10 Quirky And Clever Dog Names For Your Pup

Finding the perfect name for your dog is one of the most important choices when you’ve just gotten a new puppy or dog. You want to find a name that will suit your dog’s personality and that they will respond to. You also want to find a name that you like and that suits who you are. Some names are cute, some are classic, but some people want to find clever or unique names for their new pup. If you want a name that’s clever in some way, a name that will make people laugh or think a little, then we’ve put together a list for you.

Here are 10 of the best clever dog names to consider for your new puppy.


When it comes to clever dog names, going with something punny is a good way to go. A pun will make you and others laugh and smile and also has an edge of humor and intelligence. If you are a big Star Wars fan, this name is even that much more perfect. This twist on Chewbacca’s name is the ideal choice for a dog who is big, hairy, and super smart and lovable. You can show off your Star Wars pride and also give your dog a clever, adorable name.


Maybe instead of pop culture or nerd stuff, you’re more into style an fashion. If this sounds like you, this is another punny, clever dog name that’s perfect. If you love shoes and designers, naming your dog after Jimmy Choo’s is a great choice. This name would fit a tiny dog who doesn’t mind being put in different outfits. You’ll be showing others around you that you are a real fashionista when you name your dog this punny, fashionable name.


Not all clever or unique names have to be puns, however. Sometimes, the most clever and interesting names for dogs are those that are unique and super adorable. Naming pups after food is definitely a big trend.

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Dogs love food and food names tend to be super cute, so a name like Toffee could be a perfect choice if you want something a little simpler that fits a dog with a super sweet, lovable personality. There are also a lot of other food related pet names out there that you can choose from.


If there’s one thing that pretty much every dog in the world can’t get enough of, its bacon. Dogs love this treat, so naming your dog after bacon is a perfect choice if you have a dog that is super food motivated.

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But, if you still want a clever name, you can give your dog the first name of Francis as a nod to the philosopher and scientist who created the scientific method. If your dog is smart and curious, this punny name is a great fit.


Lupin is anime with Latin roots that means wolf or pertaining to the wolf. This name is clever and historical without being super on the nose or penny. If you want your clever dog name to be a little more serious, Lupin is a great choice.

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Also, this name is ideal for fans of Harry Potter as it’s the name of Professor Lupin from that series.


Fenrir is the perfect, clever name for a strong dog who has wolf-like features. Fenrir is a figure from Norse mythology that was a large wolf. Also, if you’re a Marvel fan, there is a subtle nod in this name as Fenrir was the son of Loki. If you have a dog who looks a lot like their wolf ancestors or just embodies the strength and nobility of the wolf, this could be the ideal choice of name.

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Clever names can be ones that reference mythology, history, or something about dogs in a more subtle or intelligent way, and Fenrir definitely fits the bill.


If you love books and fantasy stories, Bilbo Waggins is the right choice. This name is funny and also completely ideal for fans of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

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If Bilbo is one of your favorite characters, you can name your dog after him. This name would make a good fit for a dog with English origins or a dog that is short and small but has a big heart for adventure.


Another literary name, but this time an old classic, is Beowulf. This is another punny name, but these puns are just so fun and clever they are hard to resist. If you are a writer or just someone who loves classic literature, this name could fit your new dog well. This is a good fit for a large, strong dog who has an elegant and stately manner about them. People will be impressed with this dog name, and it will definitely make them laugh if they get the reference.


While many of the names on this list seem more suited to male dogs, this name is the perfect fit for an elegant female dog. This is another name that’s perfect for a dog owner who loves fashion. If your new dog is classy and gorgeous, this fashionable name could be the right choice for them. The only downside to this name is that it could inspire you to go buy more clothes every time you call your furry friend to your side.


Canis is a Latin name that is used in the classification of animals. Canis is the genus of Canidae and includes many species including wolves, coyotes, and dogs. This smart, clever, and scientific name will remind you of your dog’s origins and that they were bred from ferocious wolves to become your cute, loyal companion.

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