10 Cool Animal-Inspired Tattoos

Tattoos allow people to express themselves in unique, colorful, and artistic ways. Some people cover their bodies in any and every symbol possible, some people only like a few special markings hidden here and there, and others let their tats show off their love of animals – like the following 10 people.

From elephants, fish, and peacocks created using vibrant colors to dogs and snakes made with only a few dark lines. The 10 tattoos that are shown down below are super cool, and definitely make us want to go out and book our next appointment for some more ink.

10 This Watercolor Elephant

Via: Scene360

When watercolor effects are used on tattoos, they pop in such a special way making this elephant look extra awesome.

Its long trunk, big ears, and strong legs have all been captured using outlines, shapes,  and shading. The different shades of blue, show this magnificent creature in all its glory.

9 This Geometric Cat

Via: Swiftlet

Cats are quite popular when it comes to animal-inspired tattoos. People love showing off their love of these fur babies and it's a cool way to do so!

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This piece of body art is made up of lots of little lines and shapes – the lines meet, connect, and intersect in order to form the silhouette of a cute cat.

8 This Poe-Inspired Raven

Via: Tattoos Time

Those who love animals and literature will especially admire this tat, which is a nod to Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”.

This is another black silhouette which was created in a unique way since Poe’s use of the word “nevermore” helps make up this radiant (and slightly creepy) black-bird.

7 This Colorful Koi

Via: Kool Tattoo Ideas

Koi fish seem to also be turned to quite often in the world of body art and we understand why.

All the vibrant colors that have gone into this fish, the flowers and the accents of this entire piece are just breathtaking. Have we mentioned that we’re ready for our next tattoo?

6 This Tree-Filled Bear

Via: Imgur

This is definitely one of the coolest tattoos on this list. We can just imagine someone who loves nature or someone who grew up in the mountains of Montana.

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The trees in the bear'ss silhouette capture all of those memories and passions of someone who enjoys the outdoors in one cool piece of artwork.

5 This Minimalistic Dog

Via: Deviant Art

We can also imagine someone who owns or owned a dachshund wanting to memorialize their favorite pet by getting this tattoo.

With just one line, this particular tattoo artist was able to create this minimalistic dog. It is so cute, and it honors this specific dog breed so well.

4 These Matching Butterflies

Via: Pinterest

Matching tattoos are always admired. Whether you get one that mirrors another side of your body or one that goes along with one your friend or family member gets, they are a cool way to show off your style and show off beautiful creatures like this one.

3 This Bracelet-esque Snake

Via: Pinterest

Snakes can make for interesting pieces of body art and this one right here doubles as a bracelet!

By adding just one black outline and a few details inside the snake’s body, this person now has one of the coolest and most permanent accessories out there.

2 This Proud Peacock

Via: Tattoos Boy

Another animal that allows people to add some color to their body is the peacock. Peacocks come to mind when we think of flashy, bold, and pretty creatures.

With a tattoo like this one, we still get to see and appreciate those vivid blues, serene greens, and gorgeous golds.

1 This Magical Unicorn

Via: Tattoo Ideas

The last animal on this list is, of course, a unicorn. Whether you believe in them or not, we can probably all agree that the details in this tattoo are amazing.

The subtle use of pinks and purples is just awesome, making this tattoo look really magical.

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