Cinnamon Flavored Coca Cola Is Coming To The UK This Holiday Season

Cinnamon flavored Coca-Cola is coming to the UK as a special edition festive version of the world's most popular soft drink.

There are a number of massive conglomerates around the world that people accusingly point fingers at when it comes to global issues. Problems such as global warming, plastic waste, underpaid staff. In some cases, the finger of blame is warranted. In others,  perhaps it is only being done because a huge, worldwide company is an easy scapegoat as it is instantly recognizable to everyone.

What's rather hypocritical of these people playing the blame game is a lot of the time, they still use the products being made by said companies. Take Coca-Cola, for instance. There likely isn't a person reading this right now who hasn't had a Coke at least once in their lives. Most of you might even drink it on a semi-regular basis. Personally, we can't get enough of it, which is why this news has got us pretty excited.


In the UK this holiday season, Coca-Cola has announced that it will be releasing a new, limited edition flavor. Cinnamon. A common theme when it comes to Christmas, and now your Coke can taste like it too. Unfortunately, it will only be available in the UK and it will only be the Zero Sugar version of Coca-Cola that has it as part of its range according to Metro.

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This new, limited edition flavor comes after Coca-Cola has enjoyed a lot of success with other flavors in the UK this year. The Zero Sugar format of the drink is now available in Vanilla, Cherry, and the more ambitious Peach. Meanwhile, you will also find Mango and Feisty Cherry on the Diet Coke side of things. The reason it's feisty? It has a hint of chili with it, and strangely it works.

If you are reading this from the UK and are positively jumping up and down at the thought of a bottle of cinnamon flavored Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, we have some good news for you. Even though it is still October, the festive-themed soft drink is already available in stores. Try not to get too much of a taste for it though as once New Year rolls around, it will no longer be available.


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