via yahoo.com

Hollywood star Hugh Jackman was the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car in a 2013 episode of Top Gear, and as well as relishing his time on the track, he also enjoyed a great rapport with Clarkson. Their interview was packed with genuine humor, and it was clear that there was a genuine friendship between the two men.

9 Loves Jeremy Clarkson - Simon Cowell

Via tv.bt.com

Most people know Simon Cowell as a professional TV talent show judge, having started out on Pop Idol, before moving to X-Factor and America’s Got Talent, but he is also a big fan of expensive motor cars and a big fan of Top Gear. He even backed Clarkson when the presenter was sacked by the BBC over an alleged assault.

8 Loves Jeremy Clarkson - Rowan Atkinson

Via digitalspy.com

Mr. Bean funnyman Rowan Atkinson is another fan of fast cars, and even managed to crash his McLaren F1 twice before selling it on. He topped the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car table and had such a good time on the show that there were even calls for him to replace Clarkson after he was fired.

7 Loves Jeremy Clarkson - Ryan Reynolds

Via bbcamerica.com

Another Hollywood star who made a good impression during his appearance on Top Gear was Ryan Reynolds, the star of the Deadpool movies. The smart-mouthed actor gave as good as he got during the interview section, even correcting Clarkson’s pronunciation of his rare Deus motorcycle, which is the pride and joy of his collection.

6 Loves Jeremy Clarkson - Benedict Cumberbatch

Via vanityfair.com

It seems that Jeremy Clarkson has been involved in more than his fair share of fights and was even punched on screen by Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch – although on this occasion at least it was a fake stage-punch, designed to show Clarkson how actors fight without actually hurting each other!

5 Loves Jeremy Clarkson - Ed Sheeran

Via digitalspy.com

Singer Ed Sheeran didn’t even have a driving license when he made his appearance on Top Gear in 2015. Unsurprisingly, he almost crashed while he was racing the Reasonably Priced Car around the track. After some good-natured ribbing, Sheeran and Clarkson quite obviously enjoyed each other’s company during the interview.

4 Loves Jeremy Clarkson - Lewis Hamilton

Via metro.co.uk

Clarkson clearly enjoyed a good rapport with Formula One racing star Lewis Hamilton, given the number of jokes he made at his expense during his Top Gear appearances. Not everyone appreciates Clarkson’s sense of humor, but Hamilton seemed to find the good-natured roasting quite amusing and even drove as the show’s mysterious Stig on a few occasions.

3 Loves Jeremy Clarkson - Patrick Stewart

Via motor1.com

Sir Patrick Stewart is not only a Star Trek captain, but also one of the most respected Shakespearean actors of his generation, and yet he showed his humorous side when he appeared on Top Gear. He obviously struck up a friendship with Clarkson, as he later tweeted The Grand Tour presenter when he managed to get behind the wheel of an exclusive McLaren 650S.

2 Loves Jeremy Clarkson - Tom Cruise

Via topgear.com

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz appeared on the Top Gear couch together in 2011 to promote their movie, Day and Knight. Fans of the motoring show recognize the interview as one of the best, and both Hollywood stars even managed to score decent times in their Star in a Reasonably Priced Car lap.

1 Loves Jeremy Clarkson - Cameron Diaz

Via getsurrey.co.uk

When it came to the joint interview with the two Hollywood stars, however, the highlight for Clarkson wasn’t their driving skills. In fact, in a Q&A with fans, after he had been sacked by the BBC, he revealed that the hug he got from Cameron Diaz was by far his favorite moment from his time on the show.

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