Check Out These Amazing Sushi Burgers That Are Taking Over Instagram

The newest food hybrid to sweep Instagram is none other than the sushi burger. This aesthetically beautiful and perhaps slightly healthier version of America’s favourite fast food option is sweeping the globe. Restaurants around the world have started selling this Japanese-American fusion. But it's not only restaurants that have taken notice. If you search #sushiburger on Instagram, the hashtag has now garnered over 2,700 posts! From professionally photographed sushi burgers to DIY sushi burgers made in your very own kitchen, these delicious rice-hamburger hybrids have taken over!

For those who don’t know, a sushi burger is comprised of a few key elements: a rice “bun” (rice shaped to look like a classic bun) topped with black sesame seeds, and a mishmash of ingredients that you’d find in a traditional sushi roll and a traditional burger. These ingredients range from beef to salmon, seaweed to avocado, and are topped with anything from mayonnaise to hot sauce.

Intrigued?? Of course you are! Check out some of the most gorgeous sushi burgers that have taken over Instagram below!

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34 By far the most popular sushi burger on Instagram, this burger isn't just beautiful to look at it, its totally raw and 100% vegan.

Vegan Sushi Burger 🍔x🍣 Courtesy of @sobeautifullyraw

A post shared by Luxury Lifestyle Cuisine (@lifestylecuisine) on

33 How about two mini sushi burgers? So adorable!

#sushi La comida de hoy #sushiBurger casero

A post shared by Elvis Peralta (@elvisperaltad) on

32 Or this sushi burger sushi roll?

31 Perhaps this Teriyaki kale, avocado, and coleslaw sushi burger is more to your liking.

30 What about this simple yet mouth-watering fried sushi burger?

29 Or this seaweed & lettuce sushi burger served in a classic fast food paper bag?

28 Feast your eyes on this fully-loaded sushi burger (seriously, how would you fit that in your mouth??).

27 And then of course there is the fried rice version (did I mention this is a thing?).

26 Sushi burger slider, anyone? (Look how cute and tiny it is)!

#sushiburger #senseofchina #sushi #food #asian

A post shared by Sense Of China (@senseofchina) on

25 Perhaps several sushi burger sliders, then?

#sushiburger for all!! #Moab #Utah #slider #sushiporn #raw #elk

A post shared by Tina Smith (@thirtina) on

24 Why not make it easy on yourself and wrap the whole thing in seaweed? Yum!

23 That seaweed sure does look good.

#foodporn #selfmade #sushiburger #sauguad #healthy

A post shared by D A V E (@david_2710) on

22 Or create a gourmet version with sesame seed & chicken sprinkles on top!

21 Or add a flower for a true Instagram-worthy picture.

20 Beef, tomatoes, watercress, and white rice? Sounds perfect!

19 Because one just isn't enough!

18 How about some spicy salmon and sriracha on a fried rice bun?

17 Look! You can even make them in the comfort of your own kitchen.

16 Or hire a caterer to make them for you!

SushiBurger 🍔🍣👅

A post shared by Shi Qi Ji • 季诗祺 🍜 (@shiqiji) on

15 Check out this tomato-filled burger

🍣🍔. 📷: @the.colors.of.yum #TODAYFood

A post shared by TODAY Food (@todayfood) on

14 Or this artistic beef, avocado, cabbage, and rice number.

13 What about this doubly deep-fried salmon sushi burger?

sushi burger. #roppongi #asiantapas #sushiburger #laeats #fatkidstatus

A post shared by krisha (@krishaleanne) on

12 Or this sushi burger with wasabi and sashimi on the side?

11 Or this rugged lumberjack version of the sushi burger?

10 Check out this delicious vegan, gluten-free sushi burger

9 And this sushi burger made with tuna, mango, wasabi, and tobbiko.

8 That's a lot of emojis for one burger!

7 Wow. This sushi burger has caviar!

6 How exactly would you fit that in your mouth?

5 This is truly a thing of beauty... I almost don't want to bite into it... almost.

4 In conclusion: why have this?

Rainbow Sushi for breakfast 🍙☄✨ #sushilovers #hippielane

A post shared by H I P P I E L A N E (@talinegabriel) on

3 Or this?

2 When you can have this?

1 Happy sushi burger eating!

via: wifflegif.com

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