20 Compromising Photos Of People On The Highway

People do the strangest things on the highway! We have no idea what they’re thinking when they pull these stunts – or if they are even thinking at all. It’s a wonder some of them are still alive, and we’re grateful that their bizarre acts didn’t result in the injury of others. Some of the weird things we’ve seen are downright disgusting and make us shake our heads in wonder. Others are just the right amount of crazy and we end up laughing so hard when we see this stuff caught on camera.

Honestly though folks, when you’re on the highway, maybe- just maybe, it would be a good idea to just focus on driving and leave the rest of the shenanigans for another time! Let’s take a look at 20 compromising photos of people on the highway.

20 Backseat Bike Shave

Via Pinterest

Yes, that’s right, this woman is riding on the back of a bike and has decided to do a quick little shave, while stuck in traffic. It’s gross enough as it is that we’re watching her shave, but what on earth possesses her to do this while on a bike? Wait – why does she have a razor, and where was she storing it? She’s barely wearing anything. This whole thing is weird, and we wish we could un-see it.

19 College Clown

Via CollegeHumour

We had to do a double-take here. This looks like something right out of a carnival, but in fact, it’s a college prank, documented by College Humour. We know initiation is a real thing, but this is as unsafe as it is funny, and there’s no room for it on the highway. Just…don’t! What were they thinking? To his credit, he’s at least wearing a helmet…

18 Makeup Madness

Via Mirror

Yes, that’s a mascara wand. So many women do this, it’s unreal. We highly doubt her makeup is properly applied. Surely she can take 2 minutes to do this when she parks the car. This is not necessary, and she won’t be applying evenly or properly anyway. It’s not worth the risk, and we don’t want to be around her car if she insists on continuing. Besides, she won’t look very pretty if she crashes….

17 The Twerk Jerk

Via New York Post

When traffic on the highway started slowing a bit in New York, these ladies decided to jump onto the top of their GMC and start twerking. While we’re sure there was good entertainment value here, it was a dangerous stunt that we could do without. Take a look at the distance between the GMC and the other cars – this wasn’t exactly gridlock – the SUV was in full motion. Thankfully they weren’t hurt, but did they learn their lesson? We doubt it.

16 Two Men And A Baby

Via Reddit

Yet another reason moms don’t like to leave their babies. What are these guys thinking? This baby can’t be more than 2 years old and needs to be strapped into a proper car seat- immediately. This picture is making us really nervous. Aside from the obvious risks associated with not using a car seat, do these guys know their baby is pressed up against the airbag in that steering wheel? This would be a devastating situation if these bags were deployed. Make it stop!

15 Tales Of A Toothbrush

Via Peel Regional Police

Peel Regional Police tweeted this man’s weird morning routine in an attempt to flag personal hygiene as a distracted driving offense. The public was more entertained than they were educated though – no matter what the fine is that he was issued, we all got a kick out of this photo. Come on buddy, how did you think you would pull this off? He’s not even trying to be discreet!

14 Changing In Motion

Via Pinterest

We’ve all changed clothes in our cars at one time or another. Just…probably…not while actually driving. That can probably wait until she parks, can’t it? We’re shaking our heads at how she’s even managing this right now…there’s a thong hanging there, so presumably….. Yikes. This is as dangerous as it is disgusting. Park first, just park first! This can’t possibly be done successfully while in motion.

13 Sunroof Stunt

Via TeamBHP

This woman looks like she’s enjoying the refreshing rainfall, but if the driver were to brake hard; we’d hate to think of what may happen to her. He’s having trouble staying in his lane as it is – she really shouldn’t be doing this. Is that a police car right next to her? What is she thinking – and why wasn't this car pulled over? This doesn’t look like it will end well.

