25 Coolest Mods Done To Pickup Truck Beds

Having a pickup truck is a cool feeling and most pickup truck owners would agree. They are powerful on the road, look masculine and handsome, and tend to out-rev the other vehicles, as well. Driving them gives most of us a buzz and we are also pretty high up in a truck, having a great view of the road ahead.

The bed can be used for just about anything, too, from hauling heavy machinery or loads, going off on a fully-loaded family vacay, or simply carrying a bike for some mountain rides. But this is just what most of us do. Some pickup truck owners far outclass the rest of us in innovation and come up with brilliant ideas that use the truck bed in its full, jaw-dropping awesomeness.

These are pickup truck owners who have truly thought out of the box, or rather, out of the pickup truck box. They are unafraid to try out ideas that sound impractical and undoable to even the most adventurous of souls and should be lauded for testing the boundaries of a pickup truck bed. From pools to kitchens, pop-up campers to dirt racers, they thought it and they did it. So here go our coolest picks of pickup truck bed mods that most people who just own a regular commuter car would only be able to wonder at.

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25 Rustle Up Deliciousness

Via GearJunkie

If you’re a travel junkie or have a job that requires a lot of traveling, this is the best modification you can do to your truck’s bed. People tend to have several gut issues when they don’t get home-cooked food for a few days. However, with this customization, you can carry your kitchen with you wherever you go and get your daily fix of home-cooked meals. This mobile kitchen is equipped with almost everything, though on a smaller scale, and can help you rustle up nutritious food on the go.

24 Organized & Happy

Via TruckVault

If you are particular about keeping your stuff organized in your truck, you should get this modification done before you take delivery of your new ride. Of course, you have to be Monica-level organized for this, and can watch the comedy series Friends for more tips and tricks. The pickup bed can house plenty of drawers and shelves to accommodate your belongings in a super-neat and organized way; this way, you don’t waste your time digging for your stuff through a mountain of chaos.

23 Home On The Go

Via Instructables

Consider this a home away from home but with a difference, since it travels with you wherever you go. The rear of the truck has been converted into a small home that has a well-cushioned bed and a couple of storage spaces to keep the baggage in. Now, when you’re traveling and need to stop over for a night you don’t have to look for hotels. You have the best one on the back of your truck, even though the roof is claustrophobically low. For the adventure-inclined, though, it is perfect.

22 Green Thumb

Via WildOnionFarms

The bed of a pickup truck is large enough to carry just about anything, and that is the basic purpose and premise of a truck: to lug around stuff for small businesses that don’t need a full-size cargo space, per se. The added advantage of a pickup truck is that they look muscular, too. In this case, a nifty gardener has turned the truck’s bed into a mobile nursery. He’s not just transporting saplings and seedlings; he’s actually turned to growing produce in his truck bed and lugs it all about town as a cool promotion.

21 Fire It Up

Via YouTube

For those who can’t live without homemade steaks, burgers, and barbequed food while being on the road, this is the ultimate solution. This one is an old vintage pickup truck that carries a complete grill setup in its bed. So, whenever you’re hungry, you just stop, park, and fire up the grill any time of the day. You can even invite your friends and have grand get-togethers at the choicest of the locations. With this nifty barbecue-on-wheels, steak parties don’t have to be restricted to the backyard!

20 Strong As A Safe

Via MainLineOverland

If you want a vehicle that looks strong as a rock and is also impenetrable like a safe, this is it. The exterior of this modified truck is fierce enough to quell the morale of any intruder or graffiti artist. The truck looks all set to decimate the toughest of the terrains, and heaven only knows what the owner shall be transporting in this fortress on wheels. Frankly, it looks absolutely ready for a heist movie, in case Hollywood is looking.

19 A Revival Idea

Via Pinterest

Have a truck that is past its prime but can’t give it up due to memories? Well, there are plenty of ways and means to use parts of your beloved truck at home, so you can retain all those memories but still get a new ride parked in your garage. Here, a nifty owner has turned the bed of his favorite pickup truck into an actual bed for his bedroom, replete with working taillights and the back of the crew cab as a headrest.

