This Company Claims To Have Located Atlantis

One of the most attractive things that archeologists could find these days would definitely be the lost city of Atlantis. While so many have spent years trying to find the exact location of the city, and the city itself, after all these years, all that searching has been fruitless. In fact, no one has even come close to finding the lost city, and everyone that has previously claimed to have succeeded has been proven otherwise.

However, a company called Merlin Burrows, with an entire suite of very high tech hardware believes that it may have finally found the exact location where the city existed once upon a time. But we're still going to go ahead and say that you should take all of this information with a grain of salt, especially after the countless amount of people who have previously claimed the same thing.

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As for the actual Atlantis of past times, we only know about it thanks to Plato, who wrote about their great technological advancements and wealth, which was ultimately lost and destroyed by some terrible event. However, we should note here that no one even knows whether Plato was documenting important historical events or philosophically talking about the dangers of living in overabundance. Either way, neither of those possibilities have stopped people from trying to actually find Atlantis.

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Now, Merlin Burrows, the company that claims to specialize in sea and land search, finding hidden or forgotten things, informed the public that it would be releasing a documentary which contains proof that Atlantis was, in fact, real.

The CEO of Merlin Burrows, named Bruce Blackburn, talked with Live Science and said that thanks to all of their high tech equipment, the company was able to use satellite data and research an area where the company believed that the city had been located many years ago. According to Blackburn, the company had been working on the project for years and based their primary location on other texts as well as Plato's writings. And the place that they were looking at is located near the coast of the Donana National Park in Spain. The company is claiming to have found remains of towers and temples, and when the material was dated, which is believed to be early concrete, it was found to be between 10,000 and 12,000 years old. This roughly fits the timeline of Atlantis.

But with so many false claims of finding the lost city of Atlantis, archeologists have grown tired of all the false discoveries. However, even with a grain of salt, we can still keep our fingers crossed and hope that this company is right.

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