20 Chilling Pics Of Statues No One Should Touch With A Ten-Foot Pole

For world travelers, there’s nothing like gazing upon the ages-old architecture some of the world’s cities have to offer. Many have indeed gazed upon some of the most incredibly beautiful structures known to man, and these structures go beyond just the buildings and bridges that stand tall and proud on the various continents that stretch out across our globe.

Such structures, of course, are the many statues, sculpted over the years from slate, clay, stone and even marble. Some such structures are so old, many have no clue as to when they were made, but yet there they sit.

And it is with some trepidation that we bring you twenty such statues that maybe will send a shiver up your spine, as they are a tad creepy. Don’t believe us, just see for yourselves. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

20 He Seems To Be Looking Through You

via Brightest Young Things

Bearing a striking resemblance to Winston Churchill himself, this statue’s scariest feature is, of course, the deep dark eyes. The depth of them seems to go on forever, and as we look at them, or rather into them, we seem to lose ourselves a little more every moment.

Whatever you do, don’t stare too long; you may forget why you came to gaze upon it in the first place.

19 A Druid In Waiting

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According to the Google dictionary, a druid is a soothsayer, a magician, or even a spiritual adviser in Celtic religion.

The utterance of this word is seldom used these days except for in historical texts and of course in some circles, but they are often associated with horror and of course the occult, their figures inspiring fear in many that gaze upon them.

18 The Ghost Of A Prohibition Era Gangster … Or Is It?

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At first glance, this statue calls to mind the gangsters of Chicago, circa the prohibition era: men like Al Capone and of course Lucky Luciano.

But at a closer distance, we see that the man is of Japanese origin, and perhaps it is the smile set upon his face that makes us rather uneasy. In actuality, this statue, as well as many others can be found in Toyama, Japan.

17 A Broad Smile Amidst The Somber Expressions

via DeMilked

And speaking of creepy smiles… how about these statues here. Most of them have somber expressions across their faces, except for that one in the back row to the left. He seems to know something we don’t and that fact alone is quite unsettling.

Imagine being in that forest, gazing upon that twisted smile… it’s enough to maybe drive you insane.

16 The Demon

via eBaum's world

Well, what else could we have named this guy? Just take a look at him. He’s creepy as all hell, and at the same time, he’s got that twisted, demented smile set upon his harsh features. The sight of him is not only unsettling but rather off-putting all at the same time.

Essentially, you walk into some cemetery, historical terrain, or forest and see this guy, we suggest you head the other way, and fast.

15 Purgatory

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Like many of the statues on this list, maybe our mind is tilted toward thinking about the works of Dante Alighieri … his three tragic divine comedies, as they were known: Inferno, Purgatorio and of course, Paradiso … the three stages of death. The works are classic and have been studied for centuries since their creation.

These statues here seem to be waiting for something, thus reminding us of Purgatorio, which translated means Purgatory. Now if that doesn’t give you a chill, we don’t know what will.

14 The Keeper Of The Swamps

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Again for any of you who have taken to flight and traveled the seas, coming across historic structures is one of the reasons to take a trip in the first place, isn’t it? But the excitement for such discoveries, or rather at finding them can be shut down in the blink of an eye if the circumstances of the find were to differ from the norm.

Case in point: imagine coming across this thing on a nice boat ride? Yikes!

13 A Blind Eye

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There are so many stories in the rich folklore found around the world that speak of beings or entities that were sent from the afterlife to this earth, but once here are unable to gaze upon the many sins of the world. Pretty heavy stuff, yeah, but at the same time, it’s what makes our tall tales all that much more interesting to listen to and read.

They also make for excellent stories to tell around the bonfire.

12 So Life-Like

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What we haven’t covered so far is the fact that a lot of these statues and structures are creepy because of the way they look so real. Many of the features set across the many stones are so life-like and the expressions are made to establish a certain feeling or other.

That is definitely done here, and it’s in the reality that can lie the most terrible fear of all… what if it actually starts to move?

