20 Celebs Who Got Into Fights With The Public

In a way, we tend to hold celebrities up to a certain ideal. Aside from being amazing performers on stage or in film and television, we like to think that they are also model citizens. That means we expect them to behave well when they’re out walking down the street or meeting someone for dinner. For some reason, we also expect them to be friendly and even welcoming at times.

Don’t get us wrong. Some celebrities tend to be like this. They are genuinely nice, and their fans love them for it. However, there are also some celebrities who don’t really enjoy interacting with their fans. Perhaps, they want to be able to take a break from fame when the cameras are not rolling. Or perhaps, they are not exactly a people person. Or they don’t like the idea of being photographed or asked for an autograph.

Whichever the case, some celebrity interactions have become quite explosive in recent years. In fact, fights have even broken out in public and were caught on camera. Although in some cases, the celebrity didn’t start the scuffle. Nonetheless, here are some who were involved in such incidents:

20 Björk

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It seems Icelandic singer Björk doesn’t really enjoy getting her photo taken or dealing with reporters when she’s traveling. The first known incident involving the musician took place at the Bangkok airport back in 1996.

Upon her arrival, Björk was greeted by a female reporter who uttered, “Welcome to Bangkok.” Based on the video footage of the incident, it seems Björk snapped after that and proceeded to assault the woman. According to a report from Rolling Stone, the singer resulted in such actions after experiencing “days of harassment.”

19 Lil Wayne

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Lil Wayne is a rapper and actor known for songs such as “Sucker for Pain,” “Mirror” and “Uproar.” Back in 2013, the musician made an appearance at DIRECT TV’s celebrity “Beach Bowl” event. And at one point, he was seen snapping at a cameraman.

When asked further about the incident, Lil Wayne told Vibe, “Because one of these camera dudes just pushed me just now. And I don’t like to be touched by people I don’t tell to touch me.”

18 Kevin Gates

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Kevin Gates is a musician who seems to develop quite a temper even when he’s performing on stage. And this seems to be because he doesn’t appreciate getting grabbed by anyone at any point in time.

And so, during a concert in 2017, Gates was seen kicking a female fan in the face after she had briefly grabbed the rapper’s behind.

17 Shia LaBeouf

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Over the years, actor Shia LaBeouf has shown that he can have quite an explosive temper. And so, it almost comes as no surprise when found himself involved in a public scuffle back in 2017.

According to a report from AV Club, the actor ended up getting into it with a supporting troll who showed up to LaBeouf’s “HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US” campaign.

16 Amanda Bynes

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As you may know, Amada Bynes is one actress whose private and professional life went into a downward spiral several years back. And at one point, in 2013, Bynes was filmed lashing out at a photographer and even referring to him as “an ugly black man.” According to a report from TMZ, the racial remark came out after a paparazzi had tried to remove a scarf that Bynes was using to cover her head and face.

She also later remarked, “It's just your face. It's not a black thing ... There's an ugly white one. It's not racist.”

15 Lamar Odom

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In some ways, reality television doesn’t lie. And so, America was well aware that Lamar Odom hasn’t been doing well in his private life for quite some time, thanks to remarks and updates about him on the hit show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

In fact, at one point the basketball player was even fighting for his life. Before that happened though, Odom was once caught on camera attacking a paparazzi. He even smashed his camera equipment and car.

14 Chris Jericho

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After doing a house show in Victoria, B.C., it seems that WWE wrestler Chris Jericho wasn’t in the mood to deal with his many fans.

And so, according to Bleacher Report, Jericho lost his temper when fans decided to block his SUV as he was on his way out. As a result, he proceeded to verbally assault a female fan before punching her right in the face. He also later spit in her face.

13 Gigi Hadid

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Fashion model Gigi Hadid found herself in a physical confrontation after an unexpected encounter with a prankster while she was outside the Max Mara fashion show in Milan in 2016. According to reports, a Ukrainian man identified as Sediuk came out of nowhere and proceeded to grab Hadid.

In order to defend herself, Hadid elbowed Sediuk in the face.

12 Justin Bieber

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After growing up and become more famous than ever, pop star Justin Bieber became involved a number of public incidents over the years. One of the most unforgettable encounters occurred in 2013 when Bieber decided to lash out at some photographers hours after leaving the hospital.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, Bieber could be heard saying “What the **** you say? What d'you say? I'll beat the ***, man!”

