Coca Cola Email Suggesting Cherry Coke Is Being Discontinued Sparks Panic In The UK

Coca-Cola has responded to the rumors in the UK that recently became rife suggesting Cherry Coke has been discontinued.

Coca-Cola has been around for a lot longer than most fans of the fizzy drink likely realize. In fact, the popular soda was invented towards the end of the 19th century. Back then part of the reason it was so popular was that apparently, each glass of Coca-Cola contained around 9mg of cocaine.

Nowadays, that is obviously not the case. However, while the recipe has not been changed other than the removal of the hard drug, Coca-Cola has added a number of different flavors to the beverage. Lemon, lime, orange, vanilla, raspberry, and this Christmas in the UK you can even get your hands on a cinnamon flavored version of the drink, for a limited time only.


Of all the flavors Coca-Cola has released over the decades, the one that seems to have stuck is cherry. For some reason, cherry flavored coke just works. That's why news that Cherry Coke has been discontinued in the UK basically sparked a nationwide panic, at least in soda drinking circles. A disappointed Cherry Coke fan emailed Coca-Cola asking why it was becoming increasingly difficult to find. The reply said that the product was no longer being sold in the UK.

So as sad as I am I emailed coke to see what the crack was with cherry coke because it’s slowly becoming extinct and...

Posted by Natalie Jayne Hughes on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A screenshot of the email posted to Facebook has been shared 13,000 times and Cherry Coke fans have apparently been inundating the Coca-Cola company with complaints. Well, fear not, as apparently Cherry Coke is going nowhere. A representative from Coca-Cola told Manchester Evening News that Cherry Coke has not been discontinued and apologized for any confusion caused.

The Coke representative also pointed out that the cinnamon flavor of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar we mentioned above is now available in the UK. We've tried some and it's exactly how you would imagine it to taste, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's considerably easier to drink than the mango and peach flavors that were released earlier this year. None of them compare to Cherry Coke, however, and we're extremely glad that the flavor's 28-year stay in the UK will continue.


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