'Charmed' Reboot: Everything We Know So Far

From October 7, 1998 to May 21, 2006, Charmed told the story of sisters, known as "The Charmed Ones," who used their powers to vanquish villainous beings and to protect innocent lives. People were obsessed with the Halliwell sisters, Prue (Shannen Doherty), Piper (Holly Marie Combs), Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) and long-lost half sister Paige Matthews (Rose McGowan). The first episode alone gained 7.7 million viewers, which broke the record for the network's highest-rated debut episode. Going forward, it gained a cult following and tons of recognitions and awards, including being named one of "The 60 Greatest Sci-Fi Shows of All Time."

It's going to be about magical sisters. These sisters will also be "The Charmed Ones," but there are some big differences that have already been pointed out about this new series, and not everyone is thrilled about it. Nevertheless, come this fall, we will all be able to tune into The CW and watch three new young women discover that they are indeed witches. Until then, here is what to know and why to be excited, including behind-the-scenes details, rumors and fun facts about this upcoming reboot of the television series called Charmed!

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15 The Show Will Be About Three Latina Sisters

Via TV Guide

That oldest character sounds familiar, as does that outgoing youngest one...but Piper was far from outspoken and actually the most reserved and conservative out of the bunch, so this new twist on the middle sister will be interesting to see.

In the past, fans have seen Mantock on TV series such as Into the Badlands and The Tomorrow People, Diaz on shows like Elementary and Room 104, and Jeffery on Shades of Blue and The X-Files.

Supporting stars include Charlie Gillespie as Brian, Maggie’s high school boyfriend, and Ellen Tamaki as Nico, a detective who is romantically involved with one of the sisters. That, too, sounds quite familiar, since in the original series, Prue’s high school boyfriend was still around, as he became a detective and still had feelings for her. But then he faced an unfortunate death, so we’ll see what happens with Brian and Nico.

14 This CW Show Has A Similar Plot To The Original

Via EW

The CW is bringing this feminist reboot about, and the story will take place in a college town (which is called Hilltowne and which is not San Francisco!). According to the trailer, two sisters will be mourning the death of their mother when a third character pops up and claims to be their sister. And then, they are told they are witches. That is when all the fun begins. This is just like in the original series, as the sisters discover that they are, in fact, The Charmed Ones! The show is set to premiere this fall, and though no exact date has been set, I am hoping for a Halloween air date, because...#witches.

The Charmed fans know and love was created by Constance M. Burge and produced by the legendary Aaron Spelling. The reboot is being written by Jessica O’Toole and Amy Rardin, who have worked on shows like Greek and Jane the Virgin. Both of those shows have done well, so there is definite hope for this new series, since we are living in the day and age of reboots and remakes, yet some people are a bit nervous. The original was so great, and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

13 They’ll Be In A Manor

Via EW

One of the best parts of the original series was, of course, the manor. The gorgeous Victorian home is actually the Innes House in Los Angeles, and the new Charmed Ones will be in a house that looks almost exactly like the one we know and love.

Is it the same house, built on a place of power? We shall see.

The trailer does show the girls in an attic, getting the Book of Shadows and chanting spells to vanquish demons. There is also a glimpse of a spirit board, which is how the original Charmed Ones discovered they were witches, as Phoebe was playing around with it and found their Book of Shadows in the attic. So, as mentioned, there is hope for this reboot, since there are already so many similarities. And even those who are doubting that this show could ever be as good as the original, they'll still probably try it out. And they will probably fall in love shortly after, as it fills the hole that has been in our hearts since the original series ended!

(And we are at least going to watch it to drool over that big ol’ gorgeous house with its turrets and stained-glass windows.)

12 They’ll Still Have Powers That FansWill Envy

Via Elle

Deadline Hollywood has described this reboot as a show that will focus on three sisters in a college town who discover that they are witches. Between vanquishing supernatural demons, tearing down the patriarchy, and maintaining familial bonds — a witch's work is never done. The original series’ description was quite similar: "Three sisters discover their destiny, to battle against the forces of evil, using their witchcraft. They are the Charmed Ones."

But I am noticing one big difference when I watch this new trailer: powers. Of course, these three new Charmed Ones have powers, and their mother hid that secret from them so that they could lead normal lives. They will discover their powers, though, and they won’t be thrilled (at first). One of them is a college freshman who just wants to party, and one of them doesn't even like wearing witch costumes on Halloween!

Nevertheless, we see one of them freeze everything around her (just like Piper used to do), one of them throws objects with her mind (which she blames on being drunk and clumsy), and one of them read the minds of everyone around her (which is a twist on Phoebe’s premonitions). It all sounds very exciting and charming!

11 There Is A ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Connection

Via PLL.Wikia

In the original series, Shannen Doherty played Prue, Holly Marie Combs played Piper, Alyssa Milano played Phoebe, and Rose McGowan played Paige. Before and after Charmed, these four actresses were and have been seen in tons of other great stuff. Doherty was in Beverly Hills, 90210 and Milano serving as the host and a judge on Project Runway: All Stars. And many fans know that Combs also played Ella Montgomery, Aria’s mom, on Pretty Little Liars.

