10 Cheap Camping Hacks To Solve Any Outdoor Problem

Anyone can go camping–at least for a weekend. Whether it means going out on your impulses to spend a fun night under the stars, or planning your family trip across the country in great detail, camping is a great way to spend some of your free time.

However, we all know that things get a bit tricky when people are all left to the mercy of nature. Plus, camping can be especially intimidating if you’ve never done it before. So we decided to share a list of some cheap, but very helpful hacks that you can use to impress everyone on your next camping trip.

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10 24/7 Duct Tape

Everyone has found themselves needing duct tape at some point in their lives, but no one needs duct tape more than campers do. However, it is really easy to misplace the roll of duct tape among your things when you really need it. That’s why this hack is so great. Although it’s easy to misplace an entire roll of duct tape, everyone always carries their water bottle with them while camping. So all you need for this hack is to roll a bunch of the tape around the bottle.

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9 DIY Toilet

These days, there are toilets that are so exclusive, they are actually made from solid gold. But unfortunately, that would be quite impractical when it comes to camping trips. However, if you find it uncomfortable to squat in the woods, this is a great solution for you. All you will need is a five-gallon bucket, a milk crate, and a toilet seat. You can put all of those together and immediately have a better camping trip.

8 Toilet Paper Protection

A wet toilet paper roll is a true nightmare. And it’s even worse if you find a rat in your toilet paper stash that has left you with useless, half-eaten toilet paper. That’s why, with this hack, you can be sure that nothing will be able to get to your precious rolls. All you’ll need to do is take an empty coffee can, or a container of a similar size, and cut a long slit in the side. Then you can just stick your roll of toilet paper in the can, and pull it out through the slit.

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7 Waterproof Shoes

If you’re going on a camping trip, you’re going to want to keep all of your clothes dry, right? Well, now you have a way to make any pair of shoes completely waterproof, and for a very cheap price too! All you will need is some beeswax–which you can buy at any hardware store–the pair of shoes you want to waterproof, and a blow dryer. Then, just rub the beeswax all over the shoes until you’ve completely covered them with a layer of beeswax. Next, you’ll want to use the blow dryer to seal the layer, and you’re done!

6 Handy Match Holder

It’s very important to bring a bunch of matches whenever you go camping because they are the only way you can properly start a fire if ever your lighter becomes waterlogged. But it’s much better if you have your own personalized container where you can fit as many matches as you want, which is why this hack is so great. Just take any container and glue a strip of extra fine sandpaper on the outside. Now, you have a new (mostly) waterproof container for your matches.

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5 Microfiber Towels

This is an item that should be on the packing list of every traveler, not just campers. Microfiber towels are incredibly absorbent and don’t take up much room when you’re packing, which makes them perfect. They are lightweight, and yet, they can soak up a lot of water. That way, you’ll be sure that whatever it is you’re wiping down will be dry in no time, along with the towel itself. There are also plenty of places that sell these towels with a pouch that you can just clip on to a backpack to save even more room.

4 DIY Mini First Aid Kits

The odds are that you already have a few prescription bottles in your medicine cabinet right now. And when it comes to camping, it’s a great idea to repurpose those bottles. You can just turn them into mini first aid kits. They’re cheap and very helpful in a pinch. The larger sized bottles are the best for this hack. You can easily put some Band-Aids, a few cotton balls, alcohol pads and even a small tube of antiseptic in there.

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3 Quick Antibiotic Ointment Packets

You can do this for practically every liquid that you’re taking with you. All you need to do is take a straw and squeeze some of the ointment in it. Then squeeze both ends of the straw and seal it by melting the ends with a lighter. You can cut off any excess straw, rinse, and repeat the entire process. And the best thing is that you don’t have to use this hack just for ointments. You can fill up straws with dish soap or even shampoo!

2 DIY Coffee Bags

For any coffee lover out there, we get it. Camping trips are not made for you. Now, however, they can be! Plus, this is a great way to save money whenever you are traveling–not just on camping trips. The only things you’ll need for this hack are some coffee filters, dental floss, and of course, coffee. Put some coffee into a coffee filter, tie it up with the dental floss, and store all of the packets in a sealed bag. Then, just use them like teabags whenever you want a cup.

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1 Ambient Lighting

You probably already have a big jug lying around. Next time you’re going camping, fill it up with water and take it along with you. This way you can use it two ways: as extra water when you need it, and as a lamp. In order to use it as a lamp, strap a headlamp onto the jug of water. The water and the jug itself are going to disperse and soften the lighting, which is perfect for camping. You can also put it in the tent itself because it doesn’t take up much room.

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