This Company Will Pay You $66,000 A Year To Travel The World And Eat Vegan Food

A "dream" job is a pretty big concept, isn't it? It can mean different things to different people. For some, it might mean landing a role as the CEO of a tech company. For others, it could be as simple as running their own small business from home.

For a vast majority though, a job that involves all-expenses-paid travel and free food might be a pretty sure bet, especially if it also means getting paid $60,000 a year. Sounds like a fantasy, doesn't it? Well, Vibrant Vegan Co. is turning that fantasy into a reality.

According to Insider, this UK plant-based food subscription company is looking for a "Director of Taste" to travel the planet and discover some new, delicious vegan products. Despite what you might think, the ideal candidate won't have to be vegan to earn a shot at the coveted position, but it would definitely be considered a bonus.



As well as a salary that makes us green with envy, the Director of Taste will spend months at a time globetrotting to exotic destinations to source one-of-a-kind ingredients. India, China, Turkey, Chile, Mexico, and Japan are all on the menu. Doesn't exactly sound like a drag, does it?

What's more, the position calls for 35 hours of work a week. That comes out to a measly 7 hours a day, meaning you'll have plenty of free time to explore far off lands. Plus, while your job is to build partnerships and source the ingredients Vibrant Vegan Co. wants, there's nothing stopping you from chowing down on whatever you want in the evening. You won't have to worry about accommodation or flight costs either, so that big ol' salary is at your disposal.

Sadly, it's not open to just anyone with a hankering for Indian food or Chinese takeout on speed dial. Like most jobs with impressive benefits, you've got to be qualified. Candidates with at least three years' relevant experience in the food industry will be considered. If short-listed for interview, the candidates will be put to the test via an in-depth interview, a taste test, and background checks.

You didn't really think that you'd be able to waltz on in there and scoop the gourmet crown, did you? Keep on dreaming!

To view the full job description and learn how to apply for this once in a lifetime position, check out the Vibrant Vegan Co. website here.

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