Community Gathers To Support Local Boy’s Lemonade Stand To Help Him Buy A Puppy

A young boy had a mission to get a new puppy, and he devised an excellent plan for it.

Nick was only nine years old when his family’s dog passed away, and ever since that moment, he wanted to get another canine friend. Two years later, in the spirit of entrepreneurship, he decided to set up a lemonade stand in his neighborhood so that he could raise money to get his new dog.

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He never thought he would be able to raise a lot of money by selling lemonade to his neighbors, but it turned out that his community was actually very giving. In just a couple of days, he managed to raise $1,500 instead of the original expectation of $20 to $30. In fact, he thought that he would get so little money from the lemonade stand, he had already been planning on going back to his old job, which was doing yard work for people.

But when the neighbors heard of Nick’s plan, they decided to band together and help him fulfill his long-awaited wish. That’s why, when one of his neighbors bought her glass of lemonade and heard about the plan, she immediately came back with a doggy blanket.

Then, after the entire neighborhood got a taste of Nick’s lemonade, the Washington State Patrol Troopers showed up. According to Nick, that’s the moment he started thinking he would have to close up shop. Fortunately, instead of getting busted, car after car came to buy some lemonade from his stand. He never thought that the troopers would show up just to get a glass of his lemonade and help his cause.

What was only planned to be a small lemonade stand to help him raise some money to get a smaller dog, which according to Nick would be a pug or a Chihuahua, he ended up raising over $1,500. In the end, Nick said that he would get his dog, and donate the rest of the money to the shelter where he found his new puppy.

What a heartwarming story!

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