New Music Video Proves That Christmas Is BS

Christmas is BS

Christmas really is bull!@#$, as this latest music video shows.

Apologies for the found language, but you gotta understand that Christmas isn’t really all about friendship and togetherness and warm fuzzy sweaters. It’s about catching a cold, going to your elderly grandparent's house to hear about how the world has all gone to crap, and those sweaters? Horrifically itchy.

On top of that, Christmas shopping is a complete nightmare, especially in big cities. The frenzy of capitalist consumption reaches a fever pitch that causes everyone to buy a ton of stuff they don’t need so they can give it away to acquaintances who don’t really need it either. Then it all gets tossed in the garbage on December 26th. Merry freakin’ Christmas.

And worst of all is the music. Every grocery store, every coffee joint, and every big box technology purveyor will have Christmas tunes blaring just as soon as Thanksgiving is over, and some of them even before then. It’s maddening. It’s infuriating.

It’s bull!@#$. And JC Cassis knows it.

That’s why she recorded her song, Christmas is BS, because it really is BS. This anti-Christmas anthem is the perfect song to get into the holiday spirit. So long as that holiday spirit involves drinking it in a 6-ounce tumbler over rocks with a little parasol.


A longtime New York native, Cassis knows everything that’s wrong with Christmas and lists them off in her song: nasty weather, insane crowds, ugly sweaters, fattening foods, and eggnog. What the heck is up with eggnog? Who drinks this stuff? It’s almost as bad as fruitcake.

Although decidedly low budget (the whole video was recorded on an iPhone after all her film director friends all disappeared for the holidays), Cassis takes a tour of all the great New York holiday tourist spots including Radio City Music Hall, the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, the Bergdorf Goodman window displays, The Plaza, and the Bryant Park Holiday Market and Skating Rink, and makes it clear to everyone around her just how she feels about Christmas.

There’s a more explicit version of the song that you can listen to here, but as a starving New York musician, you gotta have clean lyrics to get played on the radio.


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