20 Disgraced Child Stars Who Ended Up In Prison

Hollywood doesn’t have a very good reputation when it comes to its child stars. Many of the children that grow up in the light of fame, are unable to handle all the stress of being a celebrity.

While there are some that can handle it and grow up to be amazing role models, there are some children that take a turn and head down a wild path of illegal substances to other criminal charges that land them behind bars. What makes it worse, is that thanks to the fame, the media can report on everything that happens, making things worse for them.

Hollywood is littered with childhood stars that were unable to cope with the pressure. Here are 20 that ended up in jail/prison at least once in their lives.

20 Jake Lloyd Resisted Arrest


Jake Lloyd is best known for his role as Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars the Phantom Menace, a movie that unfortunately did horribly, and fans blamed Jack for.

According to cbr.com, Jake was arrested in 2015 after a high-speed chase that later got him charged with resisting arrest.

He was later diagnosed with schizophrenia and then transported from jail to a mental facility.

19 Amanda Bynes Was Caught Drinking And Driving

IMDB & E! News

Amanda Bynes tried very hard to prove to the public that a child star could live a clean and drama-free life. Unfortunately, in 2012, things started to fall apart.

According to cbr.com, Amanda was arrested twice, once in 2012 for a DUI and again a few years later for starting a fire in someone’s driveway. She later was forced into a mental health facility for treatment.

18 Dustin Diamond Pulled A Weapon On Someone In A Bar Fight

Daily Beast

Dustin Diamond started his acting career at the young age of 11 when he was cast as Screech in Saved by the Bell.

According to cbr.com, in 2014 he was involved in a bar fight where he pulled a knife and a man got hurt. He was later charged with a misdemeanor and served three months in prison.

He ended up back in jail in 2016 after violating his probation.

17 Edward Furlong Assaulted His Girlfriend

Buzz.ie & Daily Express

Edward Furlong’s career blew up thanks to his part in the blockbuster film, Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

According to cbr.com though, his career was derailed thanks to a substance addiction he developed. In 2010, Edward was put on probation for violating a restraining order his ex-girlfriend had placed on him and in 2013 he was sent to jail after assaulting another ex.

16 Macaulay Culkin Was Caught With Different Substances On Him

news.com,au & The Smoking Gun

Many might remember Macaulay Culkin for his role in the film series, Home Alone.

According to cbr.com, in 2004 Culkin’s life started to go downhill after police arrested him for possession of certain substances. He was sent to jail for a while before he ended up pleading guilty and accepting a suspended sentence.

15 Lindsay Lohan Was Arrested For Multiple Crimes

Access & nationalpost.com

Lindsay Lohan had constant run-ins with the law.

According to cbr.com, Lohan was first arrested in 2007 for a DUI and then again shortly after for not only another DUI, but possession. Two years later she was charged for missing multiple court appearance, resulting in a longer probation sentence and in 2011 she stole a necklace that ended in jail time.

14 Corey Haim Made "Threats" To His Partner


Corey Haim is known as one of the most tragic child stars in movie history.

According to cbr.com, in 1993 Corey had a falling out with a business partner that ended with Corey shooting him with BB gun. He later was arrested and jailed for making threats.

Sadly, Corey developed a substance addiction when he was just a teenager and it continued till his passing in 2010.

13 Dana Plato Robbed A Video Store

Zimbio & Find A Grave

Dana Plato once played the role of Kimberly in the TV series, Diff’rent Strokes, before being written off after becoming pregnant.

According to cbr.com, Dana’s life went downhill after that and she ended up robbing a video store for money. She was then sent back to jail shortly after when she was caught forging meds.

In 1999 she overdosed, and it was ruled as a suicide.

12 Brad Renfro Was Arrested For Stealing A Yacht

People & Wikipedia

Brad Renfro’s career started at age 11 and was an instant success. Sadly, during his time in the spotlight, Brad suffered many problems, including substance issues.

According to cbr.com, Brad was first arrested in 1999 for possession, then again for stealing a yacht, then violating his probation and public intoxication, and again in 2005 after police did an underground raid.

Sadly, he ended up passing away from an overdose in 2008.

11 Brian Bonsall Was Arrested For Assault And Possession While On Probation

NBC Philadelphia

Brian Bonsall started acting at the age of five and by 14, retired from acting altogether.

