2-Year-Old Set To Receive A Present From Her Late Neighbor Every Christmas Until 2032

In Cymru, Wales, the Williams family has received a Christmas gift like no other. Recently, the family was delivered a package containing 14 different presents. It turns out they were from their late neighbor, Ken Watson. The gifts were intended for the Williams’ daughter, Cadi, who in 2032 will turn 16.

The family befriended Watson three years ago when they first moved into their home in Barry, Wales. A year later their daughter was born, who adopted the octogenarian as her grandad. For her first two years, Cadi received a present at Christmas from Watson. However, knowing he was going to die, the 83-year-old didn’t want the Christmas gift-giving tradition to die with him so he purchased 14 gifts so Cadi would have something for each year until she was in her teens.

The package was delivered by Watson’s daughter, who wanted to personally thank the family for being so kind to her dad.

When they received the gifts, Owen and Caroline Williams, Cadi’s parents, say they were bowled over and unsure if they should open the gifts and re-wrap them so they could give their daughter an age-appropriate gift each year. Yet when Owen shared the story on Twitter, conducting a poll to see how people felt about the idea, he found that most of the 67,000 people who weighed in believed he should just choose randomly.

“I think we’re going to turn it into a Christmas story for our daughter,” he said. “We’ll do one a year for the next 14 years. It feels like the right thing to do now. If she opens a box of Lego when she’s 16 then so be it.”

Williams was struck by how many people online, who were moved by the family’s story, shared that they barely knew their neighbors. Williams encourages people to bring a small gift or token to their neighbors this holiday season just to let people know they are appreciated.

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Watson was a former salvage marine diver, seaman, carpenter, engineer and baker, even baking a wedding cake once, Williams said. When the family moved in next door to Watson, they gave him a bottle of wine, even bringing their dog alone, who soon became enamored of the octogenarian. Watson thought he’d live at least until he was 100 so he wanted the 14 presents to at least see Cadi through her sixteenth Christmas.

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