12 New Meaning To Putting The Kids In Bed

Via TeamBHP

Some parents should need a license to have children. This is a clear example of bad parenting at its finest. We’re not sure how any responsible adult would allow this to happen, but there’s a truck-bed full of kids in this photo, and it’s scaring us. Granted, traffic on this highway doesn’t seem to look like it will pick up anytime soon, but it really doesn’t take much for danger to strike in this situation. We hope the police were notified about this one…

11 Sunroof Driving

Via ABCActionNews

ABC News broke this story of the driver of a car standing out of his sunroof while on the highway. The driver. Yes, you heard that right. This looks dangerous not just for him, but for everyone around him. It’s distracting to see the driver sticking out of the sunroof, and we don’t want to think of the worst-case scenario here. We hope ABC News used this as an opportunity to dispatch the police, and not to glamorize this wanna-be-stunt-devil with local publicity!

10 The Leg Steer

Via Pinterest

Lazy leg steering is not uncommon. It’s also not safe, either. While this driver appears to be relatively engaged in the road ahead, his response time will be significantly delayed with this laissez-fair stance of his. If he’d stop eating while driving, he’d be able to steer with his hands and not his feet and legs. He’s posing a risk to himself, and to everyone around him.

9 Self-Driving Slacker

Via YouTube

Please put your feet down, dude. This is the problem we see more often now that self-driving cars have become more popular. Today’s society is being introduced to a whole new set of problems now. These self driving cars are leaving too much room for drivers to engage in other tasks while behind the wheel. While their participation in the driving experience isn’t required, this level of slacking still scares us.

8 Look - No Hands!

Via StyleClub

Hey mom, look what I can do!!! That’s a fun game when you’re 5 years old and can drive your plastic fisher price car without holding on to the steering wheel. The game is slightly less fun when a grown woman is refusing to put her hands on the wheel of her real car on the highway. The cool factor of this stunt seems highly entertaining to her, but we’re much more interested in making sure she can steer her car away from the path of destruction that lies ahead.

7 Reading Along

Via Pinterest

Reading? Really? Yes, we see the traffic on the highway, but we don’t think this is a good time to pull out a magazine. That’s outrageous. She needs to pay attention - so much harm can still come her way from the opposite side of the road. Drivers have to be aware of their surroundings at all times. She needs to take up reading when she gets home, and not while she’s behind the wheel of her car.

6 Full Meal Behind The Wheel

Via NicholasSzahara

It’s one thing to pop some chips in your mouth – we get it. This woman has an entire container and spoon situation going on though. That’s a bit much. She should not be having a full meal-experience while driving her car. There’s no way she can respond to a quick lane change or driving manoeuvre. A traffic ticket would be well deserved here…

5 The Urge

Via Motor1

There’s nothing like highway traffic to make things really heat up in your car. Oh boy. While it sure looks like they’re having a lot of fun, there’s a time and place folks, and this is neither! There’s no way he can see anything, nor is there any chance he’s focussed on the road. This woman doesn’t stand a chance of survival if the car is hit and airbags deploy. Even worse, she could be thrown from the vehicle. The urge may be real, but so is the risk here.

4 Poor Pet Parenting

Via Reddit

Nooooo! Who would put their dog on the open bed of their truck like this? What if Benji over here decides to jump while the truck is moving? Even if this truck comes to a stop and he jumps, he’s still in the path of all the other moving vehicles. This is way too risky, and it’s giving us anxiety to watch it. We hope someone was able to get the authorities involved. This poor dog deserves a much better home.

3 The Struggling Selfie

Via NBC News

Hey there, handsome! We know it’s hard to resist the selfie-urge, but please stop doing this on the highway! We’re sure this can wait for a better time. We’re also sure you can make a better face than the one you’re making here…..It’s an epic fail, no matter how you look at it. Just put the phone down!

2 The Texter

Via ABCNews

See the busy highway and all the cars in front of you? Of course you don’t, your face is in your phone. What could possibly be more important than a safe commute? Whatever the conversation, we’re sure it can wait. Maybe voice-to-text would be a better idea. Anything – anything but this. This person’s distracted driving is putting everyone in harm’s way.

1 Doors Wide Open

Via BlogTO

Blog TO reported a car driving on the highway in Toronto – with all their doors open. Surely this was an intentional stunt – it’s hard to believe they wouldn’t notice all their doors open. The craziest part is that traffic looks like its really moving. What are they up to? If the idea was to get attention, they were successful, but it will likely result in a series of major traffic violations.

Sources: Blog TO, ABC News, Peel Regional Police

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