Climbing The Highest Mountain In Africa At Seven Years Old

A 7-year-old girl just broke the record for being the youngest person to ever summit Mount Kilimanjaro!

Seven-year-old Montannah Kenney just set the record for being the youngest girl ever to summit Mount Kilimanjaro and we could not be more impressed. Montannah and her mom, Hollie Kenney, both accomplished the journey together in honor of Montannah’s late dad.

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The two climbed all 19,341 feet to reach the top summit of the African mountain and have everyone scratching their heads over how young Montannah is with such an accomplishment under her belt. Many might be worried that this may have been too hard a feat for someone as young as Montannah. However, her mother is a former professional triathlete and knew exactly what she was doing, so Montannah was definitely in good hands.

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The idea all came about after seven-year-old Montannah overheard her mother asking friends if they wanted to join her on the climb. “She said to me, ‘Mommy I want to do it too,’” Kenney recalled. “I didn’t discount what she said but I knew she didn’t know the magnitude so we started researching it and looking at videos,” Hollie said.

“I was very real with her, explaining that people can get very sick, that we’d have to train very hard and it wouldn’t be an easy task,” Hollie stated. However, that didn’t seem to be enough to stop Montannah from wanting to complete the journey!

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Although Mount Kilimanjaro has set an age limit of 10 years old for climbers, Hollie read some news reports of kids younger than 10 climbing the mountain, such as a Florida girl reaching the summit at age 8 back in July 2017. Mom Hollie knew if she’d want the record, she’d have to do it while she was still 7 years old.

Kenney found a guide through another triathlon athlete who obtained a permit from park officials that allowed the two to climb to the summit of the stunning mountain. The mother-daughter duo trained by hiking on weekends and short walks during the school-week all leading up to the big journey!

Turns out their training, determination, and honor for dad was enough to land them at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in six days of hiking. Talk about a true achievement! We give major props to Montannah and mom Hollie for doing what many of us could never do.

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