18 Two Greats Together

Via MotoringResearch

This is what you get when you get one of the road greats, Toyota, married to one of the kitchen greats, Napoleon. You get an amazing new pickup truck that holds a surprise in its bed. And that surprise is an almost commercial size grill that can cook you just about anything you fancy in a jiffy. Now you can take your date for a long, long drive into the wilderness and still rustle a Cordon Bleu-rated meal for them in the back of your amazingly multitasking truck.

17 Take A Load Off

Via Amazon

Are you not much for the whole bed-in-the-box kind of truck bed mod project? How about a hammock instead? This way, you get your rest minus the need for any humongous modifications and still have space to carry that supercool surfboard in. When the surf’s up, it’s your day in the cool blue but when the surf goes down and so does your energy, catch a swinging nap in the shade to restore your fitness levels before you hit the waves again.

16 Racer Crew Cab

Via Pinterest

This is a real modification with a purpose; it’s a crew cab for a dirt biker and the bed has been massively modified to support what the biker needs. The bed-box opens on top and also has a crane fixture to load and unload the dirt bikes. There is space on the sides to store the racer’s gear like helmets, riding suits, et al. To support all the extra weight, the truck’s suspension has been modified and the rear wheels have been doubled up, as well.

15 Pop It Up

Via GearJunkie

A pop-up camper is one of the best things that you and your truck can have. According to the GearJunkie, it’s the hottest trend in the car camping today, as these go-anywhere truck campers offer a lot to the adventurer in you. Pickup trucks have the advantage of being strong vehicles that can master various terrains and with the pop-up camper on top, this means you can set up camps even in the most inhospitable of spots. The entire setup gives you enough standing room inside and a fantastic view on the outside.

14 Desert Safari

Via EarthRoamer

This super-duty pickup truck has been converted into a caravan and this work of art belongs to EarthRoamer, another big name in the expedition vehicle market. The new all-weather-capable vehicle houses massive fuel and water tanks. They also have a massive solar array on the rooftop so that power is never an issue during long journeys. And they look so scary that most vehicles would probably just give them the right to the road without a honk or a flash. These are trucks meant to rule any terrain.

13 For The Pet-Friendly

Via MetaNetworks

This one is dedicated to pet lovers among us because not all of us want to travel with bi-pedals. Some of us prefer to travel with our beloved four-legged companions but to do so, one has to modify a truck to make it pet-friendly. This truck’s bed has custom-made aluminum boxes with bars that are perfect for all your furries, as they can ride safely in the back with plenty of air, sights, and sounds. Most pet-friendly truck owners also rig the suspension for the rear to be a smoother ride for their beloved four-legged friend.

12 An ATV Atop

Via Sidebysidetruckracks

This pickup truck’s bed is fabricated innovatively so that it can transport your outdoorsy vehicles with no trouble. The ATV climbs onto a heavy-duty steel ramp to a metal frame that’s fixed on the truck’s bed. Once parked in the bed, you can travel with your ATV anywhere. The idea is to let the ATV take over in a terrain that makes the pickup truck too cumbersome to travel in and also lets a thrill junkie have the time of his or her life.

11 Safari Days

Via Pinterest

If you live near wildlife and have requisite permissions from the authorities, this modded truck is perfect to cruising among the wildlife in. The entire truck has been modified into an exquisite safari ride. You can cruise through the jungle and enjoy watching wildlife from a distance. The truck’s bed has raised bench seats so that you get a better view during your journey. It can also be useful if you run a safari yourself to take paying guests around in.

10 Couch Potato

Via Pinterest

If you are a sports freak, this is what you would want to do to your truck’s bed. The pickup bed has a TV screen inside and you can watch your favorite channel live via a satellite dish or the internet. It is quite useful when you are taking a break from work and don’t have enough time to reach home to catch the action live. Plus this way, you get to chill with your pals over a few drinks, as well.

