8 Chip Flavors That Don't Exist, But Should

It's hard not to love potato chips, they're crispy, crunchy, and salty. A summer party or barbeque is just not complete without at least one bowl of potato chips – although the more chips, the better– and foods like hot dogs and burgers tend to taste better with a side of crunchy goodness.

Whether you're a potato chip purist or someone who enjoys flavored chips, we can all agree that chip flavors aren't quite as adventurous as we might like. Sure Lay's has introduced some different flavors recently, but there are other types of chips that we would love to see.

Here are 8 chip flavors that don't exist but totally should.

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8 Sprinkle Cookie


Sprinkle cookies are some of the best cookies out there. In The Great Cookie Debate, the chocolate chip might win, but many of us remember the good old sprinkle cookie. It's a childhood staple and also something that we still enjoy when Christmas comes around.

Sprinkle Cookie-flavored potato chips would make us very happy. Since these types of treats are already crunchy, it totally seems like a no-brainer, right? Plus, the chips would look really great with the colorful little sprinkles. We're sure that we wouldn't be able to get enough... and that's just fine with us.

7 Avocado Toast


Avocado toast potato chips would be massively popular. This is one of the trendiest foods of the moment and it doesn't seem like it's going away anytime soon. We can't stop eating avocado toast, whether we're making it at home or eating it in a fancy restaurant. It makes sense to make this a chip flavor.

If these chips existed, they would taste sweet from the avocado and savory from the toast. While it might seem tough to recreate this, we totally think that it can be done. After all, some of the most recent potato chip flavors include deep dish pizza and lobster rolls, and those include bread-like substances too!

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6 Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich


A good peanut butter and jelly sandwich will always be a classic. We might be older now and we might make fancier versions, like with homemade flavored nut butter and jam that we definitely made ourselves instead of just buying from the store. But we'll always love a PB and J.

This classic childhood sandwich would make an epic potato chip. It's painful to realize that this doesn't exist yet, but it absolutely should. Just imagine the life we could lead: eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and putting these flavored chips on our actual sandwich. Oh man.

5 Blueberry Muffin

Who says that potato chips absolutely have to be savory? Not us. We totally think that blueberry muffin potato chips need to be a thing and they needed to be a thing yesterday because we would love to try them.

These chips would be sweet and fruity and remind us of the baked good that is so popular and beloved. These would also be really nostalgic since many of us probably grew up baking blueberry muffins with our family, or it could be a baking project that we still love taking on now that we're grown-up.

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4 Black Olive


This potato chip flavor would not be for the faint of heart or for olive haters. There are people who love olives and people who don't want to get anywhere near them. If you're a fan of olives, you may not be able to understand the olive haters and vice versa. It's just the way that it goes. So while this potato chip flavor wouldn't be for everyone, that's okay. We don't all love the same things. But for us olive fans, black olive flavored potato chips would be epic. They would be super salty and delicious.

3 Chocolate Chip Cookie


For many of us, the combination of sweet and savory is almost too amazing. We love eating sweet pie with a salty crust, we add salt to our watermelon in the summertime, and we eat chocolate or sour candy with popcorn when we go to the movies. People dip potato chips into chocolate, so this idea is along those lines.

Chocolate chip flavored potato chips sound like the greatest things ever. They would be really adorable, for one thing, and would be studded with chocolate chips. They would be very Instagrammable, which is always something we always take into consideration with our food – come on, you totally know that this is true. We're sure that everyone would love this chip flavor and that it would be really popular.

2 Fried Fish


Fish and chips are a staple of many menus and are definitely a meal that many of us enjoy. It's a "treat yourself" kind of thing and will never stop being something that we're craving.

Fried Fish would be another awesome potato chip flavor and now that we've thought of this, we really wish that these existed. They would be savory and have that awesome fried fish taste that we can't get enough of. Plus, if we dipped our potato chips in ketchup or tartar sauce, we would have the whole experience.

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1 Chicken Fingers And Plum Sauce


We all love sitting down to a plate of crispy fried chicken fingers and dipping them into plum sauce. We loved this meal when we were kids. Whenever we went out for dinner with our parents, we would always order it. Maybe our mom and dad wished that we would get something healthier but we bet they were wishing that they could order off the kids' menu too.

Let's feel like kids again and wish for Chicken Fingers and Plum Sauce-flavored potato chips. These would be savory and almost too delicious.

Now we have to go eat some potato chips and keep dreaming about these flavors that we really think need to happen ASAP.

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