10 Things About Cereal Mascots That Don't Make Sense

There are several well-known cereal mascots out there, such as Tony the Tiger from Frosted Flakes and Toucan Sam from Froot Loops. But there's one little problem: these beloved cereal mascots don't make sense. 

We recognize their faces, we know their taglines, we enjoy their foods — but there are strange mysteries surrounding their origins. From sad speculations surrounding their goals to interesting tidbits surrounding their stories in general. These mascots seem to be hiding something. Keep on reading to learn 10 things about cereal mascots that just do not make any sense!

10. Why Did It Take So Long For This Bee To Get A Name?

Of course, this bee is the mascot for Honey Nut Cheerios, sharing lines such as “It's Irrezzzzistable!”, “From the hive that's nuts about honey!”, and “Bee happy, Bee healthy!”. But this guy did not have a name until 2000! When he did get one, a fifth grader from Coolidge, Texas, named Kristine Tong, won a contest to name the bee. And now, we have BuzzBee.

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9. What Happened To Chip The Dog?

In 1990, the Cookie Crook got Chip the Dog who was sort of a criminal but then was portrayed as a good dog... Oh, and there was also Chip the Wolf in Europe and Asia. In 2005 he even replaced Chip the Dog in the United States.

But don’t we all hear this cereal’s name being said in Chip the Dog’s voice? "Coo-oooooooooookie Crisp!" And don’t we all wonder why a dog would be linked to a chocolate cereal since we’ve always heard that chocolate can make doggies go bye-bye?

8. What Does L.C. Stand For?

What is this guy’s real name? Does “L.C.” stand for Lucky Charms or something else? Maybe “Leonard Charles” or “Loopy Canaries”? And where did this leprechaun go in 1975?

7. Where Did Sonny’s Clothes Go?

Back in the day, this bird wore a pink-and-white striped shirt, and then years later, in 1995, he was redesigned to be wearing “extreme" clothes. Kind of a Disney vibe, which creators apparently thought would be cool for the target audience. But in 2004, he was redrawn again, and now... no clothes.

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6. What Happened To The Fourth Mascot?

But in the 1950s, there was a big change: A fourth mascot was added named Pow, due to the claimed explosive nutritional value of Rice Krispies. Where is Pow now, though? Is the nutritional value still there?

5. Why Is Toucan Sam Trying To Trick Us?

He has been around since the 1960s, and his beak originally had two pink stripes. In the 1970s, each stripe on his beak was going to represent a flavor in the cereal: red (cherry), yellow (lemon), and orange (orange). Now, however, there are now eight colors of this cereal, with green added in 1991, purple in 1994, and blue later in 1996. Why does any of this matter if each color has the same flavor within this cereal? And better yet, why is Toucan Sam trying to trick us?

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4. What Is Really Up With Sunny?

Sunny is the mascot of this cereal; a shining sun. Some say to forget frogs and dogs and such since most cereals have talking animals or humans as mascots. But this is the only one with an inanimate object. Does he seem ominous to anyone else? Why is there no information on his origins or his whole being? What is up with this sun?

3. Why Does Tony Have Such An Interesting Yet Confusing Backstory?

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2. What Is Cap’n Crunch’s Rank?

In 2013, several different publications stated that the three stripes on his uniform indicate a rank of commander, and not the four needed on his uniform to be a captain. Then, the Wall Street Journal said that the U.S. Navy had no record of a Crunch, so the NCIS was investigating it all. Well...why did we never hear of an outcome!?

1. Why Can’t Trix Have Trix?

After all this time, Trix has only tasted the cereal a couple of times (in 1976 and 1980), when votes decided that he should be able to taste it. And once, even Bugs Bunny tried to help Trix get the cereal. If votes point to “yes,” and if the most well-known rabbit out there even wants Trix to succeed, then why is this cereal still being kept from this poor guy?

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