Chevrolet Would Rather We Didn’t Know About These 20 Glaring Problems To Their Pickups

Chevrolet is one of the most successful car manufacturers of all time, having sold millions of vehicles at home and abroad since the company was founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1911.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Chevrolet was famous for its muscle cars, like the Chevelle, Camaro, and Impala, but more recently it is the company’s range of pickup trucks which have proven to be a success with consumers.

However, while Chevy pickup trucks remain popular with motorists, the fact is that these vehicles have some glaring problems when you scratch the surface – glaring problems that Chevrolet would much rather keep hidden from their prospective customers!

Check out the list below and to find out some of the Chevy pickup problems that many drivers don’t discover until it is too late…

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20 Engine Failures

Via on3performance.com

Customers have every reason to expect that a vehicle as solid as a Chevy pickup will last a long time, however, this is far from the case with some of the company’s trucks.

Many have suffered fairly catastrophic engine failures within just a few months of rolling off the production line.

19 Transmission Vibrations

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Perhaps second only to a complete engine failure when it comes to the most serious potential problems facing a Chevy pickup, the owners of these same vehicles have also reported a number of problems with the transmission systems on these trucks, which makes driving just as difficult as a broken-down engine.

18 Strange Sounds From Wheels

Via groovecar.com

While this next problem doesn’t stop Chevy pickup owners from driving their vehicles, it can be annoying, especially on longer journeys.

Some owners of the Chevy Silverado have heard unusual and unexplained knocking noises coming from their wheels as they are driving which require a trip to the repair shop.

17 Issues With Airbag Sensors


Chevy pickup trucks have even been subject to recalls when the problems are serious enough and require urgent action to resolve.

One of the most significant was when thousands of Chevy trucks and cars were recalled because there was a problem with the sensors in their airbags which could stop them from inflating in the event of an accident.

16 Seats Attached Improperly

Via tigertough.com

Just as potentially serious was the discovery that some Chevy pickup models have not had their seats properly installed.

These power seats would not lock into position, which could easily lead to the seats moving about in the event of even a minor collision, putting passenger and driver at greater risk of injury.

15 Faulty Frames

Via freep.com

The frame and suspension are a hugely important part of any vehicle, and even more so for pickups which are often used to carry or tow heavyweights.

Some Chevy trucks have ended up with such significant issues with their frames that they ended up leaning by several inches after a few years on the road.

14 No Cold Air From The Air Con

Via quirkchevy.com

Not all of the glaring problems with Chevy trucks are issues which will stop the vehicles from running properly, but they are faults that make driving these pickups a little more uncomfortable – such as the flaw with the air conditioning system in several models which stops them from blowing out cold air!

13 Corroded Brake Lines

Via bestride.com

More serious is the problem with corroded brake lines which have been reported in some Chevy pickup trucks over the last few years.

While this tends to affect older models, where rust has been responsible for the corrosion, some newer vehicles have experienced similar problems with their brake systems which could be dangerous for drivers and passengers.

12 Known To Roll

Via depaula.com

Pickups generally have a bad reputation for rolling over onto their roofs when they are involved even in minor accidents, and Chevy trucks are no exception.

While the safety record of Chevy pickups has improved in recent years, older models are still at risk of rolling in the event of a collision.

11 Low-Light Headlights

Via thedrive.com

Few drivers have actually reported faults with the headlights on their Chevy pickups, but a lot of owners have said that they have found the brightness of the redesigned lights to be less than impressive – and not nearly powerful enough to actually light up the road ahead of the vehicle.

10 Electrical Problems

Via thecarconnection.com

Modern vehicles have many more electrical components than cars and trucks from decades ago, which is great news for improved performance and in-car infotainment.

But also means that there are now a whole host of other things that can and will go wrong with Chevy pickup trucks which are still relatively new.

9 Slow To Repair

Via wilsonchevy.com

One of the biggest complaints among drivers who have bought brand new Chevy vehicles is not only that they fall apart with alarming frequency, but that when owners put their pickup into an official Chevy repair shop to undergo maintenance, they end up having to wait a long time before they get their truck back.

8 Paintwork Easily Damaged

Via cnet.com

Pickup trucks are supposed to be rough and ready vehicles, able to carry and tow heavy weights and even to drive on off-road tracks, which means that their paintwork should also be able to stand up to a few minor scrapes without severe damage – which is unfortunately not the case for Chevy trucks.

7 Bodywork Rusts Quickly

via Flickr

And it isn’t just the paintwork on Chevy trucks which is a glaring problem for owners; the bodywork on these vehicles also has a tendency to rust quickly, which can be much more significant than the surface damage to the paintwork.

The bodywork needs to be checked and patched up regularly on Chevy pickups as they get older.

6 Loose Brake Pedals

Via fortune.com

Over 40,000 Chevy vehicles, including the Silverado pickup truck, were recalled in 2018 when owners started to report issues with their brake pedals on models from the previous few years.

Quite worryingly for drivers, they found that their brake pedals were working loose or breaking altogether, creating a major collision risk.

5 Issues With Connectivity

Via motorauthority.com

Drivers today insist that their vehicles have up-to-the-minute infotainment systems, which allow for connectivity with their smartphones and other mobile devices.

Chevy pickups have experienced long-term issues with connectivity in their vehicles, which prevents them from making hands-free calls or even listening to their own music while they are on the road.

4 Power Steering Failure

Via carterchevrolet.com

Power steering has been a standard feature on most vehicles for years now and is vital for drivers of heavy and potentially unwieldy pickup trucks!

Unfortunately for those motorists who have chosen to buy a Chevy model, parent company GM had to recall thousands of pickups because the power steering on their vehicles had a tendency to shut down when least expected.

3 Tailgate Cables Break Easily

Via equipmentworld.com

Chevy has had to field a lot of complaints from owners of their pickup trucks who have found that the cables which hold up their tailgates have snapped.

Of course, some of these owners will have been putting too much weight on the tailgate – including their own - but these cables should be designed to last for a long time.

2 No Decent Used Models

Via pinterest.com

Brand new Chevy pickups can be a solid buy, but not everyone can afford to buy new – and there are very few second-hand bargains to be had which are in decent condition.

Vintage Chevy trucks are another reliable buy, as the company made vehicles to last back in the day, but they can be even more expensive than new vehicles!

1 Don't Mention The Name!

Via thebestcars.co

Because of the poor reputation that Chevy pickups have with the driving public, the company has had to come up with some innovative tactics to try and sell their vehicles.

As well as special deals, salesmen have even been known to try and sell Silverados and Avalanches without mentioning the Chevrolet name at all.

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