You Have To Check Out These Recycled Gnomes

When you were a child, did you ever wonder if we might live among giants? Residents in Copenhagen, Denmark's capital, actually do. Artist Thomas Dambo has made this possible while also being environmentally responsible by giving new life to larger-than-life creations which he builds in strategic locations all over Copenhagen.

Six colossal wooden giants made from resourced wood and other recyclable materials make up the "6 Forgotten Giants" that mystify and charm Copenhagen residents. Sources say that maps and riddle-type poems give clues as to where the massive works of art can be found... if you are clever enough to track them down.


Each wooden giant is completely unique in design, expression, and pose. Dambo has given each of his masterpieces character and personality all their own. If you think that these are the kinds of masterpieces that only responsible adults should admire from a distance, think again!

The giants are kid-friendly and families love taking adventures together, bonding while on a mission to solve the puzzle of where the 6 recycled giants are hidden. Once the giants are discovered, children love to climb them. Some of the giants are hiding in plain sight. For example, one giant is near a bridge, posed laying down on his back, knees bent, and feet flat on the earth. Dambo and his team of artistic woodworkers posed the giant with one hand on top of the bridge and it looks as if he is about to use the bridge to pull himself up. The beauty of Dambo's work is that you wouldn't be able to see the giant while driving on or near the bridge.


If you ever take a visit to Copenhagen, there literally could be a giant hiding underneath you and you'd never know it unless you used one of Dambo's clues to find the secret locations.

These giant wooden sculptures are not only beautiful to look at, but they are inspiring as well. If Dambo and his team can find artistic potential in these recycable materials, so can we! Dambo has had his artwork displayed in cities all over the world. You can visit the artist's website from the comfort of your own home for more information about his work.

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