15 Celebs Who Screwed Up Once...And Ruined Their Careers

Celebrities have an odd way of finding themselves in the hot seat more often than we're sure they'd like. Although we'd be lying if we didn't admit to the fact that we love a juicy celeb story, some are a little juicier than others.

When it comes to celebrity mishaps, most of the time the star in question faces temporary backlash, tweets out an apology and all is forgiven, however, that isn't always the case. In severe instances, some celebrities have messed up so much that it completely blacklisted them from Hollywood and cost them their entire careers.

From cheating scandals, substance abuse, arrests and more, these celebs sure went from A list to no list fast. We won't make you wait any longer, here are the 15 celebs who screwed up and ruined their careers!

15 Randy Quaid

Randy Quaid is mostly known as a comedic actor, and surely his repertoire of work is impressive, but the reason behind his failed career isn't. Not only did Quaid and his wife flee the U.S for Canada back in 2009 due to unpaid bills and two arrests, but the actor made some serious claims about a Hollywood whacker association that was out to get him. Quaid was later arrested a third time in 2015 for similar reasons. Yikes!

14 Jennifer Grey

Jennifer Grey has been a beloved actress for decades and has starred in some of the most classic movies out there, however, the flame burned out soon after Grey decided to get plastic surgery. Although we're totally on board with everyone living their best lives, Jennifer doesn't seem to agree. The star got a nose job that left her practically unrecognizable, making casting calls and auditions a very awkward experience for the actress. Grey admitted that it was "the nose job from hell", and cost the actress her notoriety.

13 Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes, popularly known for playing many roles, including the badass vampire slayer, Blade, however, we haven't heard from him in a while. It turns out, the actor never paid his taxes, which ended up leading to his stint in prison. Due to his tax evasion scandal, Wesley Snipes had to pay over $17 million in taxes and penalties and was blacklisted ever since. Pay your taxes people!

12 Kathy Griffin

This is one of the most recent scandals that have completely sent Kathy Griffin off the grid. Despite the comedian having made some pretty touchy jokes in the past, it wasn't until her photo holding a fake severed head led her into hiding. Griffin was fired from any position she held and was scolded by Hollywood and the media for taking things too far.

11 Michael Richards

Michael Richards was loved nationally for his hilarious role on Seinfeld. Despite his comedic abilities, Richards took things too far at a 2006 stand-up show that ended his career for good. The comedian was angry that an audience member was disturbing his set, sending the actor into a rage where he began spewing out countless racial slurs. This incident was the nail on the coffin for Richards' career.

10 Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson was easily one of Hollywood's most prestigious actors during his prime, however, it is safe to say we have not heard from him in a hot minute. In 2006, Gibson was arrested for a DUI, however, the incident didn't go down easily. After refusing arrest, the actor was recorded screaming awful anti-semitic comments and harassing the police officer. This act was a no-go amongst Hollywood and he was instantly blacklisted and sent into hiding ever since.

9 Tila Tequila

Remember Tila Tequila? We sure do! The reality TV star turned model turned singer turned everything, has completely fallen off the face of the Earth and for good reasons. The "star" made some pretty harsh comments when she claimed that she "sympathized with Hitler." She was also photographed wearing a Nazi costume in front of Auschwitz, talk about tasteless. It's safe to say she got what she deserved.

8 Lindsay Lohan

Ah, Lindsay Lohan. A list of celebrity mishaps would not be the same without mentioning Lilo herself. Although we love Lohan and her many classic films such as Mean Girls and Freaky Friday, the star has definitely been through it. With countless charges, arrests, DUI's, stints in rehab and career flops, it's safe to say that Lindsay sure knew how to put an end to her career before the age of 30. Despite her efforts to make a comeback, many are still bringing up her past and the mistakes she has made.

7 Paul Reubens

Next up on the list is none other than Paul Reubens. Who would have thought that Pee-Wee Herman would land on this list? Well, as it turns out, Reubens is no stranger to a scandal. Reubens has been arrested and accused of indecent exposure on two separate occasions. One time was at an adult movie theatre and the second involved underage photographs that he claimed he never possessed. With that being said, these claims and charges were enough to seal off his career for good.

6 Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe is probably one of the only celebrities to make it back into the spotlight after a terrible scandal. Lowe was the hot topic of every media outlet in the 80s after a home video starring Lowe and an underage girl was leaked and sold at large. A second video was leaked of Lowe afterward, causing an even bigger scandal to begin with. The actor has admitted to the mistake, claiming that it even cost him a role in the film Titanic. Although it didn't blacklist him forever, it definitely tarnished his reputation.

5 Brendan Fraser

Brendan Fraser is one of the most notorious action movie actors there is, however, his success may have gone to his head a little too much. After the star had massive unexpected success with his film Journey To The Center Of The Earth back in 2008, he declined a reprising role, which was later given to Dwayne Johnson. The films then went on to have even bigger success, leaving Fraser to regret his decision. The actor felt he didn't need to act any longer after his success, which later bit him in the butt!

4 Paula Deen

You can never have too much butter! Paula Deen was once known as the beloved chef from the South and was adored for her delicious home-cooked meals. Although she was famously known for using loads of butter in her recipes, her reputation quickly switched to being famously known for using racial slurs. The star was sued by her former restaurant manager who claimed Deen would use racial slurs quite often, easily sending her into hiding and off any TV for good.

3 Mark Salling

Although Mark Salling played a role loved by many on Glee, he kept a secret so dark that it cost him his career. Salling was arrested and charged with possession of underage content from videos and photos sending him straight into a court trial. Things went from bad to worse when Salling was later found lifeless in 2018 due to suicide, which we imagine to be linked to his charges.

2 Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes was one of the most successful child stars to grace Hollywood, however, it appears the fame was just too much to handle. Bynes was charged with many incidents involving substance abuse back in 2013, which easily tarnished her reputation. Although this might be reason enough to end one's career, it was her Twitter meltdowns and cruel statements towards other celebs that truly sealed the deal.

1 Jared Fogle

Last up on the list is Jared Fogle. If you don't recognize the name, just think "Eat Fresh." Jared Fogle is best known as the "Subway guy" who lost an immense amount of weight from eating at Subway. Although he was adored by millions for inspiring their weight loss journeys, Fogle's career ended before it could really take off. In July 2015, Fogle ended his career instantly, and rightfully so!

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