This Lady's Cheap Zombie Costume Backfired Leading To Emergency Dental Work To Remove Fangs

Halloween is a night for blood and guts, spooks and scares. For one Alabama woman, the blood and scares became all too real as she was forced to seek emergency medical treatment to remove her fake fangs after they became stuck to her teeth.

As if Halloween wasn’t already scary enough, Anna Tew got a bit more “scare” than she bargained for when she had to visit the most feared place of all: the dentist. Fake fangs are a common sight on Halloween night, but they don’t tend to stick around long after the trick or treating fun is over. That is unless you stick them on really tight as this unlucky woman did.

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WKRG was the first to report on this costume mishap, which led to Tew paying an unexpected visit to the emergency dental clinic. She probably thought the $3 set of teeth was a bargain when she was first picking out her costume. Little did she know what the true cost to the pearly whites would be.

She used the adhesive that came with the fangs, but it wasn’t temporary. “I continuously tried to get them out and […] tried up to 2 o’clock this morning and it’s like they wouldn’t budge,” she told reporters. Tew even turned to her toolbox for help, all to no avail.

“I even took a pair of wire clippers and cut the tips […] off,” she explained, adding that the costume accessory had been causing her severe pain.

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Fortunately for Tew, the emergency dentist had a bit more specialized equipment and expertise.

“He talked about drilling. They had a saw, talked about taking [them] off in sections,” she said. The dentist also considered numbing but was worried he might actually pull her real, human teeth out by accident.

In the end, it came down to elbow grease and perseverance, much to Tew’s dislike. She said she “squealed like a baby” as the dentist picked and pulled at her teeth, but they eventually got the fangs out.

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The dentist who saved the day was Dr. John Murphy of Alabama Family Dental. He explained that “the natural state of your teeth and your gums can sometimes cause something to adhere and get stuck.”

Although it must have been a funny sight watching Tew explain her dilemma to Murphy, she hopes people will take her mistake seriously and learn an important lesson about the potential dangers of fake teeth.

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