9 Pump It Up

Via TruckTrend

This is exactly what all music aficionados crave to do to their truck bed. It has a customized, high-decibel music system with speakers all around the rear of the car. So, next time when you’re in a mood to party outdoors, you don’t have to worry about the music arrangements for the bash. Your truck is the music, and you become the coolest DJ in town with the hottest grooves. This is also a cool gig to earn some bucks on the side.

8 Ice, Ice Baby

Via Pinterest

This handy little ice box is actually a RamBox fitted in the bed of the truck. According to RamTrucks, it’s an effective cargo management arrangement. The box is incorporated into the side rails of your truck bed. The entire system is properly lit and can be secured with locks. It is durable and can carry your important belongings. It also has an effective drainable storage system so, here, the owner has converted it into an ice box to quench his thirst while out on the go.

7 A Cabin For Two

Via Pinterest

A rustic cabin by the lake while you do your fly-fishing? Well, why have just one cabin on one lake? Try this rustic little shack that’s been built up, in a rather charmingly ramshackle way, atop a pickup truck bed. This way, you carry your little home away from home on your truck and get to enjoy the delights of nature whenever, wherever. And if a dilapidated look is what someone wants, well, a dilapidated shack he gets on the back of his truck.

6 Or A Chalet?

Via Pinterest

Of course, some people prefer more of a sleeker hideaway than something that looks like the wind could blow it over. So, how about a little chalet on the pickup truck? You could enjoy being on the road and yet be snuggled in safe at night in that wooden log cabin that looks as good from the outside as it feels from the inside. This way, you get the best of the road and the best of luxury in one super-cool pickup truck.

5 Pickup Truck Bedroom

Via Imgur

Clearly, we are on a home away from home roll here. Here, there’s no extra caravan or wooden log cabin mounted on the pickup truck bed, but the entire back has been converted into living quarters for one or two, depending on whether you like to live comfortably or cramped. The bedding looks oh-so-comfortable and you can see a small kitchenette to one side, with storage on the other. It may not be the same as sleeping under the stars, but resting at the back of your truck on open roads is equally as charming.

4 Tailgate Of Luxury

Via BikeRumour

Take in the sights a lot while swinging your legs from your truck’s tailgate? Well, why sit on the tailgate when you can have a couch to sit on? Don’t believe us? Well, there’s a way you can have your couch and sit in it, too! The foldable truck couch can be set on your tailgate and as you open out the tailgate, the couch also springs open to give you one super comfortable seat, a great place to enjoy a cuppa and catch a sunset or moonrise, depending on the mood and the time.

3 The Expedition Pickup

Via EarthCruiser

This one is an EarthCruiser design and the company who makes this expedition-worthy camper is a global leader in expedition vehicles. They are known for their craftsmanship in this area and really know how to make strong and sturdy mods that withstand just about anything. They're perfect for the adventurist who travels extensively for extended periods of time. According to EarthCruiser, this is a camper that can be customized by adding and subtracting pre-built kits to make them perfect for their owner.

2 Take A Dip

Via Pinterest

If the mountain will not come to you, then you must go to the mountain. This phrase holds true, in this case, as in if the kids can’t go to the pool, the pool can come to the kids. Especially if you have a massive pickup truck and you’re willing to sacrifice the truck’s bed! The bed is massive enough to house a good size pool or tub for your kids and their friends. Plus, you can take your pool to the place where you want to be, as long there is access to water.

1 Fancy A Game?

Via Jalopnik

Well, if you’re a party animal and love playing snooker equally, this one is for you: a pool table built into the back of a truck. Basically, the bed of the pickup truck has been removed to make space for a permanent pool table. So, you can go and stop in a parking lot, a beach, or literally anywhere you are allowed to and start playing your game. We are assuming that this pool table comes with a cover to protect it while you drive it to and fro.

Sources: Just A Car Guy, RamTrucks, and EarthCruiser.

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