Comedian Dad Documents 5-Year-Old's Hilarious Quotes On Twitter

Comedian James Breakwell has taken to Twitter  (@XplodingUnicorn) to show off his five-year-old daughter’s hilarious quotes and people are taking notice. This girl is really hilarious. She spouts off on dragons, school, magic ice powers, and her age appropriate disgust for boys. Being a comedian himself, Breakwell shouldn’t be surprised his young daughter has so much wit.

All kids are naturally so funny because they often just say what’s on their mind without a filter. They don't know how not to say exactly what they're thinking.  It's the beauty of childhood. By the age of five, kids have the verbal skills (and five whole years of life experience) to have some really crazy opinions which results in all of the ridiculousness.

Breakwell is the father of four daughters, all under the age of seven, and it looks like his kindergartner will be the one to most likely to follow in his comedic footsteps. She seems to have the most *ahem* personality of his brood. Her other sisters, ages seven, three, and one, also seem to have the funny bone. Breakwell will sometimes include anecdotes from his seven-year-old and some contributions from his three-year-old. Sometimes you get an inside look at the kid-speak and he'll post some conversation between his girls. Either way, it's all so funny and innocent, you'll be hooked.

He's really very funny himself too. The girls had to get it from somewhere. His handle, @XplodingUnicorn, is no doubt an inspiration from his young daughters and the recent surge in the popularity of unicorns. His inside look at parenting is relatable, adorable, and clearly hilarious. It will also give non-parents some insight on how much children really talk (which is all the time!). But when it's epically funny, its worth it.

Most five-year-olds often say comedic things, but with a successful comedian father, this girl is one step ahead of her peers. All of Breakwell's daughters will grow up hearing and knowing a good joke. It's important to know how to laugh in today's world. These girls will be just fine.

Keep the tweets coming!

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