Check Our Pulse To See If We're Still Alive After Seeing These 15 Fails

When it comes to epic fails, some people believe in the adage "go big or go home." What's so beautiful about fails in this modern age, though, is that they almost always find their way to the Internet, via either a photo, video or meme. That means that when you fail in as grand a way as possible, you will have millions of complete strangers witnessing your moment of idiocy and laughing at you (no, they're not laughing "with" you, sorry). We've looked all over the Internet for some of the best and funniest fails we could find to share with you. These are fails that had us laughing so hard, it's a miracle that we're still alive.

15 Someone needs history and math lessons

Via: epicfail.com

If there is any indication that the American educational system is broken and could probably use an overhaul, this tweet is the perfect example of that. What are they teaching kids these days anyway? Or are kids just not quite paying attention or comprehending the knowledge that they're getting? Whatever the case, this tweet should make even a grade schooler bang their head against their desks at the sheer fail of it. Apparently, this young woman doesn't understand how the American government and the presidential election system works. It's likely, though, that after she tweeted this, she got educated quickly, because that's how social media works. Anyway, she didn't know that because it's not true and it doesn't take a genius to know it, just someone a little more informed.

14 Grammar police

Via: failking.com

Social media is full of Grammar Nazis—those people who will always stress the importance of good grammar, even to people who don't even speak English as a first language. Sometimes, those people are just downright annoying, because that's all they ever seem to focus on. What's really funny here, though, is that this Grammar Nazi kind of proved that they don't have a very good grasp of grammar and spelling either. So they go on and on about "there, their and they're." And then they follow it with "Your in college get it right." First, it's "you're." Second, if this person is also in college, they might understand that a comma should go after the word "college." So this is a huge fail because now everyone is just making fun of them.

13 You'll shoot your eye out

Via: webfail.com

Remember the movie A Christmas Story where the main character, a little boy named Ralphie, really wanted a BB gun for Christmas? But everyone kept telling him he couldn't have one because he would shoot his eye out? Well, those people thought little Ralphie was sort of like this woman here, who will probably do exactly that. Because even those not familiar with guns know what's going to happen here when she pulls the trigger and that thing backfires. She probably doesn't know how to hold a gun and she's also a good example of why anyone who ever wants to go down to the firing range probably needs some basic lessons. Instead, though, someone took her photo and waited for the pain that would follow. We're sure it did.

12 It's technically right?

Via: pleated-jeans.com

Someone must have told the janitor to put soap in the dispensers in this bathroom, wherever it is. And although most normal folks would understand that only liquid soap goes into those dispensers, this janitor decided to think outside of the box (or in this case outside of the dispenser). Maybe this place was out of liquid soap. Maybe the janitor was just fed up with being told what to do all the time. Maybe this is a joke someone decided to play on everyone who worked or attended school in this building. Whatever the case, the soap did end up in the dispenser. This is probably why future dispensers bought for that building won't have a large opening at the top with a simple lid.

11 What the world needs now is more giraffes

Via: webfail.com

Kids begin to learn about the planet they live on as early as preschool. Even at that age, they understand that there are certain things they can do to help Planet Earth and its environment. It seems that this preschool had a teacher who tried to stress the importance of those things to her students. And for the most part, most kids seem to understand that they could do things like not "cut the trees" or "get the water clean" or even don't get smoke everywhere" to make the world a better place. Then there was there is Nathan. Nathan, apparently, did not understand the assignment at all. Or maybe Nathan just seems to think that what the world needs more of are giraffes. Way to fail, Nathan.

10 Let it what?

Via: reddit.com

Sometimes you're just walking down a wintry road in your town, admiring all the beautiful holiday decorations taking it all in and trying to get into the holiday spirit. All the shops and homes have pretty signs up indicating the season, with lovely little slogans like "Happy Holidays" and "Let It Snow." And this sign is probably supposed to say "Let It Snow." Except that somewhere, someone who had one job to do failed and spaced the letters together wrong. Instead, this sign says "Le Tits Now." We're not really sure what that means (is it French?), but it's definitely a massive holiday fail. What's even funnier is that someone put this sign up and didn't bother to look at it again because they, obviously, didn't notice the fail.

9 Some people just like to watch the world burn

Via: epicfail.com

If you have an expensive laptop, it's probably a sure bet that you're going to take good care of it, because those things are not cheap to replace. You'd never leave it somewhere that it could get wet, right? You'd never leave it somewhere where it might get too warm. You would never place a burning object near it, for fear it might catch fire, right? Right? Well, this person, who failed a great deal here, didn't even blink twice about putting a burning candle close enough to this expensive Macbook. And guess what happened? That's right, the fail resulted in some major damage to the computer. This is why some people should not have nice things. Because they're just not smart enough to care for those things.

