25 Console Games From The 2010s Fans Pretend Don't Exist

The past decade has been a great one for gamers. We’ve seen the release of eighth generation consoles from Sony (PlayStation 4) and Microsoft (Xbox One), along with handheld consoles from Nintendo (3DS) and PlayStation (Vita) that have revolutionized the gaming world. All this new technology has allowed developers the opportunity to create a regular stream of innovative and eye-catching titles for fans to play.

Since 2010 we've also seen some of the biggest and best video game releases of all time, with the likes of Grand Theft Auto V, The Witcher 3, Red Dead Redemption 2, and The Last Of Us just four amazing titles that never would have existed without the continued advancement in technology. But while these games are absolute crackers, there's also been a fair few duds released over the past decade.

Every developer and publishing company is looking for the next big idea but many of these never actually match the hype. The likes of biker game Ride To Hell: Retribution, wrestling title WWE 2K15, and space exploration adventure No Man's Sky are just three games everybody was looking forward too, but when released, turned out to be badly-created games.

Many of these games, be they good or bad, are now readily available at a cheap price. To make sure you're picking the right titles from the bargain bin, here's a look at 25 of the worst games the majority of gamers are trying to forget exist and you should too.

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25 Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric

via: sirusgaming.com

There hasn’t been a decent Sonic game released since the 90s, so when Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric was announced for the Wii U, gamers held their collective breath.

They soon discovered this game to be another woeful attempt at reinvigorating the struggling franchise. Plagued by horrible camera angles making it hard to navigate Sonic, in-game glitches affecting gameplay, and an inept storyline, Rise Of Lyric is another in a long line of really bad Sonic games.

It’s been cited as one of the worst games released in 2014, and if you ever played it, you'll understand why.

24 Naughty Bear

via: bloody-disgusting.com

The plot for Naughty Bear is so ludicrous it’s not surprising the game is out there in terms of gameplay and storyline. Set on an island in the 80s where teddy bears live in harmony, plays take control of Naughty Bear, a mischievous teddy who goes on a vicious rampage attacking other bears after being the brunt of one too many jokes.

It’s quite an intense game strangely inspired by slasher flicks, but never quite captures the spirit of the horror genre. Some of the humor is a little dark while the controls are very basic, with Naughty Bear a miserable failure.

23 Ride To Hell: Retribution

via: polygon.com

Sons Of Anarchy made bikies cool in the mid-00s so it was inevitable there would be a number of games inspired by the fantastic series released on various platforms. Ride To Hell: Retribution is not only the worst of the lot but one of the biggest console bombs of all time.

While all the critics gripe about the poor story, dull graphics, confusing control system, and tedious gameplay are valid, Ride To Hell: Retribution also contains some questionable scenes and portrays women in a negative light, making it deserving of a spot on this list.

22 Aliens: Colonial Marines

via: denofgeek.com

I’ve been waiting to play a genuinely authentic Alien game for years and unfortunately Aliens: Colonial Marines isn’t that game. A sequel to James Cameron's Aliens, this is a poorly made title with low graphics and weak A.I.

It must be said the multiplayer mode is much more fun than the solo campaign, but Aliens: Colonial Marine is too similar to a number of first-person shooters already on the market and a disappointing use of the Alien brand.

21 Pure Football

via: en.riotpixels.com

Everyone knows the best football (or soccer) simulation is FIFA, but that didn’t stop Ubisoft having a crack with Pure Football (also known as Pure Futball). Instead of being a straight simulation, this is an arcade style soccer sim in the vein of FIFA Street.

A lack of game modes and some awkward movement from players takes away from the experience of this one, with Pure Football a generally uninspiring effort bettered by just about every other football game on the market.

20 Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour

via: cgrecord.net

Xbox’s Kinect never really caught on like Microsoft hoped, with the main reason being the poor quality of games released to be used in conjunction with the new hardware. Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour is one such game that fails in all respects.

Set in 2083, this strange war/action hybrid is massively let down by poor connectivity, with the Kinect rarely able to synch players movements successfully, resulting in a frustrating gaming experience.

For this reason alone it’s worth mentioning as one of the worst console titles of the 2010s.

19 Mass Effect: Andromeda

via: androidcentral.com

There are probably a lot of you out there surprised this one makes the list, but when compared to the other titles in the series, Mass Effect: Andromeda is a major bummer.