11 Kanye West

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Rapper Kanye West has always been known for his explosive temperament and sometimes unstable demeanor. And so, it wasn’t exactly surprising when the musician ended up losing his temper on a paparazzi.

The incident occurred in 2013 outside the Los Angeles Airport Terminal. When a photographer approached him, West said that he didn’t want to talk to him and then, proceeded to grab the camera from his hands. In the end, the rapper was charged with one misdemeanor count of battery, according to CNN.

10 Lindsay Lohan

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By now, everyone knows that former child star Lindsay Lohan tends to display bizarre behavior from time to time. Case in point is an IG live video that she posted back in 2018 involving a homeless family.

According to a report from BBC, Lohan identified them as “Syrian refugees.” Later on, the actress can be heard becoming hostile towards the mother and even accused the parents of “child trafficking.” In the end, Lohan appeared to have been slapped by the mother.

9 Tyga

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Earlier this year, the rapper and Kylie Jenner’s ex became involved in a scuffle as he partied in Hollywood.

According to a report from Mirror, Tyga had been attended Floy Mayweather’s 42nd birthday batch when an unknown man decided to pick a fight with him. In fact, the man even got in Tyga’s face and grabbed at his clothes. In the end, Tyga had to be held back by his friends before being escorted out of the venue.

8 Scott Disick

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As you may know, reality television star Scott Disick used to get into public fights quite often.

At one point, Disick was even thrown out of a nightclub after he went after a girl who decided to throw a drink at good friend Kim Kardashian. Seeing what happened, Disick was enraged and had to be held back by security.

7 Paris Hilton

via fashionscandal.com

Paris Hilton is a socialite and former reality star who also doesn’t enjoy being filmed sometimes. According to the website Fashion Scandal, the hotel heiress became involved in an incident at the Bootsy Bellows Club parking lot on Sunset Boulevard back in 2012.

Reports indicate that a videographer caught Hilton doing drugs in the parking before going inside the nightclub. Upon learning of the footage, it seems Hilton was determined to take the camera from the videographer at any cost.

6 Britney Spears

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As you may recall, Britney Spears once went through a phase of a complete public meltdown. At one point, a shaven Spears even proceeded to taunt photographers with an umbrella.

This was reportedly after she was filmed being rejected from seeing her kids. In the end, she used an umbrella to attack a parked 2002 Ford Explorer, according to a report from My San Antonio. That famous umbrella has since gone to auction.

5 Azealia Banks

via youtube.com, TMZ channel

According to a report from TMZ, Azealia Banks got into some serious trouble after getting into a fight that was caught by security cameras back in 2015. Meanwhile, in the same year, she was also involved in a scuffle while on a Delta flight.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, Banks was enraged when she couldn’t disembark the plane immediately due to a French couple blocking her path. In fact, she even proceeded to punch the French man in the face.

4 Ashton Kutcher

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During the 2013 Stagecoach Country Music Festival, actor Ashton Kutcher got involved in a confrontation with a security guard after a fan was blocked from greeting him.

According to reports, Kutcher and guard allegedly shoved each other until the actor was pulled away by friends. Moreover, the guard also demanded that the actor be ejected from the event.

3 Jamie Foxx

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Back in 2017, Jamie Foxx was trying to enjoy dinner at Catch restaurant on a Saturday night when a man decided to confront him physically. According to a report from TMZ, a restaurant patron came up to Foxx and his group after he complained that they were being too loud.

The man also allegedly remarked, “You don’t want to mess with me. I’m from New York.” One witness said that the man had made contact with the actor and that Foxx ended up putting him in a chokehold.

2 Alec Baldwin

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Actor Alec Baldwin is known to have some physical encounters with paparazzi from time to time. Such was the case when he pinned a photographer against the hood of a car in New York back in 2013.

Meanwhile, in 2018, the actor was also arrested after being accused of assaulting a man in Greenwich Village. The assault had reportedly been over a parking spot.

1 Josh Brolin

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Back in 2013, actor Josh Brolin was involved in a violent incident after he was caught in a scuffle with a bouncer outside O’Brien’s Irish Pub in Santa Monica, California.

The actor had been drunk when the brawl took place and eventually, Brolin hugged it out with the bouncer before proceeding to leave. Speaking to TMZ afterward, Brolin said he’s going to quit drinking as he remarked, “That’s it, I’m completely done.”

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