8 That's not how time zones work

Via: webfail.com

Most people understand the basic concept of time zones. Things happen at the same time at different times all over the world. The only time things don't do that is when it comes to television, because networks air their shows at certain times in each time zone. Got it? Greg here has no idea how time zones work, or thinks he's living in a television show. What's really funny is that he thinks he has to wait an hour after a birth to find out about it because somehow he's living an hour in the past. What's even funnier is that he continues to argue that he has to wait an hour even when people try to explain to him that's now how the universe operates.

7 How many hands does he have?

Via: imgur.com

Who doesn't love a good Photoshop fail? It happens quite often, too, even in big magazines that have entire staffs devoted to photo editing and manipulation. Most recently, Vanity Fair gave Oprah Winfrey a third hand, which blew the Internet's mind. But that's not the only case of Photoshop fails. This Target ad also shows a problem with an additional hand. Does Vanity Fair and Target think that there's a demographic they're missing somehow with people that have three hands? What is going on here? How do you not catch such an epic fail? The Internet can spot it immediately, so why can't people who get paid the big bucks do so, too? Whatever the case, it's funny, so please keep making those Photoshop fails, world.

6 Tattoo fail

Via: reddit.com

Tattoos are a permanent reminder of something that happened in your life, capturing a moment in time or using the skin as a sort of memorial to people, places and things. And they really are permanent: once inked, it's there for the rest of your life, unless you're willing to go through an expensive and painful procedure to remove it. So it's probably a good idea to double-check that the tattoo you want is correct before it goes on, right? Someone here didn't do that and now they have a tattoo that everyone is going to laugh at. You mom is an angle? Is she a right angle? Is she obtuse? Is she acute? Is she straight? So yeah, before you get that ink, make sure it's right first.

5 Going down?

Via: reddit.com

Advertisements are expensive things that ad agencies should probably completely check out before they go up in public places. And yet, a whole committee of people somehow thought that this ad would work, although it very clearly shows a plane crashing. So who made the fail? Was it the ad agency? Was it Turkish Airlines who might have insisted that the plane go down the down escalator? Was it the person responsible for installing the ad? Was it a prank? We don't know who made this fail, but it's probably going to deter a lot of people from flying that airline. This would make a lot more sense if it were depicted in reverse, right? No one wants to fly on a plane headed straight down. Epic fail.

4 Legend of Donkey Kong

Via: memecenter.com

Believe it or not, there are swaths of the population that know nothing about pop culture. Although most of us fill our days surrounded by pop culture, gobbling it up like it's Thanksgiving, some people really are clueless when it comes to things like Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong. These are classic video games. Even non-gamers should know about them. Except this guy, who spent a lot of his life so sheltered that he literally thought a game called "Legend of" was "Legend of Donkey Kong." Really? Someone needs to get out more, or something. But then again, "Legend of Donkey Kong" sounds kind of cool and now we want to play it. But for future reference, it's Zelda. The answer you're looking for is Zelda.

3 History

Via: imgur.com

Here's another good example of how the American educational system fails our children. Sure, we get it, being a student is hard and requires a lot of intense study, particularly the night before a big exam. And not everyone loves learning about history (and it's not really fun learning about it from a book anyway). But there are some parts of history that are important. One of those is the Civil War. But Nicole here seems to think that it's pointless to learn about the Civil War and literally posted to Facebook a question about why it ever even happened. It's nice to know, though, that someone far more educated filled her in about the importance of the Civil War, as well as why Nicole needs to learn more about it.

2 Geography fail

Via: imgur.com

We get it. Most people can't point out a lot of countries and cities on a map or globe. There are a lot of them, after all, and many people have never traveled much farther than their own counties and states. But people who get paid to understand geography should not make such an epic fail as this one. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that Hong Kong is nowhere near South America. Because we know that Hong Kong is in China. Which is not in South America. Someone at CNN missed that memo, though, and put up a map during a news segment that was such a fail that someone grabbed a screenshot of it so that the whole world could laugh at the network.

1 Parking fail

Via: imgur.com

We're not really sure if this is a fail or just someone being a complete jerk. Whatever the case, it makes our fail list because this is basically a rundown of things not to do when parking your gigantic truck in a parking lot. First, never park your truck in a space marked "Alternate fuel vehicles." Those are not for big trucks. Those are for little cars that don't guzzle gas. Secondly, don't park your truck in a space that you know is too small for it. That goes along with the third point: don't park your gigantic truck in a space marked for compact cars only. How did this person miss those things? Or do they just not care? We really hope this truck got towed.

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