One of the biggest reasons for the game being on this list is the number of glitches and bugs you encounter while playing. At times it feels unfinished and lacks the intriguing storyline of the original trilogy. While it was never going to live up to its predecessors, Mass Effect: Andromeda could have been so much more.

18 The Order: 1886

via: culturedvultures.com

The Order: 1986 has a great premise let down by tedious linear missions and a lack of a multiplayer mode. The alternative steampunk setting of 1986 London is fleshed out in great detail while the storyline involving Knights of the Round Table, Government conspiracies and supernatural beings is really enticing.

But while the storyline sounds good, it doesn't hit all the right notes. The games short length is another issue, with zero replay value. The lack of an open world to explore is also disappointing.

17 Dead Rising 4

via: polygon.com

The Dead Rising franchise has been hit-and-miss over the years and it’s with great sadness I'm forced to admit 2017s Dead Rising 4 falls into the latter category. While it does see the return of fan-favorite Frank West, Dead Rising 4 doesn’t offer much we haven’t seen before in previous releases, with the lack of a story co-op mode disappointing.

The Christmas setting offers some new opportunities for crafting weird and wonderful weapons along with some great locations, but the absence of the classic timer system and lack of saves damages this one.

16 Attack Of The Movies 3D

via: gamingsnack.com/

I’m a big film fan so a game set in movie-themed worlds should be right up my alley. While Attack Of The Movies 3D does bring to life some great movies genres (one level is set on a large alien spacecraft while another sees you battling evil machines) it’s a tame shooter with average graphics and similar level designs.

The use of 3D glasses to create a 3D movie effect doesn’t work and only adds to the complication with this game. A lackluster and boring rail shooter.

15 Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City

via: stmed.net

Of all the Resident Evil games, Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City is the most disappointing. Set around the same time as Resident Evil 2 and 3, this game feels like a quick cash-in to keep fans happy while they waited for Resident Evil 6, released a few months later.

This is a low budget title that's poorly designed with a boring storyline and some silly AI.

The co-op mode is great and much better to play than the solo campaign that adds nothing to this famous franchise.

14 Spider-Man - Edge Of Time

via: vgfaq.com

I’ve never been a Spider-Man fan, be it the comics or the films, so getting me to like a video game based on the Marvel hero is always going to be tough. I think Spider-Man: Edge Of Time is rubbish, but the critics also agree.

Widely regarded as an inferior sequel to Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, this game is super short and set in a bland comic book universe. The gameplay is repetitious and the lack of more Spider-Man’s to choose from is a downer.

13 WWE 2K15

Via: egmr

I’m a huge wrestling fan and I have to admit the majority of WWE 2K games are fantastic at bringing the squared-circle to life in your living room. That said, WWE 2K15 is one of the less than stellar releases from designers Yuke, with the game focusing on a more realistic tone rather than the arcade style of previous releases.

There are only minor improvements when it comes to graphics, voice-over work, and game modes, with the chain wrestling style combat as boring as watching Hornswaggle wrestle the Soaring Swagger Eagle.

12 Need For Speed Payback

via: microsoft.com

I don’t think the Need For Speed series has been in very good shape for a number of years. While fans continue to buy the various titles under the Need For Speed banner, it’s fair to say most are average at best. This certainly applies to 2017s Need For Speed Payback.

Although set in an open world it doesn’t feel that way, with the convoluted storyline feeling more linear. While there’s a great selection of cars in the game they handle unrealistically and don’t always look good. Props to the guys who collected the songs for the soundtrack though, as it’s the best thing about this average racer.

11 Duke Nukem Forever

via: dvsgaming.org

I remember playing Duke Nukem as a youngster and how much fun I had, so like many fellow gamers, I was excited for the long-awaited release of Duke Nukem Forever.

As is often the case, expectations don’t meet reality, with this game turning out to be an absolute stinker.

Not only are the graphics bland, the controls clunky, and the gameplay stale, but the humor, one of the main highlights of the series, is often offensive and out of touch. There’s nothing funny or enjoyable about Duke Nukem Forever, with my childhood memories all I have left to remember this once great franchise by.

