The Roads Are Paved With Chocolate In Arizona Thanks To A Rolled Tanker Truck

The Roads Are Paved With Chocolate In Arizona Thanks To A Rolled Tanker Truck

Arizona isn’t exactly the land of milk and honey, but after a tanker truck upended 40,000 gallons of liquid chocolate onto a slick highway on Monday, we might reconsider our opinion.

Chocolate. Debatably the most delicious substance in the universe. Ancient Aztecs literally killed each other for the stuff and used cocoa beans in place of currency. Chocolate is a $50 billion industry that continues to expand with the world’s population, and as more people come out of poverty in Africa and China, the first thing they all want to spend their money on is chocolate.

So when we see stories like this one of a tanker truck’s worth of chocolate spilled all over an American highway, we weep. We cry out for justice for the poor, innocent chocolate that will never be consumed by human mouths (although it will presumably be consumed by various insects and animals for many weeks to come).

On Monday, January 14th at around 9 AM, a big-rig truck was carrying a trailer of liquid chocolate on Interstate 40 in northern Arizona. As it had recently snowed in a part of the country that doesn’t normally see snow, the roads were slick. The driver, inexperienced with driving in snowy conditions, crashed his truck and caused his trailer to roll over.


The tanker cracked open, spilling its contents all over the road as though like a jagged, open wound. A wound that pumped delicious, warm, gooey chocolate everywhere. In order to keep the 40,000 gallons of chocolate liquid and easy to transport it was kept at 120 degrees F.

The Roads Are Paved With Chocolate In Arizona Thanks To A Rolled Tanker Truck
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Although the damage was severe, the spillage actually had to be intentionally worsened in order for cleanup crews to right the trailer and tow it away. Workers were forced to wheel out a large hose and empty the trailer’s chocolate contents off the side of the road, filling the I40 median with a literal river of chocolate.

Outside of the tanker, the chocolate should resolidify into an enormous chocolate chunk which nature will, over the course of many weeks and possibly months, consume.

No injuries were reported and the driver was not cited.

(Source: Arizona Daily Sun)

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