10 Things To Consider Before Getting A Pet Sugar Glider

During the 2000’s, a lot of things became popular, and some of them are still popular today. For example, many of us still quote the film Mean Girls, and that was released in 2004.

However, another thing that became popular in the 2000’s was sugar gliders. For those who do not know, these cute little animals are marsupials, and they are known for their ability to glide through the air with ease. These little guys are absolutely adorable, but before getting one as a pet, there's a lot to consider...

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10 They Have Long Lives

Part of what makes sugar gliders so awesome is that they tend to live a long time. These creatures are pets that can live anywhere between ten to fifteen years when they are in captivity.

So, that means that they are a perfect fit for someone who wishes to have a pet that will be with them for a very long time. Their long lifespans are just one thing that makes these little furry creatures so awesome. Another fun fact is that they can live in forests, and they tend to build their nests in the branches of some trees.

9 They Are Active At Night

Another very important thing to consider before buying one of these pets is the fact that they are very active during late night hours, and that is because they are naturally nocturnal creatures. However, they can also be trained to sleep during nighttime.

But there are some owners who actually prefer to let them sleep during the day. Sugar gliders often have a very close bond with their human owners, so sleeping during the day means that they will not miss their owners while they are at work. They also like to be carried by the owners during the day.

8 They Require A Special Diet

There are a couple of reasons why we call these things sugar gliders. One of them is that they can glide through the air. However, the other reason is that they actually really love sweet things.

In fact, they would probably choose to eat a lot of sweet foods if they were allowed to. But that can cause some health issues for them, so they need to have a very specific diet which has little room for treats.

Their diet includes insects, as well as mealworms. When they are in the wild, they drink tree sap, as well as nectar.

7 Owners Need More Than One

There are a lot of animals that are very social, and they enjoy having other animals around. But there are also some who like to be the only animal in the house.

Sugar gliders are very social creatures, so potential owners should be prepared to get more than one. When these pets are solo, they can get a little down.

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To keep this from happening, they should have a buddy. If a sugar glider is not eating their food, or they are just sitting for long periods of time instead of being active at night, they might need a companion.

6 They Require Special Care

Animals are very much like people. Each of them is unique in their own ways. However, some animals are so unique that they actually require a special veterinarian to attend to their needs.

However, an interesting fact about these creatures is that they do not need to visit the veterinarian very often. Additionally, they do not have to get any vaccinations or shots. But it is still good for them to have a yearly visit. Those who are looking to buy a sugar glider for the first time should ask others who own them about what veterinarians they should visit.

5 They Should Have A Certain Environment

Pretty much everyone knows what it is like to get bored. Well, animals actually tend to get bored as well if they do not have an exciting environment around them.

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This can actually be very bad for animals. It can affect their mental health in an incredibly negative way, and this is no different when it comes to sugar gliders.

Sugar gliders need to have an exciting environment, and they need exercise. They often enjoy having foraging toys, which are toys that food can be hidden in. They also need to have things such as exercise wheels, among other things.

4 They’re Not Allowed In Some Places

The thought of owning a sugar glider can be pretty exciting for many people. However, there are actually some places that do not allow people that live there to own sugar gliders.

There are a few places that are pretty strict about their laws regarding sugar gliders, meaning that they are banned in some areas. However, there are also places that allow people to own them under certain conditions. But on the other hand, there are also a lot of areas that do not have many rules or restrictions when it comes to buying one of these tiny, adorable creatures.

3 Bonding Takes Time

Sometimes people and animals develop a bond with each other quickly. However, establishing a bond with an animal is not always easy.

Many people who buy a sugar glider for the first time often expect to form a bond with the animal right away. However, sometimes that can take a while.

Furthermore, there are things that can be done to help a sugar glider bond with their owner. For example, the owner can use treats to motivate the animal to come out of the pouch or hiding place that it is in so that they may interact with one another.

2 They’re Basically Tiny Kangaroos

They are a lot like kangaroos, and there are a couple of reasons why that is true. One of those reasons is that sugar gliders are marsupials, which means that they are closely related to kangaroos and koalas.

Furthermore, female sugar gliders also have a pouch. This pouch is called a marsupium, and it is used for carrying and protecting their babies.

Some people believe that their babies are born in it. However, that is not true. But baby sugar gliders do crawl into the pouch. The pouch a baby sugar glider stays in helps them grow and keeps them warm.

1 They Do Not Need To Interact With Other Types Of Animals

Sugar gliders are cute pets, and there is no doubt that seeing them get along with other animals would be absolutely adorable. However, that is simply not a very good idea.

Having a sugar glider interact with an animal that is not another sugar glider can actually be very bad for them. Part of the reason why people should avoid doing this is because sugar gliders are very small creatures that can move fast. If another animal simply touches them with their paw, it can have a negative effect on the sugar glider because they are very fragile little creatures.

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