Cops Humiliate Crook For Robbing Pizza Delivery Driver

We’ve all heard of dumb criminal cases, and this pizza thief is no exception. The only difference is, instead of a stand-up comedian doing the ridiculing, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Facebook page made all the jokes.

Here’s what the Tacoma, WA police posted on January 29th: “If you are going to rob a pizza driver at gunpoint and you want to get arrested, you should: (1) use your own phone to order the pizza (2) call from the same number you ordered a pizza from 4 days earlier (3) commit the crime in your apartment complex parking lot (4) use a gun you stole from someone at a party.”

The post goes on to describe the crime in great detail, with an 800-word account. So far the post has gathered 786 likes, 967 comments, and 2.7K shares. Most of the comments insult the thief even further, with candid commentary on the stupidity of the crime.

The real victim here was the pizza delivery driver. The female Pizza Hut employee must have been very frightened when she was confronted at gunpoint. Instead of receiving the $81.24 she was due, she got a Glock .40 caliber semiautomatic handgun nudged into the back of her leg. Once she was released by the suspect, she quickly called the police.

The police investigation didn’t take long. Police traced the number of the suspect, and discovered that he had ordered a pizza four days prior. His address was in the Pizza Hut database, so the police simply knocked on his door. Police announced their presence and overheard, “don’t answer.” Police also smelled the strong scent of marijuana.

A few people tried to escape from a balcony and were confronted by police. The apartment door was then opened. Four men and 2 women were handcuffed, identified, and questioned. The gun was found under the couch. Then police called the cellphone number in question and the phone actually rang. The 20-year old suspect said, “Man, I made a stupid mistake.” He was arrested on charges of robbery and assault.

More recently, on February 12th, Pierce County ridiculed an unidentified young man for stealing a Walmart sweatshirt. They posted, "A piece of advice for this guy - a $17.47 sweatshirt is not worth a felony on your record."

The thief was confronted by a Walmart employee. He punched the employee in the chest, which increased his crime to a felony charge. The police released very clear images and  surveilance video of the crook, who will very likely be apprehended soon. After quickly gaining nearly 30K views, there are already a few leads. Several hilarious commenters identified the suspect as Slim Shady.

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