11 Mas Oyama's Children

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Masutatsu Ōyama, or rather Mas Ōyama was the founder of Kyokushin Karate, one of the most common Karate styles around, specifically the one favored by actor Dolph Lundgren. Masutatsu honed his skills by fighting bulls and uprooting his life, transplanting himself from Japan to dwell in the forest, practicing and perfecting his art form.

It all paid off and he had many disciples who carried on his work. This image leads us to think back to him and the students he helped.

10 Zombie

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In the horror genre of books, TV, and film, zombies definitely sell, as they frighten many viewers and readers pout there. And at the same time, what’s not to be scared of? After all, we are talking about the undead here!

So yeah, they are definitely an effective tool. This statue here may not have been thought of like a zombie when he was chiseled out of stone, but he sure looks like one now.

9 A Window Into Hell

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And speaking of the horror genre, this image takes us right to the set of one of John Carpenter's films, or even within the pages of a classic tale by Edgar Allan Poe, or even Bram Stoker, the author and creator of Dracula.

And maybe, if your so inclined, you can also be convinced that the character at the window reminds you of Quasimodo, the character in The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, but no matter how you look at it, it's a creepy statue nonetheless.

8 A Happy Family

via fodor's travel guide

Perhaps the most colorful of the statues you’ll see around, these ones seem to have done well over the long course of time. The paint has held up so to speak, and the bright colors do nothing to brighten up our spirits as we gaze upon them.

Their eyes are so huge, and it’s in this feature that we see possibilities… and scary ones at that.

7 The Keepers Of The Deep Seas

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For you deep sea divers out there, beware the open seas, as you never know what could be lurking down there. The monstrosities are indeed immeasurable, but perhaps the scariest of them all can be made from stone.

You don't believe us, try imagining yourself snorkeling in the Bahamas, when all of a sudden you come across this face shown here. Yikes, to say the least!

6 The Lost Sailor

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This is where truly great artwork serves a purpose and calls many to gaze upon it, which is what successful artwork ultimately becomes.

Found in Lithuania, this statue is known as The Black Ghost, and to gaze at him in the daylight is one thing, but image coming across him during a stroll in the dark of night.

5 Fallen Angel

via klyker.com

It's the face here that makes us feel the most amount of emotion. If you look closely, this one seems to be in a state of sadness, and if we look at the whole package, we are made to think of historical moments in theology, the fallen angels cast from the heavens, made to lurk the earth for all of eternity.

Please forgive our constant forays into history, but it's hard to avoid, as statues speak of history and the lost annals of time.

4 A Wraith

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Just like this one here. But perhaps beyond history, this one makes us think of some of the stories from the past, and the more successful ones at that ... like say The Lord Of The Rings.

Now, yeah, they were hit books by author J.R.R. Tolkien, but the films brought widespread media attention to the stories and all of the characters both noble and ghoulish ... like the Wraiths that chased the lovable Hobbits.

3 Children Of The Night: An Army Of Ghosts

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Depending on how you look at it, talk about a walk spoiled. Imagine going for a walk in the fields and coming across this site.

If you stare long enough, this army of statues looks as though they're about to come to life, and maybe you don't want to be around when they do. Maybe they've got a wee bit of unfinished business to attend to here on earth.

2 Amidst The Trash

via wgrd

Opposed to many of the images we've taken a look at, this one here leads us to feel sadness and not fear. May we be so bold as to assume that the same goes for you. After all, this work of art seems to have been neglected, and the look set upon its face only furthers this emotion in us.

The bags of trash strewn to its side don't help either. Makes us want to rescue it from the trash. Does anyone need a lawn ornament?

1 A Mad Smile

via flickr

"Laugh and the world laughs with you. Weep, and you weep alone." The quote comes from Oldboy, the sleeper hit Korean film. It was remade by Spike Lee and it starred Josh Brolin in North America.

In the original, Oh Dae-Su's journey is a most terrible one, but the lessons he learns along the way are unforgettable, no matter where he ended up. But it was perhaps the lesson specified here that was the hardest to learn.

Sources: YouTube.com/Tokyo Lens, MyModernMet.com, IMDB.com

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