10 The Crew

via: microsoft.com

You have to hand it to Ubisoft for the massive open world they created in The Crew. Set in a scaled down version of America, the game allows you to travel across the country as you take part in various robberies and criminal escapades.

What lets this game down is poor plotting and a fairly short solo campaign mode. While there are many options for online play, these are beset with problems, particularly concerning microtransactions and a confusing AI.

9 Rambo: The Video Game

Via: Playstation Trophies

There have been a number of video games based on Sylvester Stallone’s action-packed Rambo series over the years, but the worst by far is 2014s Rambo: The Video Game.

The game contains levels based on each of the three films, with characters having to overcome the odds as war veteran John Rambo. But that’s not all you’ll have to get past, with low-quality graphics, an extremely short campaign mode, poor dialogue, and a lack of Stallone attributing to the demise of this game.

8 Agents Of Mayhem

Via: Steam

Set in the same universe as Saints Row, Agents Of Maythem is advertised as a fun action adventure game with cartoon superheroes taking completing all types of missions in a futuristic Seoul.

What you actually get is a run of the mill action game with some great ideas that fail in the execution stakes.

Some of the levels are poorly designed and the missions less than fun to play, making Agents Of Mayhem a disappointing effort.

7 Blackwater

via: amazon.com

Another poorly developed game involving the Xbox Kinect, Blackwater is a first-person shooter set in a fictional town in North Africa. Similar to other rail shooters such as Time Crisis and The House Of The Dead, Blackwater finds you taking control of a commando who is trying to protect aid workers from an evil warlord.

While the Kinect function has been praised by some, I find it to be a detriment to the game and more hard work than it should be. Even without the Kinect, this is a boring shooter that offers nothing new to the genre.

6 Silent Hill: Downpour

via: imdb.com

Like most video game franchises, Silent Hill gets worse with each new title, with Silent Hill: Downpour a terrible addition. The eighth game in the series is big on atmosphere and creepiness but low on quality gameplay and originality.

The combat system is flawed and some of the animation glitchy and drab, and the large open world, while great, often means you’re left wandering around trying to find clues without any real direction. Give it a miss.

5 No Man's Sky

via: polygon.com

There was a lot of hype behind No Man’s Sky, with many believing it could be the game to reinvent the open world genre. Sadly, this isn’t the case, with No Man’s Sky a tiresome exploration title lacking any real direction.

The biggest problem was the advertising campaign run by Hello Games that promised a very different game than what was released, with many features advertised not actually making it into the game. Although the game continues to be updated and improved, it left many fans distrusting of Hello Games and resulted in a patchy game that failed to live up to expectations.

4 Prison Break: The Conspiracy

via: najaelectronics.com

I love the television series Prison Break. Even though the storyline gets more over the top with each season, it’s still a thrilling romp with a terrific cast. Prison Break: The Conspiracy takes place during the first season of the series with players taking control of a new character who must try and stop the execution of Lincoln Burrows.

Unlike the series which is a fun ride, this game plays out like a long and boring episode of the show without any real action or direction. While you do get to interact with major characters from the show, it's now where near as fun as watching the show.

3 Escape Dead Island

via: youtube.com

I’m one of the few fans of the original Dead Island but that doesn’t extend to this 2014 atrocity. Escape Dead Island is another survival horror title with zombies that doesn’t stand out from the crowd.

It’s rather one dimensional when it comes to gameplay, there’s lots of hack and slash combat, and the storyline isn’t great. Kudos to the designers as the graphics are well rendered, but as Polygon writer Justin McElroy said in his review, “It’s not worth playing for any reason whatsoever.”

2 Homefront: The Revolution

via: microsoft.com

A reboot/sequel of the original Homefront set in an alternate reality, Homefront: The Revolution has a great open world environment that’s let down by almost everything else in the game.

The graphics are disappointing, the plot forgettable, and the combat laborious.

There are a fair few bugs in this one too, slowing down the frame rate and making it extremely frustrating to play.

1 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

via: starwars.com

Everyone loves a Star Wars game, but over the past decade, there hasn’t really been a great addition to the franchise. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II was meant to solve that problem but instead comes across as another cash grab from LucasArts.

This is a rehash of the previous game without any real invention or new gameplay revelations. The story is a little hokey while the downloadable content is rather naff, contributing to the poor sales and reviews of this title. The Force is weak with this one.

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