Budget Blueprints: Transform Your Dorm Room With These Easy Hacks

So you just moved into your new dorm room and its looking...well...kind of drab. When you first walked in maybe you expected it to look like a scene from Scream Queens, instead, you got something more like this...

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Trust me, we have all been through the let down of walking into an empty dorm room and wondering why everyone in the movies gets such nice rooms. Well, have no fear! There are some simple DIYs that you can do right now to give your dorm personality and flair for the school year.

The number one thing that changes the atmosphere of any room is the lighting. Most dorm rooms have awful florescent lighting that does not lend well to a comfy atmosphere. When I moved into my dorm the first thing that I did was to get a whole bunch of lamps. Lamps are great because they are multi-purpose and relatively cheap. I got mine at IKEA but you can get these pretty much anywhere that sells housewares. Another dorm room favorite is to put up fairy lights. These little lights are great for late-night movie watching or just cuddling up to do your readings.

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The next thing you can do to spruce up your little home is to GET RID OF THOSE WHITE WALLS. Blank walls can make any space feel empty and sad so cover these up right away. I really love tapestries for this because they are unique and create a nice boho vibe. I also recommend putting up some of your own printed pictures. Having some pictures of family and friends will help you feel more at home when you are in your dorm room.


If you are having trouble finding something to put up on your walls many universities have a poster sale during the first month of class where you can get some fun posters or retro prints to put on your walls.

The next step in this dorm room transformation is to create some extra storage space. Messy dorm rooms don't look pretty no matter how many fairy lights you put up. I find the best storage in a small space like a dorm is actually under your bed. Many stores even sell Tupperware bins that are meant to slide right under your bed frame.

Another storage option is a small shelving unit to keep books or to go in your closet for shoes. These can also double as a dresser or side table which you can use to display books or plants.

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Finally, it's time to add some personal touches to bring your dorm room to the next level. Add things like cute throw pillows, houseplants or your favorite blanket. You can also try decorating the light switches and lamp cords with Washi tape. Use a fun mug as a pen holder or put some flowers in a homemade vase!

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Having a space that is all your own is so important, especially when starting at a new school. Taking the time to design your dorm room with these easy tricks is not hard and all the little details will help you show off your funky personality and feel comfortable in your new home.

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