Well, get this: the new version of Charmed has another connection to PLL. The IMDb page for this new show lists Natalie Hall as an actress who will be playing a character named Lucy. And Hall also played Kate Randall, Hanna’s stepsister, in Pretty Little Liars!

Now, this may just be a coincidence — since there are so many stars who wind up in so many different television series and films together. But when looking at how Combs feels about this reboot, it's strange that another PLL actress would end up in the reboot (but more on that later down below!). I just wonder how everyone feels about this, and we wonder how Lucy will fit into this new story. Is it fall 2018 yet?!

10 The Show Was Going To Be A Prequel

News of this reboot first surfaced in October 2013, and back then, Christopher Keyser, a co-creator of Party of Five, was going to bring this show back. In January 2017, though, The CW picked it up, and that is when Jennie Snyder Urman of Jane the Virgin was added into the mix.

After that, there were rumors that the show was going to be set in 1976, and it was going to be a prequel about three witches named Tina, Paige, and Annie: three young women who were not related. That didn't come together the way the network had hoped, and that is how we ended up with this “fierce, funny, feminist reboot." It's all about "tearing down the patriarchy.” Regardless of how anyone feels about this feminist take on Charmed, let us all just agree that have another witch named Paige would have been super confusing and weird!

Thankfully, the girls’ names were changed. First to Macy, Mel, and Madison Pruitt then to Macy, Mel, and Maggie Vera. And while I like that better, I can’t stop thinking about the prequel idea. The original episodes that were set in different time periods were so great, so having this entire reboot set in the ‘70s could have been awesome!

9 People Are Showing Lots Of Interest In This Reboot

The Upfronts just happened, and now, more than ever, people are talking about and getting excited for all the new shows that will soon be on TV. And Variety put together data, from ListenFirst Media, about the top 10 new shows that people are showing interest in and are engaging with on social media.

Out of all the upcoming television shows, Charmed is ranked number one when it comes to interest!

Based on the trailer and rumors, fans are most excited about this reboot. with a score of 63,284. Manifest, which is about a plane that disappears and comes back five years later, came in second with a score of 53,619, and in third place, with 43,309, was New Amsterdam, a show about a New York homicide detective who is cursed with immortality.

When it came to the social-engagement score, Charmed came in third, behind Legacies and New Amsterdam, with a score of 354,612. Since the show was only recently announced and since, currently, there are lots of articles coming out about the reboot (covering topics such as who has been cast, what the original cast is saying and what to expect), many people are talking about this show. That may die down a little, but then the reboot will air, and—for better or worse—more people will flock to social media to share their opinions!

8 Shannen Doherty Is Interested In The Reboot, Too

Shannen Doherty, who played Prue on the original series, is also showing interest. She thinks that a reboot is a testament to how good the original was, and she’s excited that a new generation can fall in love with this story. Despite those kind words about the reboot,  though, she does think that the wording the creators are using—by playing up the feminist angle—are “terrible and a bit offensive.” But she is still curious!

And while people—including old cast members—are talking about this new show online, remember that not all publicity is good publicity. A hashtag, #StopCharmedReboot, has been used over and over, as fans are urging The CW to cancel the reboot. The CW's president Mark Pedowitz, in return, urged fans to at least give the new show a try, since it offers a fresh take on the original series everyone knows and loves.

As with everything on TV, though, some people will love it and some will hate it. People who were not fans of the old version may fall in love with this one, and many who never saw the original may find a new favorite show in the Charmed reboot. Only time will tell!

7 Holly Marie Combs Is Not A Fan Of This Reboot

Via TV Guide

Okay, I had to mention this. The most talked-about news with this reboot is that Holly Marie Combs, who played Piper on the original show, is not a fan of this new show.

On social media, she has been shutting down rumors, such as one that said a reboot starring the original cast could not happen due to financial troubles. She also clapped back at Yahoo!, who misquoted her, based on an interview she did with Huffington Post; “I will never understand what is fierce, funny or feminist in creating a show that basically says the original actresses are too old to do a job they did 12 years ago,” the actress said.

This new show is supposed to be a “feminist” reboot, but Combs argues that reboots are better when they actually honor their original shows — not tear them down.

She went on to say that Charmed belongs to original four Halliwell actresses, their writers, crew members, and fans.

The new cast members say that, within the reboot, there’s not too much focus on the original but that it is respected; they worked to honor the original Charmed yet they also added in their own twists  — so give it a try!

6 On The Other Hand…

So some people are not excited about all this. But Matthew Mueller of comicbook.com took into consideration all the backlash this reboot is getting. He heard what disgruntled fans and what Holly Marie Combs said, And here is his opinion…

This reboot is basically the exact same show, just with new actresses with new names. There will still be supernatural entities and demons to tackle, and fans will probably see some updated ways of dealing with these dark beings. And when it comes to this show being “fierce, funny, and feminist,” Mueller argues that this doesn't mean the original show was not those things. It just means that today’s writers chose to make that the main focus within this reboot.

