The State Of Colorado Has Won More Olympic Medals Than 81 Countries

While some fans may complain that the USA can’t win medals in the Winter Games, here’s a stat that will hush the haters. According to Westword, athletes from just one state alone have won three medals so far in the games. Colorado. That’s two golds (Redmond Gerard, Mikaela Shiffrin) and one bronze (Arielle Gold). That’s better than 81 other countries. How crazy is that? There’s only 93 countries that are competing overall. So Colorado has bested 87-percent of the competition.

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And Colorado could have had one more medal, but Shiffrin just barely got fourth place in Slalom. She would have killed the competition if she wasn’t barfing her guts out minutes before the race. According to Huffington Post, she may even have norovirus.

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The medal percentages are amazing for CO, but let's get some perspective here. Because, I don’t know about you, but I was watching that opening ceremony like, “Seriously? Who dat?” There were many countries that walked out with maybe 3 athletes...

For example, let’s just randomly pick a nation here… Have you heard of Eritrea? Their population is 4.5 million. I’m sure it’s a nice place, with long coastline views of the Red Sea, in Northern Africa, just above Ethiopia. Yeah... they have just one athlete representing. He was signed up for Men’s Downhill skiing, but the guy didn’t even qualify for the quarterfinal.

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That being said, we have to love the Olympic games, because they do invite the entire world to participate - despite their size, population, or economic status. But with so many variables across the globe, what is the secret to Colorado’s success? Well, there are a couple theories we’d like to propose. Number one: there are great mountains there, and all the snow you need. Number two: they sell legal weed.

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There is no doubt that snowboarding is America’s best event... and it’s also the biggest stoner sport. Sure, they can’t use the drug during the Games. But let’s get real, it’s a large part of snowboarding culture. Snowboarding medals account for over half of USA wins, with four golds and a bronze. Five of the eight wins are boarders. While all of these athletes are not from CO, you know they go there and visit all the time. It’s the best snow and the best mary jane in the country. That’s what my friend told me.

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