10 Super Cheap DIY Projects That End Up Looking Expensive

There’s absolutely no need to max out all your credit cards the next time you want to make a beautiful upgrade to your home, wardrobe, or even gifts. All you will need is just a few cheap supplies, a glue gun, some tools, and some creativity, which means that all of these projects are really cheap. However, the great thing about these projects is that they look like you must have spent a  fortune in order to obtain them. So if you want to do a small upgrade but your bank account is telling you not to, you can just take a look at this list. We gathered some amazing, yet cheap DIY projects that are going to fool everyone you know. All your friends are going to think that you spent a large chunk of your paycheck on the easy crafting projects.

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10 Beautiful Window Decor

If there’s a window in your home that you think shouldn’t be covered up with a curtain, this is a great project for it. This is a nice way to add some décor to an otherwise plain window. You can either add some short drapes to the top part of the window, which is going to add some style and not cover up that natural sunlight that comes through. Or you could repurpose some vintage shelf brackets, as with the picture, and use them to frame your window.

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9 Level Up The Shower Curtain

You can easily add to the wow factor to your bathroom by adding a small and cheap upgrade to your shower curtain. Instead of having the same old, boring hooks, you can change them and use napkin rings instead! If you don’t have any napkin rings, just get a piece of ribbon, and tie ribbons right onto the rod of the curtain shower. This way you can add a small detail that’s incredibly cheap, but looks like you’ve put a lot of thought and effort into the interior design.

8 Proper Rug Placement

The odds are fairly high that you have an area rug in at least one room in your home and the odds are higher that the rug is in the wrong location. Although different area rugs work for different spaces, there is one basic rule that you must follow. Make sure that the rug isn’t too small for the space it’s located. As for the proper location of your area rug, there are all kinds of rules and advice that you can find all over the internet.

7 Washi Tape Solves All Problems

Washi tape is a craft supply that practically has an endless list of great uses. From DIY picture frames to phone cases and notebooks, you can practically find it anywhere. Washi tape adds a nice pop of color wherever you add it and it’s incredibly cheap. For this kitchen project, you’ll need some gold washi tape that you’ll stick in a pattern all over your fridge.  If you’re too lazy to do that, you can easily switch out the tape for some spray paint and get the same effect.

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6 Upgraded Light Switch Covers

If you’re tired of looking at the same old light switch covers that you’ve had forever, this is a great way to make a cheap and easy upgrade. All you need to do is go to the nearest craft store and get a few picture frames. Then, you can paint over them if you’d like, or you can use them just as they are. Put the frame of the picture frame around the light switch cover, and you’ll immediately notice a beautiful difference!

5 Floating Shelves

For this project, you are going to need to pop into your nearest supply store and get a few boards that are all going to be in the same length. You can choose any kind of plywood that you prefer. Then, just follow the instructions here. You can stain the plywood if you’d like, or keep it as it is. Finally, you’ll either need to spend some more money to get some decorations for the shelves or put up whatever knick-knacks that you find.

4 Stylish Clock

A good-looking wall clock can add flair to any room it’s placed in, right? If you agree, then this is a great inexpensive project for you. With this project, you can have the perfect retro clock hung up right in your living room (or bedroom, whichever you prefer) and you can even brag about how you made it yourself. This clock is also a great statement décor piece for any room! All you’ll need to do is some drilling, assembling, and some staining, and you’ll be done in no time!

3 Minimalistic Necklace

If you’re a person that appreciates minimalism but has a difficult time embracing that lifestyle, perhaps this statement piece of jewelry can help you. This is a very simple and very cheap project. In fact, we think that it doesn’t get simpler than this. All you need is a metallic tube and a string. First, put the string through the tube. Then, you’ll need to slowly bend the tube of metal, until you get the desired curvature. Make a knot at the end of the string, and congrats, you have a new necklace!

2 High-End Scented Candles

Just because a product looks simple, or even easy to make, doesn’t mean it’s worth is less than the store-bought stuff. Putting some time and effort into anything you decide to make from this list is going to give that thing so much more meaning than just going to the store and buying something similar. That’s why we think handmade candles are a great idea,  you can even DIY the candle holders as well. Get some wicks, some wax and a fragrance, put everything in the holder and you’re done!

1 Copper Dipped Glasses

This is a great way you can impress any of your guests, especially since half-dipped pieces of glassware are considered all the rage these days. Not to mention that their prices are also soaring. Instead of spending half of your paycheck on a new set of glasses, just upgrade the ones that you already have. All you need is some painter’s tape, some paint, a brush, and some patience. Don’t forget to hand wash them to avoid ruining all your hard work.

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