Furthermore, reboots don’t have to take away what we loved about original shows. In fact, people should be glad that we get even more awesome witchyness to enjoy! Whether these girls are Halliwells or not. Whether they live in the same manor or not. And whether the original characters make appearances or not. This show should be given a chance, because it just might be super great. And we will all find out if it is or not soon enough!

5 This Is The Story We Know And Love

Via Meaww

So far, we have given behind-the-scene details and dished out some rumors surrounding all of this. Regardless of differing opinions, though, this show is happening, and I will conclude with five reasons why we should all be excited about it.

The Charmed reboot is an updated version of the old show, but its marketing and digital presence is all updated, too, as it has been brought into this day and age. Social media was not even really a thing back when the first Charmed started, but now, The CW already has social accounts and a website set up for the reboot. Twitter has over 4,000 followers, Instagram has over 7,000 followers, and the Facebook page has over 61-thousand likes. That many people, plus so many more, are already keeping up with news and updates. So that many people and more will probably tune in when this show actually premieres.

Now, when Charmed first started back in 1998, 7.7 million viewers watched, which broke the record for the network's highest-rated debut episode. And that was without social media updates going out constantly!

Therefore, it will be interesting to see how many people watch this new premiere, which will still be about the story we all know and love.

4 It Will Give Us New Characters

Via EW

And with this new premiere, we will get new characters to love and to dislike. Out of the original girls—Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige—fans had their favorites and least favorites. People with type-A personalities may have been drawn to Prue’s leadership, while conservative fans may have not liked all of Phoebe's crop tops. And with this new show, it will be the same. Gay fans may find a new hero in Mel, who will play the middle sister and a lesbian, while some people may find the youngest sister’s sorority ways annoying.

Deep down, though, we all love all the sisters, and we definitely favor them over the bad guys! We are taught to cheer for the protagonists, meaning that every antagonist we meet— every demon, every werewolf, every ghost...all those dark beings—are the ones we wait to see be destroyed by The Charmed Ones. And with this reboot, who knows what kind of bad guys we will see. Goblins? Zombies? Fairies? This guy that is pictured here with his creepy eyes that are bleeding black (he was in the new trailer, so get ready to see him...whatever he is!)? The possibilities are endless and we wont find out until the fall!

3 We Could All Use Another Show To Get Hooked On

Okay, here is another reason to be excited about this reboot; a reason we can all relate to: We are always all looking for another TV show to get hooked on! We spend so much time flipping through channels, asking our friends (in person and online) what to watch and scrolling through Netflix’s new releases, trying to find new stuff to watch.

Eventually, we give up and go back to what we know and love: we put on an old episode of, say, Charmed, because we know it will entertain us. It always has!

But think of that feeling when discovering a new show. We hear about new releases. We read the descriptions. We get intrigued by the plot or the stars. And then, after we start watching, we may just find ourselves totally addicted, which could lead to a binge-watching sessions where we don’t leave the couch all weekend. It is an amazing time, as we all know, and something we should not be ashamed of (even if we didn’t shower and did pig out on pizza while watching).

So just think about it...The Charmed reboot could be that and could do this for all of us, and that sounds beautiful.

2 It Will Be About Sisterhood

Via Syfy

Not only do we live in a day and age of reboots (Shows like Roseanne, Will & Grace, and Fuller House are already out, while there are rumors that fans will get more of The Office, The Twilight Zone, and The Animaniacs), but we also live in the day and age of feminism. Yes, feminists have always been around, but movements have been spreading, leading to more women speaking out against injustices and for rights.

Therefore, it makes sense that the creators of the Charmed reboot would want to make a fierce, funny, and feminist show. And whether someone is a feminist or not, I think we should all be excited, since this reboot is all about sisterhood. I

n the trailer, the girls’ mother tells them that they are better together, that their differences are their strengths and that nothing is stronger than their sisterhood. This is inspiring advice for all!

Together, we can make great things happen — things as small as a hug and as big as creating new architecture, a new business, or a new television show. And our differences make that possible. Opposites attract in relationships and as many different people with many different roles come together to make up businesses, brands and places of work. And the message that nothing is stronger than sisterhood can be translated to nothing is stronger than family, than a real bond, than friendship, than a marriage... so nurture that!

1 And The Drama Will Continue

Here it is, folks, the final reason to be excited about this new version of Charmed: DRAMA.

On the show, within the series, there will be definite drama. As practical Macy, outspoken Mel, and bubbly Maggie will have to use their witchy powers. They will be given the Book of Shadows, they may use a spirit board for assistance in getting rid of demons, and they will learn new spells that protect innocent lives.

Oh, and in their own lives, they will figure out who they are as individuals, as people who will probably fall in love with other characters, and—most importantly—as sisters who are The Charmed Ones.

But there will be drama off the show, too. Already, Charmed is the number one TV series that people are showing interest in, meaning thousands of people are talking about it. And most of this talk happens online, which means a lot of arguments have gone down. Some are thrilled about this feminist take. Others are begging for a reboot to not happen at all. Even the original stars have chimed in, with Combs being very outspoken against the new series. And when this reboot airs, more drama will take place—on and off the screen—so get ready!

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