This Chihuahua’s Worldly Travels Have Turned Him Into An Instagram Star

Follow the lavish life of this Upper East Side Chihuahua

Jonathan Warren is accumulating a large social media following because of his adorable photos of his journey across the world. The chihuahua tags along with his owners as they travel, and people can’t seem to get enough of Jonathan’s cuteness. You can also choose to live vicariously through his amazing Instagram posts if just seeing them is not enough.

Jonathan had humble beginnings, and his parents’ arrival to his adoption facility actually saved his life. The pup was awaiting a death sentence at a rescue centre in Georgia, USA, but his new parents came in on time. Amanda Klecker and Jeremy Warren fell in love with Jonathan, and they took him home where they could give him the best possible life. Now, the pooch enjoys a lavish lifestyle of travel, cuddles, and online fame.

Jonathan’s mom travels a lot, so he goes with her on all her journeys. So far, the six-year-old chihuahua has been to eight countries: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Belgium, Holland, and Luxembourg. His parents like taking him to places in Europe because a lot of venues are dog-friendly. At each destination, Jonathan takes a photo in front of a landmark with his cute outfit on—making all his followers swoon. On every flight he’s been on, Jonathan has apparently never had an accident because he enjoys flying so much and knows the drill.

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The chihuahua has fully adjusted to his Upper East Side high life in Manhattan. Spoiled and loved, Jonathan is living the dream. His fame, however, still doesn’t come close to Instagram’s most famous dogs: jiffpom and Doug the Pug; the former boasting almost 9 million followers and the latter having over 3.7 million fans. If Jonathan wants to take over the Internet, he will have to surpass these giants.

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Even if he doesn’t become the most famous dog on the Internet, Jonathan is living a life full of love, whether it’s from his parents or his followers on Instagram. As he soars through the sky in his adorable outfits, our Instagram feeds are constantly blessed with these cute touristy photos. After all, who wouldn’t want to see photos of a handsome good boy living his best life?

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