20 Chilling Pics Of Celebs Who Used The Snapchat Baby Filter

Here are 20 of the best baby-filtered celeb pictures.

From dogs to teddy bears, the old and the opposite gender, the wondrous world of technology and face filters has let us completely transform ourselves into anything we want. The wide-eye, chubby cheeks, clear complexion, joyful baby face filter easily takes the win in the face filter universe, though.

Jumping on the trend train, several popular celebs have taken to Snapchat to transform into a little mini version of themselves and it is the best thing we have seen all year!

Some of them are sweet and some are totally creepy. We’re looking at you baby men with baby beards. While most of these images melt our hearts into puddles of baby-talk, some we can’t help but wish we had never seen. Here are 20 of the best baby-filtered celeb pictures.

20 Halsey’s Sweet Baby Face Is Nowhere Near A Nightmare


Don’t let the sweet face of baby Halsey fool you, she’s definitely still not one to mess with.

Haley looks like the kind of little girl who knows how to be sweet to get her way, but also knows she doesn’t owe anyone anything and that people aren’t easily able to live without her.

19 Bad Bunny Has Been A Bad Baby


Bad Bunny is our favorite Puerto Rican trap singer and probably should never have been seen as this goofy baby version of himself.

This rosy-cheeked version of Bad Bunny has so many things wrong with it. His nose piercing and broad shoulders just scream of a baby with a bad reputation.

18 Little Kim K Is A Selfie Superstar


Kim Kardashian’s Snapchat baby filter picture is exactly what we’d imagine pretty little Kimmy looking like back in the day.

Her perfect pout and poised eyes are exactly what the Kardashian babies look like today. We can totally see Kim’s daughters, North and Chicago, following in her perfect selfie footsteps.

17 Lil Nas X Is Taking The Rocking Horse To The Old Town Road Now


Lil Nas X shot into international fame with his superstar country rap breakout single, Old Town Road.

But this fresh-faced, sweet baby face version of Montero Lamar Hill has us imagining him singing about taking the rocking horses to the Old Town Road, instead of real horses with Billy Ray Cyrus.

16 Chris Pratt’s Baby Face And Beard Don’t Mix Well


Chris Pratt’s baby-filtered face still has a beard. One more time for those in the back… little Chris has a bushy beard on his sweet face. That’s just wrong.

His plump cheeks are all baby but everything else doesn’t sit well. Now, all we can think of is his son Jack rocking a similar beard with his cute little glasses.

15 Baby Diplo Still Puts Down The Beats


Diplo is easily one of the greatest DJs music has given us. He’s made a ton of great hits with superstar singers.

Snapchat’s baby face filter did a decent job of erasing his little man beard and definitely gives us some great insight into what a young Diplo probably looked like.

14 Ariana Grande Is A Dangerous Little Woman


Ariana Grande is one of the few stars who went through some of the awkward stages of blossoming right before our eyes. From her early days on Nickelodeon’s “Victorious,” we know a little bit about what a young Ari looked like.

And it wasn’t really anything like this heavy make-up, princess version Snapchat gave us.

13 Nick Jonas Is A Little Lovebug


If you knew the Jonas Brothers back when they were singing about Mandy, you know Nick Jonas was always a cutie.

His curly hair and rosy cheeks had all the young girls falling in love. Snapchat’s baby filter lets us remember little Nick before he fell in love for the first time or became the superstar he is today.

12 Baby Hailey Bieber Is A Total Sweetheart


We can’t get over how absolutely adorable Hailey Bieber’s nose freckles look in this picture of mini Hailey.

Hailey is always beautiful, but this picture shows us a new, vulnerable side to her. And if this sweet, innocent doe-eyed version of Mrs. Bieber doesn’t have everyone begging for a baby Bieber, we don’t know what will.

11 Enrique Iglesias Can Be Our Hero Baby


Singer-songwriter, Enrique Iglesias is totally sweet in this baby filter picture, but he easily looks like he could also be a little menace.

Enrique is known for being a serious heartthrob in the world of musicians, and if his one-year-old twins look anything like him when they get a little older, he is probably going to have his hands full.

10 Baby Post Malone With All His Tattoos Is Great


Baby Posty is absolutely the best thing produced from the Snapchat baby filter. If nothing else great happens this year, we will be totally content.

His tattoos, the babyface fuzz, and his sweet expression are everything we never knew we needed. The only thing missing from this picture is a pair of mini Post Malone Crocs.

9 Little Scott Disick Looks Just Like His Son, Mason


Little Lord Disick is a total cutie pie. We can’t imagine anything cruel or sarcastic coming from this fresh-faced little man.

The baby-filtered Scott Disick shares a serious resemblance to his oldest son with Kourtney Kardashian, Mason. It’s easy to see why Scott has always felt the closest bond with Mason.

8 It’s Never Really Over For Baby Katy Perry


Katy Perry’s baby-filtered picture has us forgetting all about the dark horses and girl kissing rumors created over the years. She’s innocent and sweet and looks nothing like someone who has any ability of roaring.

Baby Katy looks like the funny little girl we wish could have been our bestie back in grade school.

7 We’re In Love With Baby Khalid


Baby Khalid’s baby man beard is not okay. His scheming smirk is not okay. Of course, it makes for a great picture, we aren’t denying that. But if we ever come across a real little kid that looks like mini Khalid, we might be just a tad scared.

Regardless of all the strange things in this picture, Khalid is still totally handsome.

6 Mena Massoud Is The Perfect Baby Aladdin


Mena Massoud is best known for playing Aladdin in Disney’s live-action remake of the hit animated film. He was obviously the greatest choice for the role.

And now, thanks to Snapchat, we have an idea of what Aladdin would have looked like when he was living life as a little street rat in Agrabah.

5 Miley Cyrus Before Hannah Montana


We got to see Miley Cyrus as a young teen on Disney’s “Hannah Montana,” but getting to see Miley as a young girl is something totally new.

Imagining a Miley so innocent and sweet is something very difficult to do nowadays, but Snapchat helps with the process. Her wide eyes and round cheeks are super cute.

4 Little Sean Hayes Looks Super Mischievous


Baby Sean Hayes looks like the ultimate prankster. He is definitely that annoying neighbor kid who won’t leave your cat alone.

Little Sean has us wishing we could see a baby Will and baby Grace, too. Let’s get an episode of Will & Grace with child lookalikes as the cast.

3 Snoop Dogg Becomes Snoop Puppy


Snoop Dogg’s baby-filtered face has his receding hairline and a fading goatee. It’s hilarious, great and super cute on so many levels.

Without a doubt, he’d be that kid on the playground asking everyone to call him Snoop Puppy, still putting “izzles” at the end of a bunch of words.

2 Will Smith Is A Fresh Prince


Baby Will Smith with his baby goatee should be creepy, but it’s so cute! His big brown eyes and round cheeks remind us of a little Jaden Smith.

The baby Will has us thinking about all the possibilities of Will Smith’s greatest roles reimagined with the mini version of the star.

1 Little Lizzo Probably Still Looking For Something More Exciting


Lizzo’s Snapchat baby filter picture takes us right back to grade school. Lizzo was definitely the girl no one messed with and looks like she would be everyone’s best friend.

Given the boss lyrics from Lizzo’s hit songs, we can assume she was always a powerful female. We love a little Lizzo!

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