According to cbr.com, after acting, Brian decided to join the music business. Sadly, his life went downhill after that and he ended up with three criminal charges. In 2007, Brian was arrested for assault, in 2009, third-degree assault, and in 2010, possession.

10 Todd Bridges Was Arrested For Attempted Murder

Fanpop & oprah.com

Todd Bridges started his career at just 10 years old, and by his 20s, had been involved with some serious legal issues.

According to cbr.com, in 1989 Todd was arrested after being connected to the murder of a man named Kenneth Clay, who was a dealer. Todd plead not guilty and was later cleared of all charges and released from jail.

9 Orlando Brown Was Arrested For Possession, Battery And Obstruction Of Justice

Daily Mail & Page Six

Many might remember Orlando Brown as playing Eddie in That's So Raven.

Well, according to cbr.com, in 2016 Orlando was arrested for possession with the intent to sell, domestic battery and obstruction of justice. Then, while in jail, he was hit with a charge for possessing contraband.

In 2018, he was arrested again for possession, domestic abuse against his wife and resisting arrest.

8 Leif Garrett Was Arrested A Few Times For Possession

Amazon.com & The Smoking Gun

Leif Garrett admitted that when it came to his substance addiction, it all started when he was just 14 years old.

According to cbr.com, at age 17, Lief was arrested after crashing his car with a blood-alcohol level three times over the normal limit and for harming his friend and making him into a paraplegic. He later was sent back to jail in 2004, 2006 and 2010.

7 Robert Blake Was Charged In The Murder Of His Second Wife

YouTube & NBC News

Robert Blake is best known for his role as Mickey in the 1939 adaptation of the Little Rascals.

According to cbr.com, in 2005, at age 72, Blake was sent to prison for the murder of his second wife. He spent a year in jail as his trial progressed. He was later found not guilty though and released, but was later found liable in a civil court case in 2007.

6 Tatum O'Neal Was Arrested For A Substance Issue


Tatum O’Neal is known as one of the most successful child actors of all time, as well as the youngest person to ever win an Academy Award.

According to cbr.com, in 2008 Tatum was arrested for buying an illegal substance. It was later learned she had an addiction stemming all the way back to her childhood.

She got away with little jail time and instead was sent to a treatment facility.

5 Jeremy Jackson Attacked A Woman With A Weapon

Her.ie & People

Jeremy Jackson was once one of the most recognizable stars thanks to his role as Hobie Buchannon on the TV show, Baywatch.

According to thegamer.com though, Jeremy had a substance abuse issue that caused his life to spiral downhill. His lowest point came after he attacked a woman with a weapon while trying to steal her car. He was later sentenced to 270 days in jail and five-years probation.

4 Lalaine Vergara Paras Was Caught With Illegal Substances


Lalaine Vergara was best known for her role as Miranda in the Disney series, Lizzie McGuire.

According to thegamer.com though, Lalaine struggled to make it big like her co-stars, mainly due to her arrest revealed to be illegal substances.

She even almost landed herself a permanent room in the jailhouse when she failed to appear in court. Luckily, she was able to get her warrant withdrawn by appearing at the next hearing.

3 Mitchel Musso Was Caught Drinking And Driving

Daily Edge & Pinterest

Many might remember Mitchel Musso for his role as Oliver in the Disney show, Hannah Montana.

According to thegamer.com, in 2011 Mitchell was arrested for a DUI. Luckily, he avoided any serious jail time and after spending a brief time in county, was released on bail. Unfortunately, his arrest cost him his part as Musso on the show Pair of Kings, as well as the cancelation of his Prankstars.

2 Jason Weaver Did Number 2 On Someone's Lawn


Jason Weaver is best known for his role on the hit WB sitcom, Smart Guy and for the song “I Just Can’t Wait to be King in the Disney’s The Lion King.

According to thegamer.com, in 2011 he was arrested for going number two on someone’s lawn. Luckily, he only spent a brief time in jail, and it was later learned that he had only urinated...

1 Ricardo Medina Was Arrested For Using A Sword In Self-Defense

ABC30.com & Deadline

Many might remember Ricardo Medina for his role as the Red Ranger in the show Power Rangers Wild Force.

According to thegamer.com, in 2015 he was arrested after an altercation took place between him and his roommate. The fight later ended when Ricardo used a sword to defend himself, resulting in his roommate losing his life.

After pleading guilty, he received 6 years for voluntary manslaughter.

Sources: cbr.com and thegamer.com

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